Meat Market

Meat Market from Oakland in the USA is the garage rock quartet of Ian, Jeffrey, Jake and Alex.

Meat Market - garage rock from the USA

Meat Market – photo by Raphael Villet

Subsumed inside polarities of sound lays a sharp and sardonic reflective of life being lived. Meat Market deliver their music within string bending distortion that shards the speakers prior to scattering around the room.

Better known for live performance than recorded material Meat Market is a band who have much to offer the wider world and I hope to hear news of the follow-up to the eponymous 2012 ten track LP.

The music hurtles across the ears in a tumult of coincidences which the quartet manage to herd into formation like a seasoned shepherd rounding up sheep. The ears are boxed with a continual flailing which Meat Market deflect with some mastery and rather than emerging with a bloodied face, the audience turns around with a wide grin and thankful for having spent the time.

Not for the first time do I find myself reviewing a band on the roster of the label underthegun with good reason.

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We Are The Men

We Are The Men is the garage rock quartet of Danny KendrickjAlex Rather-TaylorMarius Atherton and Paul Hanna from Rohnert Park in The USA.

We Are The Men - Garage rock from The USA - photo by Sean Casey

We Are The Men – Photo by Sean Casey

Whilst it works most of the time for We Are The Men, due to continent apart commitments they are not always together, hence their slow progress, although always welcomed on the San Francisco live circuit when they do coalesce and no wonder.

Turn up the speakers and revel in the sounds that are We Are The Men. Like a mole burrowing under the earth they consume all before them as they form a tunnel for their own edification and this joy of making music is reflected in the resulting out-put. The audience is treated to music which folds into a melange of thumping bass / percussion and shadowy guitars resulting in a cornucopia of enjoyment.

My timing for a review is either spot-on as a calendar reminder, or appallingly misjudged as We Are The Men are in their disparate locations and won’t be back together for while as Marius heads off once again to help put together the annual Festival De La Cour Denis in France.

I just hope they all manage to get back together again, as they have done for the past few years, after what they call their ‘annual summer break’.

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The Drip Effect

The Drip Effect from West Palm Beach in the USA is the alt-rock quartet of Oscar Ramirez (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals), Josh Hamilton (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Kyle Seiler (Bass) and Andrew Dery (Drums).

The Drip Effect - alt-rock from the USA

The Drip Effect 

Like damp walls in a cellar The Drip Effect fill the room with an oppressive gloom which seeps slowly into the brain leaving a shiver down the spine. Utilising the bass and percussion to form the frame-work there is no getting away from the omnipresent underbelly, to which the guitars enhance the mood, with their spectral interplay and the vocal is delivered in suitably couched terms. How could I not enjoy it?

Deriving the source code from rock refrains The Drip Effect are able to cloak the material in atmosphere through the contrast between the progression of the percussion and the lengthy reverb and delay and high pitch deployed by the guitars, which casts the pall over the sound.  Inside all the darker vestiges there lies a bitter-sweet resonance and it is this ability to add burnt toffee to the out-put that marks The Drip Effect as a band I recommend you spend some time getting to know.

Until recently very much a live performance band who have spent the couple of years of their existence getting out to do what they most enjoy. For those of us further afield a début seven track LP Dinosaw came out the end of last month is a welcome introduction to The Drip Effect.

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Cosmic Rays

Daniel Donjuan (Guitar / Vocals), Eduardo Silva (Guitar / Vocals), Anthony Delgado (Guitar), Juan Prado (Bass) and Danny Martinez (Drums) combine to form Cosmic Rays an indie-funk band from Santa Ana in The USA.

Cosmic Rays - indie-funk from The USA

Cosmic Rays

Brand new out of the traps Cosmic Rays have made a string of tracks available to hear over the past couple of months and are looking to catch up with live-performances to establish a local following.

Instilled in local garage surf, there is also a jazz funk feel to the sound along with some snatches that remind me of ’80s new wave, so all in all an range of interesting influences, which the quintet are able to turn around with a refreshing blast of sound.

Guitars work well together without trying to complicate the sound that breezes through the room, whilst the percussion marks out a sharp line of direction and a smartly presented vocal rounds out the sound. The tautly strung guitars give the music a nervous energy which Cosmic Rays are able to transliterate to a zesty lemon burst of sound.

A little too smartly pressed for my natural stomping ground, but nonetheless a fine entry to the world of music and an out-fit I would like to hear more of as they develop. I wish Cosmic Rays all the best for the future.

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