Black Mekon – No Prom – Audio

The English dirty-blues trio Black Mekon release the LP One In The Hate on the 25th of August.

Black Mekon

Black Mekon

The brief tracks, rarely reaching three minutes, scour the walls with combinations of warping guitar, harmonica, unstoppable percussion and bruising vocals.

The last of the dozen tracks on One In Hate is No Prom.


One in the Hate – Black Mekon is available on iTunes.*

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Knuckle – Hannah – Audio

The English dirty-blues duo Knuckle will be releasing the EP Strangers and Freaks on the 8th of April.

Knuckle - Hannah


Although it was back in 2014 that Knuckle last featured – Hannah – from the forthcoming EP – reminds of who is being listened to, as the music cleans out the innards of the speakers as it emerges into the room with its gnarly, contorted guitar which, much like a briar pipe cleaner, distorts its shape as it displaces any debris lodged therein.

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