The False And The Fair – Gone Tomorrow – Single Review

On the 17th the Irish dark-folk quartet The False And The Fair are set to release the single Gone Tomorrow.

The False And The Fair - Photo by Gareth Walsh

The False And The Fair – Photo by Gareth Walsh

Like the warm current on the Gulf Stream drifting off the West coast of Ireland – Gone Tomorrow – (available on bandcamp) invites the listener to dip their toes in to the cold ocean to find that despite the stormy waters there is comfort to be found in the forlorn context.

Brushed cymbals afford the composition a mesmeric quality as guitar twines across notes that require dexterous fingering through which a bass, that evokes of the frothy surf of breaking waves, burbles – all of which surround a tender vocal that the audience finds themselves reaching out to touch.

The beauty of Gone Tomorrow is to be found in its melancholic thread.

A rising bridge towards the latter section provides a startling interruption as the climactic intensity of the reality of the moment contemplated comes in to sharp focus prior to drifting back to the quietly paced introspection.

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Martin Del Carpio – The Motel Room Song – Audio

Martin Del Carpio from the USA released the dark-folk single The Motel Room Song last week.

Martin Del Carpio - The Motel Room Song

Martin Del Carpio

Martin Del Carpio has featured on the site numerous times over the past few years always with a melancholic-electronica backdrop and The Motel Room Song marks a step change in instrumentation with acoustic guitar featuring prominently, where there is distinct similarity is the down-temp introspective nature of the track, which is available on bandcamp.

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Riket – Lost My love – Single Review

The Swedish dark-folk duo Riket revealed the track Lost My Love less than ten hours ago.



Those of sharper ears may think you recognise one part of the duet of voices as being the distinctive sound of Bea from LaDiDa and you would be right –  amongst other projects Bea teams up with Jennifer Lander to form the darkened sounds of Riket.

There is a mystical beauty in the resonance of the just under four minute track which finds the listener seeking the cloak of Gothic Architecture in which to fully enjoy Lost My Love.

I am looking forward to hearing more during the course of 2017 and word arrives of thoughts of an EP on distant wings.

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Mayhem & Me

Mayhem & Me is the dark-folk trio of Majella EalesJeff Reeve and Paul Carwana from Hobart in Tasmania.

Mayhem & Me - dark folk from Tasmania

Mayhem & Me

Mayhem & Me have the ability to fill the room with a wet sandbag of acoustic led material. An eponymous four track EP surfaced in August (available on bandcamp) and I look forward to news of future material by a trio who are able to take a straight forward idea and turn it into an introspective soliloquy, which finds audience gripped in the ensnaring embrace of the vice-hold of drying leather bondage-straps.

The thickly stringed acoustic guitar is given reign to flight, whilst the electric guitar lays subdued in harmony as it meets a deeply resounding bass which tethers the material with reverberating strings that darken the room as the vocal, like a hawk spotting prey, dives to the foreground garnering travel and sight to which the instrumentation gathers in flock.

Mayhem & Me are able to cloak the audience with weighty contemplation through the measured pace which they intransigently refuse to hurry, leaving the listener in enraptured desire, as the music gradually unfurls itself in the ears.

Light the candles and bring out the scarlet ties to join Mayhem & Me in their exploration of inner turmoil.

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Freddy Fudd Pucker

Originally from Dunedin in New Zealand now based in Berlin – Germany Freddy Fudd Pucker is the dark-folk musician Tom Young.

Freddy Fudd Pucker - dark-folk originally from New Zealand now based in Germany

Freddy Fudd Pucker

Hurtling from the speakers like a scalded cat Freddy Fudd Pucker delivers music of momentum. A scathing lyric pulls no punches as it casts a wary eye on the world around, whilst the instrumentation is of equal consideration. Combining string strumming that can only but lead to RSI, along with toe-tapping percussion, whilst adding distorted samples and loops gives the out-put its intrigue.

Although predominately played at breakneck speed, Freddy Fudd Pucker provides compositions of developing melodies and when slower tracks appear, these touches are highlighted.

It is of little surprise that Freddy Fudd Pucker is a constant feature on the road in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, where the music is best suited because of the instant connectivity with the audience. That isn’t to say this can’t be enjoyed at home, but it works best with a group as despite the visceral nature, the listener can’t help but get up on their feet and want to join in with a mass dance and party the night away.

Despite the continual live performances Freddy Fudd Pucker does still manage to find time for recording and a new LP is scheduled for release later this year. From the forthcoming album is Blood Diamond Mind, that surfaced a few hours ago.

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