Carradine – Trancemaniac – Single Review

The Luxembourger EDM duo Carradine surfaced with a new track on the 15th.

Carradine - Trancemaniac


With a greater sense of humour than music of theirs featured previously, Trancemaniac, is a track to let loose early in the morning, at that inevitable lull in the party and prior to people drifting off in to the breaking dawn.

The just over four and a half minutes song will allow the mood to re-energise, whilst blending in with the surrounding atmosphere, gradually lifting intensity and tempo as it flows through the dance-floor, lifting the listeners out of their reverie.

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Eternal Death

Eternal Death is the dark-synth duo of Elin Berlin and Johan Angergard who are split between Stockholm and Hässleholm in Sweden.

Eternal Death - dark-synth from Sweden

Eternal Death

Spiralling round the room like an aural aurora borealis there is an ethereal beauty to Eternal Death as the submerged sound wash around the head. Sharp beats of bass seem to shatter into infinitesimal showers of texture as they land on the ears, whilst the vocal weaves across the spectral shimmers of sound.

Eternal Death provide the audience with music in which to immerse themselves as the electronics pours wave after wave of pulsating bubbles, which always remain just out of reach allowing the tracks to be constantly replayed and on each occasion finding some new element to follow.

Within the context of the material there is a dark brooding presence that remains intangible and this gives the out-put its intoxicating quality, that wraps up both the body and mind. Eternal Death is a new entity, who you can expect to hear much more of in EDM circuit in short order along with stage presence.

A début eponymous LP affords those of more distant shores to catch Eternal Death in the early stages.

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Eternal Death – Eternal Death is available on iTunes.*

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