Room For Zero – Death Of Cold – Audio

On the 1st of September the US scruffy-blues band Room For Zero will be releasing the LP You Used To Say I’m The Only One.

Room For Zero

Room For Zero

When you find your shoulders flexing of their own volition with arching arms towards the sky and wrists turning – you just know this something you need to engage with and tuning in – the brain aligns both medulla oblongata and skeletal to a soundtrack that finds the audience at the behest of the muscular system which insists on taking the lead of its own volition.
Even on first play through of the first track to surface from the album – Death Of Cold – the larynx discovers itself taking a guess at the next words deciding it too needs to be part of the party.


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Best Behavior – Say – Audio

The US indie quartet Best Behavior released the single Say on the 4th.

Best Behavior - photo credit @jeanettedmoses

Best Behavior – photo credit @jeanettedmoses

Last featured back in 2015 – once again the pinpoint accuracy engages, not for its complexity rather, for its simplicity and the audience finds themselves threading across the dancefloor with the music without making any conscious decision.

Say (available on bandcamp) is a song that should pass by without comment – yet somehow it finds itself a wormhole that needs repeat as reference points from britpop skitter through the room, wrapped inside breezy surf – and the day seems better for it all.

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Eighth Day – Breaking Free – Audio

The US rock quintet Eighth Day released the LP Into The Desert today.

Eighth Day

Eighth Day

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) that has an intriguing backdrop as the quintet deliver music which is steeped in East Tennessee influences yet is able to stretch away from the country roots to deliver a soundtrack which encompasses a global reach of driving country harmony laden rock’n’roll and finds a potential audience of international interest due to its dampened earthiness and crusty rock riffs that shard across the room in unadorned refreshing honesty.

The seventh song is Breaking Free.

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Joshua Dacosta – Song Of Unity – Audio

Joshua Dacosta is a world-fusion project from the USA.

Joshua DaCosta

Joshua DaCosta

From time to time music that lays easily across the ears is just what is needed and in the appropriately entitled recent reveal of Song Of Unity – there strikes an easily understood narrative that is encompassed in the title; With straightforward acoustic guitar, pianoforte and a building chorus of voices – that does everything that is necessary to deliver its message.

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Melville – Pickup Artist – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Melville release the LP The New Zero on the 18th.

Melville - painting by Simran

Melville – painting by Simran

A twelve track album (available on bandcamp) that offers a wide reaching journey of sartorially elegant contemporary rock that nonetheless doesn’t leave the listener feeling the need to be sipping drinks containing olives to partake as there remains underpinning the songs an earthy foundation.

By way of an introduction – Pickup Artist – the seventh song.


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