Uptown Electronics – Crashin’ Slow – Video

The Finnish dark-rock band Uptown Electronics released the two track single Crashin’ Slow on the 15th.

Uptown Electronics - Crashin' Slow - artwork

Uptown Electronics – Crashin’ Slow – artwork

There is a different layering than music previously featured which is evident in both Crashin’ Slow and the B side Release The Pressure where rock guitar architecture builds the scaffolding to the songs as the looming tracks darken the doorway.

These are capable musicians and I look forward to hearing more in the coming years.

Crashin’ Slow – Single – Uptown Electronics is available on iTunes.*

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Greetings Sugar – Faulty Fields – Audio

Greetings Sugar is a Romanian dark-rock outfit centred around Stefan Eremia, Gabriel Kirmaier and Andrei Cebotaru.

Greetings Sugar - photo © Andrei M

Greetings Sugar – photo © Andrei M

Regularly being able to tempt other musicians to join their melancholic output enables Greetings Sugar to always surprise the listener with a new idea. The latest reveal –  Faulty Fields  – discovers Lydia Lunch from the USA adding to the melting-pot in what is a track from their forthcoming début LP.

The gloomy gothic architectonics seep in to the room, covering the listener in a mourning veil, whilst simultaneously brass parades down the street as though fronting a dixieland jazz troupe, affording the composition a sweeping layered countenance in which the listener is invited to both wipe away tears, particularly when the minor-chords of pianoforte blend in to the song, and, meander in gaily placed footstep, all in the same moment.

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Big ‡ Brave – Lull – Audio

The Canadian dark-rock trio Big ‡ Brave released the three track single Ardor earlier in the month.

Big ‡ Brave - photo by Pascha Marrow

Big ‡ Brave – photo by Pascha Marrow

A roughly forty minutes release (available on bandcamp) in ArdorBig ‡ Brave create sonics which shake the foundations and rattle the window-frames as the combinations of clumping percussion and crushed guitar unfurl around the ears with the hypnotic vocal, that steps in and out of the foreground, giving the music a menacing beauty.

The extended tracks have an experimental drone feel to them as the unremitting darkness of instrumentation is delivered within a narrow register of notes.

The middle piece, which also adds bowed strings, being Lull.


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The Actions – Let’s Talk – Single Review

The Actions is a dark rock duo from England.

The Actions

The Actions

I found this morning an email laying in my email inbox from 2015 – sadly it is not alone – however until I have read an email it is never deleted and there is always the assurance I will get back to introductions as soon as I am able, though quite evidently not always as quickly as I would wish – so if you are in a band, have sent me an introduction but haven’t had a response, it doesn’t mean I can’t be bothered, it merely means I haven’t got to it yet. As I have also mentioned – from time to time my delay works out as reasonable timing and this being a case in point…

…Released on the 14th was the single Let’s Talk. A gloomy composition that fills the room with dark clouds as the speaker breaking bass thumps through the ears with the echoing guitar weaving silken threads as the slowly punching drums provide a menacing backdrop through which the distorted vocal menaces the audience.

Let’s Talk is available through I Give You Give with all proceeds being donated to Médicins Sans Frontiéres, Save The Children and Greenpeace Environmental Trust.


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Black Furr – Fickle – Audio

Black Furr is an England based dark-rock duo.

Black Furr - Photograph by Jonathan Dadds at Paper Champion

Black Furr – Photograph by Jonathan Dadds at Paper Champion

Recently released was the four track EP Waves.

Take the speakers out in to the garden and allow the music to harvest the grass as the scowling guitar and percussion scythe the lawn. Deep puddles of sound bleed the eardrums as the duo deliver a soundtrack which tests the resilience of anything, be it organic or inorganic, within echolocation range – meaning that necessarily it is immediately on to my essential music playlist.

Those of sharper eyesight may well recognise the drummer of The Moon Apes looks familiar with this accompanying image of the guitar player – you would be right – Daniela Trojmar and Elias Elgerud have swapped instruments.

By way of an introduction the second track – Fickle.

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