Mom & Bear – Everybody Wants You Dead – Single Review

The Danish atmospheric-rock quintet Mom & Bear released the single Everybody Wants You Dead on the 8th.

Mom & Bear

Mom & Bear

Despite having been around for a few years Mom & Bear are yet to release their début LP – though word has arrived that this project is underway with the title Bury You Dead and Everybody Wants You Dead (available on bandcamp) which has been lingering in the vaults for a while is the first song to surface from the album.

Layers of guitars, keys, bass, percussion and vocal wrap around the listener akin to gently placed swabs as the delight of the composition lays not only in its dark brooding presence it is equally by the shadowy nature of the music that drifts as though a Brocken Spectre emerging through the clouds in the valley from high on a mountain.

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Tin Can Telescope – Scorch Your Face – Single Review

The Danish garage-rock quartet Tin Can Telescope released the single Scorch Your Face today.

Tin Can Telescope - photo by - Magnus Hyltoft Thomsen

Tin Can Telescope – photo by – Magnus Hyltoft Thomsen

Scorch Your Face (available on bandcamp) is a thumping rock’n’roll number that has the audience delightedly dancing around the room as a thrubbing bass bounces against the spring percussion with guitar skipping through the ears and the vocal, which spins through the ears rounding out a song that sadly only lasts for two and two thirds minutes.

Having had the opportunity to listen to their back catalogue I can attest this is a band to bring out to play anytime life needs an injection of positive energy.

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Stranger The Horse – Emanuel Desperado – Audio

The Danish world-fusion quintet Stranger The Horse released the LP Play It On The Tannoys on the 20th.

Stranger The Horse

Stranger The Horse

Creating music which is marked by its rolling rhythms the listener is minded of watching a horse in easy gait elegantly traversing a dusty plain.

The eight track album (available on bandcamp) is a highly impressive cohesion of latin-dance, roots and world-beat which is knitted in to a fabric of transfixing melodies and harmonies as the guitars, hazy keys and pivoting bass form the skeleton, with the percussion delivering the supple musculature while the vocal affords the flexible skin – in to which the audience becomes immersed by the natural organics of the movements of the music, that has a mood enhancing uplifting presence.

The penultimate track is Emanuel Desperado.


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Miners Outfit – Through Your Skin – Single Review

The Danish romantic-rock quartet Miners Outfit released the single Through Your Skin on the 14th.

Miners Outfit - Through Your Skin

Miners Outfit

Light the candles at a dinner-table for two whilst gazing deeply in to your partners eyes prior to hitting play to fully engage with Through Your Skin, a song which immediately presents an invitation to a graceful glide over the dance-floor.

If, by the conclusion of the just under four minute song, you are pondering heading back to the table for the candle-lit supper, rather than skip eating and heading straight to the bedroom, I posit your dinner-partner is someone with whom you find little frisson and you are thereby listening to the wrong soundtrack to accompany the moment in which you are engaged.

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Chiro – Bender – Video

The Danish metal quartet Chiro are set to release the LP Tunnel later this year.



From the forthcoming album the second track to appear Bender threads a knot of dark oppressive guitar that unhurriedly herds the listener in to the corner of the room with its menacing, prowling presence as Chiro deliver a composition that is riven with sense of a predator waiting to pounce.

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