Family Animals – The Speed Of Sight – Audio

Family Animals is a trippy-folk trio from the USA.

Family Animals - Photo by Jess Meoni

Family Animals – Photo by Jess Meoni

Blending in to their music lays many influences along with disparate instrumentation delivering an overall sound in which the audience can allow their mind to expand into valleys new.

Their latest release, the eleven track, approximately twenty nine minutes, album Cactupus N’ Friends (available on bandcamp) evidencing the hallucinogenic nature of their material.

An album best enjoyed in its entirety to allow the brain to fully space-put to the eclectic mix of songs, though it is necessary to set aside far more than the playing time as it does take a while for the senses to reset and reconfigure.

The fifth track is The Speed Of Sight.

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Captive Agents – My Whole Life – Audio

Captive Agents is a US funk-hop trio.

Captive Agents

Captive Agents

Combinations of funky-soul and rap twinkles through the speakers and the listener can’t help but feel better for the presence of the music.

Most recently to surface was the dozen track LP United Force, which is available on bandcamp, and best heard with a disco-glitter ball overhead as Captive Agents deliver an album of feel-good factor sounds that are underpinned by lyric of more scathing societal perspective.

The fifth track is My Whole Life.

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Kristen – Therapy – Single Review

The US alt-rock outfit Kristen releases the single Therapy next month.



Originating as a solo performer with a folk derivation, over time the project has expanded to a full line-up with Therapy marking a full transition to the new direction of musical travel.

Drawing from the well of rock and soul filtered through a Nashville nesh Therapy has a timeless appeal – being both new and current yet somehow retrospectively familiar with the song generating warmth as it flows through the room.

The thick carpeting of guitars and pedals weaves through bass and percussion while the expressive vocal  is given space to range widely and by the time Therapy is finished the listener is already looking for news of an LP.


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Foresteater – Avalanche – Single Review

It was back in 2015 that the US dream-rock outfit Foresteater last featured.

Foresteater - Avalanche


In the interim, what was a solo project with one song around, has developed in to a a four piece band with intervening releases.

Whilst the sound has also inevitably developed too, there remains the mellow melodies and swaying tempo which at the time I described as naïve-rock, which made Foresteater a project to get to know.

Avalanche – the latest track – that came out on the 1st – adds a layers of hazy mirage of gazey guitar to the soundscape creating a song of luscious texturing with which the audience finds themselves gently moving in time.

Avalanche – Single – Foresteater is available on iTunes.*

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Ugly Sun – Little Sister – Single Review

It is coming on to a year since the US garage rock trio Ugly Sun last featured.

Ugly Sun - photo credit - Zach Anderson

Ugly Sun – photo credit – Zach Anderson

The latest track to surface Little Sister is of more furious temper than music of their last considered.

A throbbing bass pumps through the speakers prior to be joined by a sublime drum which snaps like a taut elastic band with vocal and guitar joining in to add the bristling composition as it rebounds through the room minding the listener of watching a pinball bouncing around the table.

The frayed guitar and roaring vocal counter balanced against the shorn bass / percussion gives Little Sister a sonic resonance that marks this out as track to immediately add to the – when I want to break furniture as I dance – playlist.

Little Sister – Single – Ugly Sun is available on iTunes.*

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