Vias – Call Of The Raven – Audio

Vias is a Canadian metal quartet.

Vias - Photo by Daniel Wesser Photography

Vias – Photo by Daniel Wesser Photography

Best engaged with your head between a couple of speakers playing at full tilt to fully experience the furious pace and volume of the quartet, who recently released their début EP Deflower (available on bandcamp) and an impressive first offering it is too.

Although on initial sight the songs are all about pace and volume, there is far more to Vias than just that as they deliver tracks that contain strong melodic interplay between the two guitars and they are equally able to suddenly change pace and direction mid-bar without any of them loosing step.

For aficionados of the genre Vias (formed out of the embers of I Am The End) is most certainly an outfit to keep an eye out for and for those who are less enamoured of metal, I do posit spending time in their company will not be a part of your life that you will regret investing.

From the five track EP – the second number – Call Of The Raven – which comes in at just over nine minutes of sublime composition and delivery.

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Bad Pop – Bad Pop – Audio

The Canadian new-wave trio Bad Pop released their eponymous two track single on the 27th.

Bad Pop

Bad Pop

Blowing any lingering cobwebs and dust in to the corner of the room – the more than capably delivered two minutes and ten seconds of the title track Bad Pop hurtles around the room.

Tightly compressed waves of bass guitar cause the ears to twitch in anticipation prior to the sledge-hammered drum kit pulsing the cochlea and just when you thought there can’t be anything else that is going to improve this – the guitar and voice burst in to full flow and you realise you haven’t cleared enough space in the room as you collide with desks and chairs whilst enthusiastically pogoing alongside.

Bad Pop, who surfaced from Hot Panda, is a band who are not attempting to spark a revolution, rather, reminding the audience – no matter how bad things get – music can always make life feel better.


Bad Pop – Single – Bad Pop is available on iTunes.*

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Austra – Angel In Your Eye – Video

The Canadian synthwave quartet Austra released the LP Future Politics on the 20th.

Austra - Future Politics - artwork

Austra – Future Politics – artwork

A roughly three quarters of an hour album in which the listener is taken on a dreamy ride of synthetic layering and hypnotic vocal.

A live version of the middle of the eleven tracks – Angel In Your Eye surfaced last week.


Future Politics – Austra is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Little Bird – Bring It On Home – Audio

Little Bird is a grunge-blues band from Canada.

Little Bird

Little Bird

My apologies to every one for the delay in getting to this. Back in September Ronny Bernard (Vocals / Guitar) and I first exchanged emails and at the tail end of November I was alerted to the release of their eponymous three track single on the 30th of that month (available on bandcamp), I have only now caught up with it and I am actually typing this on the 11th, though you won’t see it until the 15th. The messenger, on this occasion, deserves to be shot.

Combining dirty guitar with crowded echoing vocals Little Bird surface with music that creates its own timbre in the space in which it is played as the counterpointing bass trips to the percussion creating a distinctive sound in which the listener burrows their ears, like a mole digging tunnels in the dark, to expose a store of roots and warmth in which to rejoice.

I am aware that Little Bird have more songs in their pockets, which I look forward to being able to feature, hopefully in a more timely manner, but for now have revealed only three and my pick of the selection is the middle number – Bring It On Home.


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Still Flux

Still Flux is the indie-rock band comprising John (Vocals), Luke (Bass), Johnny (Guitar) and Dave (Drums) from Montreal in Canada.

Still Flux - indie-rock from Canada

Still Flux

Slamming together classic indie with classic rock along with a tab of psychedelia – Still Flux stomp themselves out a significant circle of potential audience and as importantly leave no section dissatisfied.

The voice could be drawn directly from ’70s Heavy Metal as it expresses through torn larynx the upper registers with a style that is immediately familiar and welcome. The Guitar holds a pivotal point in Still Flux as it threads through – ’90s Indie as it dances round the room in lightness to – rip roaring riffs that finds the audience reaching for air-guitar. The solidity of bass holds the distinct ideas together while the drums decide on the style to follow as they range from beating around the whole kit in ballooning rock formation to confining themsleves to snare and hi-hat.

With more emphasis evidently placed on the rock structures the quartet are able to provide a sound that is perfectly pitched to the cross-over market that will find the audience dancing fleet-footedly, while also reaching for the guitar.

Formed less than a year ago Still Flux have been able to release both a live LP and a Studio album along with establishing a touring presence across Canada and parts of the USA. If you like your Indie a little heavy or your heavy-metal a little light – this is a band to get to know now before the prices of live performances rocket and the tickets themselves become highly sought-after. Expect to hear more of Still Flux in a venue near you in the next few years, if there is any justice in the music industry.

Whilst their most recent Studio eponymous LP is a joy in itself there is an inevitably that I would select to share a track from the live LP – Live At The Blue Venus (both available on bandcamp).

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