Corniglia – Sleepy Jane – Audio

The Australian dreamwave duo Corniglia released their eponymous LP on the 9th.



Sliding through the room, shimmering like a shoal of mackerel, the music emits flashes of silver and blue in to which the listener wishes to be cloaked, with each of the eleven tracks adding to the sense of hypnotic transcendental meditation.

Clipped guitar is lain abreast of weaving electronica whilst a muffled vocal drifts over the ears gently massaging the synapse rhythms creating a coalescence betwixt audience and Corniglia.

My pick of the release being the penultimate track – Sleepy Jane.


Corniglia – Corniglia is available on iTunes.*

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Liar Boy – Sleeping Pills – Audio

The US dreamwave project Liar Boy released the LP Not Home earlier today.

Liar Boy - Sleeping Pills

Liar Boy

A seventeen track album (available on bandcamp) which invites the listener to relax in quiet thought.

Similar in style to the last feature with its becalming nature the noticeable difference is that individual tracks have a more multilayered texture with the elements diffusing through each other as though undertaking both bonding and incorporated sorption at one and the same time.

My pick of the release is the fifth Sleeping Pills.

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Sea Span – New Year’s Day – Single Review

Sea Span is a US dreamwave project which first featured early last year.

Sea Span - New Year's Day

Sea Span

The latest song to surface New Year’s Day (available on bandcamp) is not a seasonal festivity rather named as such because the lyric was written on January the 1st of this year and a song of reflective introspection pondering about the opportunities at the opening of every day contemplating whether prior events will conspire against or coalesce with – on heading in to the daily realities of life.

A wistful melancholia drifts through the ears which captives the audience as the querulous optimism is equally interspersed with a pessimistic stoicism.

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Наадя (Naadia) – Облака (Clouds) – Video

It has been approaching a year since the Russian dreamwave outfit Наадя (Naadia) last featured.

Наадя (Naadia) - Облака (Clouds)

Наадя (Naadia)

The newest track – Облака (Clouds) – is borne through the room in contrasts of the flexing muscles of bulging bass-loops and the fragile feathering synth through which the vocal hovers like a bird flighting in and out of focus through sunlight and occlusions of broken stratus.

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Denisse Takes – Surround Me Now – Audio

The USA based dreamwave project Denisse Takes is planning on releasing the LP Release next year.

Denisse Takes

Denisse Takes

Three tracks from the forthcoming release have been packaged as a three track single Fever which having had the opportunity to hear, attests to an LP  of creamy-ethereal countenance to add to the collection.

One other song that has been made available for reveal – Surround Me Now, which is my pick of the four – leaves the listener sensing they are drifting through the interstellar cloud of a Nebula.


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