Sixteen Scandals – Flawsophy – Audio

Sixteen Scandals is a Canadian fuzz-rock trio.

Sixteen Scandals

Sixteen Scandals

Turn up the volume and allow the hairs on your arms to wave in the aural breeze as Sixteen Scandals spiral across the room akin to a corkscrew being twisted in to the stopper on a bottle of wine, resulting in popping open a delightful scent that flows the room.

Reflections of frustrated tensions unleash themselves upon the audience with the emotive vocal throating of a wry reflection of a world of self-aggrandisement whilst an overclocking percussion thrashes the timpani as a barrage of bass punches the jawbone through which an intoxicating guitar plays its own stanzas – yet they are able to bring it all together in a delightful sound that brightens the day for its presence.

From their five track EP Dorkmanteau (available on bandcamp) the middle number – Flawsophy.

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Tearjerker – Flipped – Video

The Canadian garage-gaze trio Tearjerker last featured in the latter half of last year.

Tearjerker - Flipped - artwork

Tearjerker – Flipped – artwork

Over the coming months they are planning to put out a series of singles, the first of which, Flipped (available on bandcamp), was released on the 9th.

Flipped has a more oppressive air than much of their previously material cloaking the room in a darkening cloud.

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The Lab – Oceans – Single Review

The Lab is a new Canadian haunting-electronica duo.

The Lab

The Lab

Word does arrive of an EP which is due for release around the end of the month, however, at present there is only one song to hear – Oceans.

Immediately on hitting play the listener finds themselves pondering are there only two players rather than a complete orchestra?

The sorrowful orchestration circles through the room in an alchemic synthesis of horns, kettledrum, organ, bows and strings which paint a celestial soundscape through which the voice, as though gliding on thermals, provides effortless broad pitch – leaving the audience spellbound by the mesmerising, quietly flowing, composition.

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Sea Of Lettuce – Wojriff – Audio

The Canadian submarine-rock duo Sea Of Lettuce released the two track single – Singles – on the 28th of May.

Sea Of Lettuce

Sea Of Lettuce

Their music is always of submerged perspective as the listener is entertained by the truncated soundwaves of listening to music whilst underwater.

The first of the two tracks on Singles (available on bandcamp) Wojriff minds of looking upwards and watching sunlight refracting through the rippling surface water.

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From Gemini – Better Days – Audio

Within the past dozen hours the Canadian swing-rock outfit From Gemini released their eponymous EP.

From Gemini

From Gemini

Tipple the speakers to upper volume to best enjoy the output as registers of upper notes and lower beams sling their hooks across the room in a luxurious soundscape of finely fingered twitching guitar notes which slip inside and out of meandering octave and delay pedals giving the music considerable direction of travel as the thumping percussion and bass threaten to break the sub-woofer through which the vocal fights for space for its own intervention – though far from sounding like an idea of disparate concepts – it all lays in narrative which has the listener entranced.

From the EP the second of the five tracks – Better Days.

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