OQJAV – Пацан (Boy) – Video

The Russian ambient-electro-dance trio OQJAV will be playing their final performance on the 21st in Ekaterinburg at The Press House.



As part of their farewell journey a live shot video of Пацан (Boy) recorded in Moscow.

It is always a sadness to discover bands fading in to the distance though as with many their imprint lays long after their footsteps were laid and I thank OQJAV for doing what they did and look forward to remaining in contact with Вадик Королев (Vadik Korolev), Екатерина Павлова (Elizabeth Pavlova) and Даниил Шайхинуров (Daniel Shaikhinurov) in their new directions of travel.

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Oren Barzilay – Boy – Audio

Oren Barzilay from Israel is an artist I must get back to review in full at some point, as this is the second track to be featured.

Oren Barzilay - Boy

Oren Barzilay

A new single – Boy was released on the 21st.

Boy – Single – Oren Barzilay is available on iTunes*.

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