Luxury Flux – Swirling Dopamine – Audio

The US alt-rock trio Luxury Flux released their eponymous LP on the 21st.

Luxury Flux - photo credit - Sherry Min Wang

Luxury Flux – photo credit – Sherry Min Wang

A raw garage rock starting point is tempered by slightly ironing out the fuzziness, giving the material a tropical summer beat in which the listener is invited to to join in with an encircling beach party as the prominent spokes of the drum-kit drive the footstep.

From the nine track album (available on bandcamp) my selection is the middle track – Swirling Dopamine.

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Outer Gods – By The Spider’s Thread We Are Linked – Audio

The US drone duo Outer Gods will be releasing the LP Severed Together on the 28th.

Outer Gods - Severed Together - artwork

Outer Gods – Severed Together – artwork

Within the past eight hours the fourth of the six tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) was revealed.

By The Spider’s Thread We Are Linked which, as their previous material, takes the listener on an eerie journey of dark mountain valleys and looming cliff-faces as the just under five minute composition spreads its dark cloud through the room leaving the listener to conjure up tales of their own making to the soundtrack.

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thom simon – Driving Dreams – Audio

thom simon is a garage rock trio from the USA.

thom simon

thom simon

My apologies that this feature is late, as the introduction was made on the 6th.

With a few pieces behind them, thom simon, offer the listener a broad stretch of ideas, within their material, that dates back for over three years. Sometimes psychedelic, other times funky-reggae and even as is the case in their latest track, which came out earlier this month – Driving Dreams (available on bandcamp) – surfy-garage-dance – always engaging and having been filtered through a gauze the resulting music has a warmth of sound that embraces the listener.

It is of little surprise they are securing a wider touring base and Festival appearances. I look forward to hearing more of thom simon, in short order.

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408 – Charlotte – Video

The US indie-rock band 408 released the EP Mrs. Lemonsqueezer earlier this month.



Akin to the release title, on hitting play the listener is coated in a zingy shower of sound, as 408 deliver their tracks in which the listener finds the need to be moving alongside with the zippy drum-kit as guitars buzz through the ears.

By way of an introduction – the first of the four tracks – Charlotte.

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Keeping Secrets – Say You Will Again – Video

Keeping Secrets is a US indie-rock quartet.

Keeping Secrets

Keeping Secrets

Currently working towards the release of a new LP – Say You Will Again has surfaced in advance.

With a fresh-faced outer-coating, within the just under three and two thirds minutes track the quartet do expose some fraying threads, which give them far more to offer than immediate impressions would suggest.

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