Shadows Between The Sky – Crystalline – Audio

The English darkwave project Shadows Between The Sky released the LP Gris on the 13th.

Shadows Between The Sky

Shadows Between The Sky

Rumbling around the room like a rodent behind the skirting-boards as the low registers of bass grumble through the floorboards. The musical output holds the listener transfixed as aside from distortion and deep electronic hum surface peals of bells and even an acoustic guitar in the six track album (available on bandcamp).

The closer is Crystalline.

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Ghost Twin – Chymical Wedding – Audio

The Canadian darkwave duo Ghost Twin release the LP Plastic Heart on the 19th.

Ghost Twin

Ghost Twin

There is a palpable drop in temperature as the dark industrialisation sweeps through the room in their signature sound of ethereal vocal surrounded by oppressive guitar and electro-drums as a majestic synth adds extended brush strokes giving the impression of the soundtrack of Valkyrie transporting the fallen.

From the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) the sixth Chymical Wedding.


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Edgar Allan Poets – AmeriKing – Single Review

Edgar Allan Poets is a darkwave duo based in the USA.

Edgar Allan Poets

Edgar Allan Poets

Within the past few hours Edgar Allan Poets released their latest single Ameriking.

With a lengthy back-catalogue the duo have never lost their intense emotional presence, nor originality, as their music flows through the speakers layered by a dark and brooding cloud which steals in to the marrow-bone of the listener.

Rarely overtly political, though always socially aware, Ameriking reflects of the current realities of the USA with disparate silos failing in anyway to connect with each other or more globally, resulting in lengthening shadows of despondency falling across the visages of the majority.

Though of dark countenance – in Ameriking, Edgar Allan Poets, offer a vague glimmer of collective light were people to come together rather than burrowing every more deeply in to their bunker.

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Ameriking – Single – Edgar Allan Poets is available on iTunes.*

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Painted Mirror – Inside Out – Audio

The US darkwave quartet Painted Mirror released their eponymous LP on the 3rd.

Painted Mirror

Painted Mirror

Draw the curtains closed, lay back, with only a flickering candle to play shadows across the room to best engage with the roughly twenty two minutes, six track, album (available on bandcamp).

The baffled soundscape delivered through the ethereal synths provides the backdrop to the dreamy spires of the music as padded sticks which sink luxuriously into the drum-skins give the compositions a darkly contemplative feeling that seeps into the marrow, whilst a dampened, yet ever persistent bass provides the depth of the compositions and delicately counterbalancing this shimmers a gently reverberating guitar with the deeply echoed vocal rounding out a sound that holds the listener in reflective silence.

The LP is a fine introduction to a band about a year in to existence and I am looking to hearing more of Painted Mirror very soon.

The third track, also (almost inevitably) the most uptempo, Inside Out is my pick of the release.


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Serge Bulat – Red Shift Motel – Audio

The US darkwave creator Serge Bulat released the EP Third World Walker on the 17th.

Serge Bulat

Serge Bulat

There is a lustrous munificence which surfaces through the speakers on hitting play on the circa twenty two minutes, four tracks of Third World Walker (available on bandcamp) that spills across the room in thick velvet cloaking of luxuriant texture in which the listener is invited to be cradled in tender, though, menacing embrace.

It is through the juxtapositions of softness of feel and coercive intent that gives the music its intensity and encirclement of the audience, making it of such intrigue.

My selection is the second number – Red Shift Motel.


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