Sofi Lofi – Restless Sun Breaks The Day – Audio

The Norway based dark-rock project Sofi Lofi released the LP Nuits de Gala earlier in the month.

Sofi Lofi - Mette Sofie

Sofi Lofi – Mette Sofie

My apologies to everyone for getting to this late as this has been with me for a few weeks now.

Sofi Lofi more normally perform as a full line up – Nuits de Gala (available on bandcamp) is a solo release by Mette Sofie.

An intense brooding presence that extends for almost thirty five minutes of unrelenting menace through the ten songs, however, the listener is unwilling to take a break from the pressurising waves of ambient darkness. The album is given greater stature by the minimal post-production that allows the tracks to highlight their raw organic oppressive presence. My selection of the album is the fifth song – Restless Sun Breaks The Day.

Word also arrives that the full band are currently breaking some ground towards another LP, I will keep you updated as I am able.

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V.I.S. – VOX – Denot Na Mrtvite Ideali – Audio

The Macedonian dark-rock band V.I.S. – VOX revealed a track within the past twenty four hours.

V.I.S. - VOX - Denot Na Mrtvite Ideali

V.I.S. – VOX

Although brand new to those outside the band Denot Na Mrtvite Ideali was originally written by Mayo over thirty years ago and the jottings were put together as a track recently.

The brooding countenance casts dark shadows through the room which is counterbalanced by, fleeting, shiny guitar spinning through the ears.

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Delinquent Youth – Omen – Audio

The US dark-rock quintet Delinquent Youth will be releasing the EP A Great American Love Story on the 19th of May.

Delinquent Youth

Delinquent Youth

Combinations of gothic gloom and metal spikes emerge in to the room as Delinquent Youth reveal the first track on the forthcoming release – Omen.

As a precursor to A Great American Love Story – Omen intimates this will be a release to add to the collection.

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Pamphlet – persistence / my mother didn’t raise a mess – Single Review

The English dark-rock quartet Pamphlet released the AA side single persistence / my mother didn’t raise a mess today.



persistence flies through the speakers with a rumbling bass / drum combination that tests the anchorage of the building while the guitars play to distinct and counter-point ideas- one a heavy thrubbing of fuzz the other a wailing alarum that minds of a disturbed murmuration of birds while the vocal gives the piece a feeling of forlorn isolation.

my mother didn’t raise a mess has a very different texture to the sound with a breezier pace accompanied by greater distortion with the effect of welding the elements as though a conjoined unit while the half-spoken vocals is given prominence with its ever more distraught temper – creating a sense of every greater panic.

Although Pamphlet have begun to established a live presence, there is little recorded material, word does however arrive of an EP planned for release later in the year and certainly something I am looking forward to hearing.

persistence / my mother didn’t raise a mess is available on bandcamp.

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EWIAN – Radioactive Star – Video

The dark-rock, Germany based, trio EWIAN will be releasing the LP Heart Crash Boom Bang on the 3rd of March.

EWIAN - Heart Crash Boom Bang - artwork

EWIAN – Heart Crash Boom Bang – artwork

Radioactive Star, the first of the ten tracks on the album is a foreboding cloud of smoke which drifts through the room leaving the listener surrounded by a feeling of melancholia from which they don’t wish to escape and a fine introduction to the ensuing roughly thirty six minutes of the following nine compositions.


Heart Crash Boom Bang – Ewian is available on iTunes.*

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