We Could Build An Empire – In This Place – Video

The Swedish alt-rock trio We Could Build An Empire released the LP In This Place on the 8th.

We Could Build An Empire

We Could Build An Empire

Their music is always generous of soundscape giving the music a mix of powerful rock and spacey trippiness in which the listener is taken on journeys of vaguely psychedelic carpet rides as their mind expands with the compositions.

The penultimate song is also the title track – In This Place.


In This Place – We Could Build an Empire is available on iTunes.*

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She Rex – Televise – Single Review

She Rex is a new Swedish electro-dance outfit.

She Rex

She Rex

Tumbling out of the speakers like acrobats on display late to the arena and pressed for time as combinations of sparkling glittery electronica and instrumentation are set around electro-percussion, which metronomes as though it is on an overdose of speed, yet, the balance of the slowly evolving dreamy vocals affords Televise, their one and only song – thus far, a luxurious carpet pile in which to sink the toes and frolic through the room akin to a spring-lamb.

I sense a set of musicians who know precisely what they are trying to achieve and more than that have the ability to deliver it with a panache that even a jaded ’70s punk-rocker can find great delight in partaking.

I am already regretting there isn’t a full LP – complete with remixes to hear. I suggest that She Rex is a band that will be in wider consciousness in short order.

They are that new that at this stage there is no social media page or website in existence to accompany the article.

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orsak:oslo – Brugata Blues – Audio

The Norwegian and Swedish dystopian trio orsak:oslo released the three track single Tipping Point on the 17th.

orsak:oslo - photo credit - David Holmqvist

orsak:oslo – photo credit – David Holmqvist

On hitting play on the first track on Tipping Point (available on bandcamp) Brugata Blues – the rumbling underfoot is not the foundations crumbling –  rather the distorted saw of guitars opening the seven and five sixths of a minutes track and merely firing the opening cylinders of the release.

By the time the the fulsome structure of the composition comes to fore the listener has already turned up the volume, only to discover that was not necessarily the wisest move as when the moment arrives at about seventy seconds in – they will find themselves worrying about the structural integrity of the walls and wondering where the nearest scaffolding firm may lay.

The bleakness of the harrowing instrumental songs on Tipping Point paradoxically fill the audience with a sense of catharsis rather than timorous fear.

The band name orsak:olso you may be pondering with its distinctly Norwegian reference is something of an in-house moment as only one of the three is from Sweden.


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Makeout Point

Makeout Point is the dark-indie quintet of Alma Broman (Bass), Andreas Gustafsson (Guitar), Shiva Kazemi (Vocals), Simon Hjort (Drums) and Theo Brus (Guitar) from Stockholm in Sweden.

Makeout Point

Makeout Point

An introduction email was sent last month, my apologies for the late response to this, though with some fortune this coincides with a more recent track for me to hear along with the time to dig further in to their catalogue, which dates back just over a year, and I have discovered a direction of travel which I necessarily find myself engaged more by with each new song, each being of more gothic temperament than the last.

The most recent – Audrey (the featured track) – drips moss from the speakers as one dark guitar feeds through the room akin to a stalactite dripping from a cave roof as the other bends and echoes through the cavernous space as a shifting rhythm bass changes the shapes of sound with percussion delivering expanding and contracting compaction like a grinding ice-pack as the memorising vocal floats, as if a fleeting shadow, through the arterial system.

I apologise for the lateness of initial introduction, to some extent, though am equally delighted my administration is so poor, else I would not be in a position to say with such certainty – keep an ear out for Makeout Point in the future.

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Dead Vibrations – Chemical Hug – Video

Dead Vibrations is a Swedish shoegaze quartet.

Dead Vibrations

Dead Vibrations

Frequently to be found in live performance around much of Europe, Dead Vibrations do from time to time also make it in to the studio and are a quartet I must get back to in full in due course.

By way of an introduction – a live performance of an as yet unreleased track – which, by name alone, describes the mood of the song – Chemical Hug.

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