Them Moose Rush – Radio Violence – Video

The Croatian alt-rock trio The Moose Rush release the LP Don’t Pick Your Noise later in the year.

Them Moose Rush - Radio Violence

Them Moose Rush

From the forthcoming album – Radio Violence – is a less angular sound than much of their material previously featured with a growling backbone that rails against the propagandised normalisation of oppression through mind-numbing mundanity.

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Mind Zoo – Borders – Audio

Mind Zoo is Croatian alt-rock quartet.

Mind Zoo

Mind Zoo

Well ripped muscle-tone confidently strides in to the room as Mind Zoo combine a soupçon of metal with grumbling rock, which they wield with a controlled pose as the two guitars steer the sound across broad landscapes whilst simultaneously being tightly tethered by precision drumming and throbbing bass, through which a more than capable vocal is able to flex between sweeping breaths and growling larynx.

With only three songs that I have been able to hear, which came in the form of the triple track single Temple Of The Heart (available on bandcamp), Mind Zoo are a band I look forward to hearing more of in short order.

By way of an introduction – the opener Borders.

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Jonathan – Allison – Audio

Jonathan, the Croatian alt-indie band, are due to imminently release the LP To Love.

Jonathan - Photo by Filip Gržinčić

Jonathan – Photo by Filip Gržinčić

The latest track to surface from To Love, Allison, is a sprightly number which is threaded with gravitas supplied by the melancholic vocal, giving the piece an engrossing countenance.

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Someday I Will Miss You – Long Shots – Audio

The Croatian electronic-dream project Someday I Will Miss You frequently features.

Someday I Will Miss You - Longshots

Someday I Will Miss You

The latest track is the just under three and two third minutes Long Shots – which announces itself with repeating scales of electronic-bells akin to a campanologist on an outing to towers anew, prior to dissolving like sugar in a hot cup of coffee and reappearing as the sweetener to the ebb and flow of synths and muted vocal and the listener lays ensconced in the deep pile carpet of the composition which alluringly divides itself in to distinctive chapters.

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Media Stres

Media Stres from Čakovec in Croatia is the alt-rock trio of Karlo Komorski (Guitar / Vocals), Saša Hutinec (Bass) and Matej Obadić (Drums).

Media Stres - alt-rock from Croatia

Media Stres

There is a delightful swagger and bounce to the music that struts into the room with the arrival of Media Stres. A rock solid percussion forms the steel for the trio, to which the bass adds a hum of discontent, surrounded by a guitar that shifts between lead and rhythm giving the trio a wider spectrum in which to explore. The vocal which emerges from Californian indie, whilst initially sounding discordant, quickly settles in the ears and the out-put has a coherent story to tell.

The highlight of the sounds, for me, are the powerful drums that rhythmically pulse around the room capturing attention and gathering the body up to sway in time.

Somewhat appositely I was sent the most recent Media Stres release E.V.I.L. (e-Virus influenced love) Part 1. (which is available on bandcamp) as an introduction to the band and on ‘liking’ their Facebook Page found they now have 666 likes.

A couple of years into their journey Media Stres are balancing releases with live performances and it will be interesting to hear how things develop for them this year. Already Part 2 is scheduled for release in the Spring.

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