Nebulamigo – Distance – Audio

Nebulamigo is a dreamy-indie quintet from the USA.

Nebulamigo - photo credit @sleeplesscalls

Nebulamigo – photo credit @sleeplesscalls

Earlier this month they released their début LP Talk in Roses (available on bandcamp). Relatively newly out of the blocks Nebulamigo are starting to find their feet in the live circuit and the six track, roughly twenty three minutes, can’t but help their cause.

The quintet are able to deliver compositions which are fairly angular in construct, yet somehow turn them in to flowing melting washes of colour that drift unhurriedly though the room, giving the music an hypnotic dreaminess.

The sharply pointed guitar is married with punctuating percussion and bass then rather than developing in to the anticipated mathematical-rock the whole effect is brushed by a calming light haze and veiled vocal delivering an unexpected ambient expansive calmness.

My selection from the LP is the penultimate – Distance.

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The Lunar Year – Heady Love – Audio

The US alternative folk quartet The Lunar Year released the LP Herodias on the 16th.

The Lunar Year

The Lunar Year

A dozen track LP of intricate weaves of varied instrumentation that allows The Lunar Year to lay a pillow on which the listener lays in relaxed contemplation as the music drifts through the room.

My selection from Herodias being the 7th, Heady Love, which is a piano led composition highlighted by an exquisite vocal, that counterbalances the melancholic chords of the keys, with its spacious intonations.


Herodias – The Lunar Year is available on iTunes.*

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Franchise – Empty Medicine – Audio

The US maths-rock quartet Franchise are due to release the EP Ghost Light on the 14th of July.



Angular spires spike themselves across the room as the first track to surface from the EP launches through the speakers. Empty Medicine finds the listener having ears darting across the radar to catch the sharp breaks of sound. A sludgy undertow of bass and percussion is sliced open by a scalpel wielding guitar that chases the listener with its cliff-edges whilst the winding vocal adds to the chaotic moments, resulting in a track by which Franchise, to their credit, make no accommodation for the audience, challenging them to reconsider their own sterile direction of travel.

By the very fact that I am asking you to tarry with the out-put lets you know I think that Franchise create songs that add to the tapestry of the weave of music through the ages, though I equally posit, many will once again think I have lost the plot – give it time with an open mind is all I ask – open the volume setting a little and hit play – trust me.


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The Gxng – SSDD – Single Review

On the 15th the US hip-hop trio The Gxng released the single SSDD.

The Gxng

The Gxng

It is always a pleasure to discover rap artists who are prepared and able to coexist with each other rather than attempting to outshine and in SSDD (available on bandcamp) the end result is a track that speaks of cohesion with a wider world and rather than attempting to slice out space of how they are the pack leader, they recognise that the 99% are equally as in bad shape. Delivering a track that reflects of societal entrapment, encased inside harmonic structures, whilst shining a search-light out of the darkness – for everyone.


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Approaching Black & White – Evergreen – Single Review

Approaching Black & White is an alternative rock trio from the USA.

Approaching Black & White

Approaching Black & White

There are only three tracks around, for those of us who haven’t had the chance to see them play live,  the latest of which being Evergreen (available on bandcamp), my apologies for getting to this a little late as it has been sitting in my email inbox for a few weeks now.

The slightly emo tinged, just under two and a half minutes, track has an underbelly of sadness, which they are able to evoke through a rising and falling beat, giving Evergreen a feeling of organic flow in which the listener remains attendant.

Approaching Black & White is a trio I look forward to hearing more of in short order.

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