Candlebags – Do That Thing – Video

The Belgian alt-rock duo Candlebags released the EP Voyager on the 8th.

Candlebags - Voyager - artwork

Candlebags – Voyager – artwork

With each track on Voyager offering something fresh as is the wont of Candlebags who approach songwriting and delivery with a completely open mind, resultingly each composition having its own distinctive quality. The first of the five tracks Do That Thing having a vaguely garage-dance feeling.

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Firefang – Waiting List – Audio

The Belgian rock trio Firefang will be releasing their eponymous LP on the 13th.



The fuzzy barrage of sound that escapes in to the room on hitting play grabs hold of the listener and has them captivated by the Firefang offerings of rock ‘n’ roll and dirty blues.

Able to deliver sound in a blaze of speed as well as slowing the tempo the trio superbly control what could easily become a chaotic confusion which they turn in to music that holds the attentions and makes the audience look forward to catching up with more of their compositions.

Guitar can at one moment be bursting with distorted garage chords, the next delicately picking its way along the fret-board whilst vocal ranges from scratchy larynx to delicately pivoted ballad. The percussion equally runs between storming the gates and providing a measured framework for tracks. Bass sometimes takes the place of supporting pivot other times bludgeoning the eardrums.

Wherever they turn their focus in the roughly thirty four minutes ten track album (available on bandcamp), Firefang play a deft hand, with two guest instrumentalists joining in on various songs, keeping  the listener enthralled.

My selection is the third and longest number – Waiting List.

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Adam Wilson (Vocals), Chilli Bundo (Guitar), Saulo Soneghet (Guitar),  Woodie Bundo (Bass), Simon Zweers (Drums) and Luna Boone (Saxophone), based in Ghent in Belgium form the world-rock band Vagabundos.

Vagabundos - world rock based in Belgium


Gypsy, blues, Reggae, ska and jazz-funk. Find yourself the stamp clap and jump for the road ahead with Vagabundos.

With thanks again to Sarah for her thoughts.

These six people are like family, the way a band should be, doing everything for the band, seeing it as a profession. No other bands involved, no mother in law coming by, no excuses for not being there all the time. The music that Vagabundos plays, according to Adam, is street music. Every song is a mixture of reggae, funk, jazz and blues, even hip-hop rhythms.

In one year they have gathered 1900 followers on Facebook, released an EP, played all over Belgium and they’re preparing a full album with 11 songs. Their main strength is the live-performance. The public already knows that an evening with the Vagabundos is like dirty dancing in a Turkish steam bath.


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Candle Bags

Candle Bags is the avant-garde-garage duo of Dirk Henrotay and Inge Henrotay from Hasselt in Belgium.

Candle Bags - avant-garde-garage from Belgium

Candle Bags

My thanks to Sarah for another review of a band with much to add to the world of music.

They have a raw sound, not in the way of death metal or hardcore, it’s a combination of 70’s, post-punk, garage-rock, stoner and so much more. One thing is sure, everything about Candle Bags is strange, alternative and experimental.

Dirk plays the guitar and combines it with an extended pedal-board, the bass drum, the hi-hats and the snare.  He’s like the Indian god, Shiva, with 6 arms. And Inge is the singer, playing the flute and crashing the cymbals. She’s more like Kali.

Essentially, it’s an energetic duo with a realistic view on the society, giving the listener comfort with solutions coming from deep sources.

A Candle Bags concert is unforgettable, it will be anchored in your sub conscience. I loved the hard, rough punk and also the lively, sensitive, groovy soul. If someone would say: “this combination isn’t possible”, I disagree. These contradictions create vibrations based on real-life experiences, where the hard realities of every day are covered with love and hope.

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The Girl Who Cried Wolf

The Girl Who Cried Wolf from Mechelen, in Belgium, is the melancholic-rock quintet of Heleen Destuyver (Vocals / Keys), Samir Boureghda (Guitar / Keys), Michael-John Joosen (Drums / Vocals / Keys), Sofie Sweygers (Cello / Keys) and Willem Meeus (Bass / Keys).

The Girl Who Cried Wolf - melancholic-rock from Belgium

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the Belgian journalist Sarah Gommers, who will be writing articles from time to time predominately focussed on the Belgian, Netherlands and French scene.

A band with a special name. A name that doesn’t just expose it’s secret, one that sounds mysterious. Does it have anything to do with wolves? Or a crying woman?
Without over-analysing, or trying to discover the why behind the name of their band, it’s easy to feel it fits in a somewhat dark atmosphere, one created to bring us a message.

The Girl’, as they call themselves in short, is not a group of friends that went on the play music together. They’re musicians that found each other in their passion for music, and because of that became friends. It’s quick to notice too. Five completely different personalities that somehow fit together perfectly. Even though all five of them are pretty down to earth about the possibilities of the band: growing organically, performing, improving and releasing some CD’s. They want to capture a place in the hearts of their fans.

Thanks Sarah, your contribution is more than welcome and I, along with the readers look forward to discovering more of your introductions.


Ruins – The Girl Who Cried Wolf is available on iTunes.*

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