Comrade Catbox – Hijinx – Audio

Sign-posted towards the end of last year, the US psychedelic-grunge quartet Comrade Catbox released the EP Porcelain Pillows earlier in the month.

Comrade Catbox - Hijinx

Comrade Catbox

A five track EP (available on bandcamp) in which the listener can delightedly wallow as Comrade Catbox deliver music which as soon as it surfaces from the speakers immediately looses all sense of the normality of sound physics and instead forms in to a mass of gloop which oozes across the floor filling the room with sounds that minds of bog snorkelling.

My selection of which is the middle number – Hijinx – in which the audience is invited to splosh in pleasured accompaniment.

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ViceVersa – Funk Your Face – Audio

The US alt-rock trio ViceVersa released the LP The Electric Flame on the 12th.



A nine track album (available on bandcamp) full of brightly wrapped sweets in a pick and mix selection, each a delight in its own right and as a collection makes for a just over half an hour of goodies to savour.

Ranging from garage fuzz, through flourishing rock riffs to psychedelic kaleidoscopes the songs on The Electric Flame always has an analogue texture giving the music a retro-feel.

A band I look forward hearing more from in short order. By way of an introduction the middle track is Funk Your Face.


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Muddler – Dogwater – Audio

The US sludge quartet Muddler released the EP Leave room for contemplation earlier in the month.



The listener finds themselves mired knee-high in warm gloop immediately on hitting play as Muddler deliver their flattened sticky compositions. Far from struggling to escape the enveloping mud the audience immerses their body in the mossy bog, revelling in every moment.

From the four track EP (available on bandcamp) my selection is the second – Dogwater.

Rest assured, well to be more prescient; wallow, in certainty I will come back to Muddler more than once in the future as who can’t be other than transfixed by the puddles of the quartet.

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Signal-To-Noise – Until We All Decide To Be Released – Single Review

Signal-To-Noise is an alt-folk quintet from the USA.



Revolving players are deployed in various tracks, with additional members and instruments brought in as necessary which allows Signal-To-Noise to deliver compositions each of which is painted with very different brushstroke.

The most recent to be revealed Until We All Decide To Be Released is drawn from medieval minstrel to which Signal-To-Noise add a rich tapestry of layering that seems to transport the listener on a journey in time-travel to the weightlessness of future-rock before returning and gently placing the audience, just over three and a half minutes later, back to earth.

Word arrives of an LP Land Of Nod being planned for release later in the year.


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BEij – Mistakes – Audio

BEij is an electro-wave band from the USA.



Revealing music consistently, each track offering a different canvas of washed colour in which the listener is invited to prop their feet on the desk and lean back in to the sounds.

The most recent track to surface Mistakes, which is available on bandcamp, came out earlier in the month is marked by the deep shadows of the evolving synths which cast an eerie light around the vocal.

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