OfeliaDorme – Alone With The Stars – Video

The Italian ethereal-rock trio OfeliaDorme will be releasing the LP Secret Fires on the 17th of March.

OfeliaDorme - Secret Fires - artwork

OfeliaDorme – Secret Fires – artwork

A band who first featured well over seven years ago still retain their mysterious soundtrack and despite having one fewer players seem to have become ever darker over the years as their output coats the listener in its spectral translucence.

From the forthcoming album, the first of the eight tracks, Alone With The Stars is best engaged in a shrouding crematorium early morning fog as the ghostly four and a half minutes of mesmerising soundscape spins its gossamer threads around the audience.

Secret Fires – Ofeliadorme is available on iTunes.*

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Human Colonies – Big Domino Vortex – Video

It has been over three years since the Italian shoegaze band Human Colonies last featured.

Human Colonies - Big Domino Vortex

Human Colonies

Word arrives that a new EP is in the offing and the first track to appear from the forthcoming release is Big Domino Vortex – A just over two and a half minutes song of distortion and blurred guitar.

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Infernal Angels – Belial: The Deceiver – Video

The Italian dark-metal quintet – Infernal Angels – release the LP Ars Goetia on the 20th of January.

Infernal Angels - Ars Goetia - artwork

Infernal Angels – Ars Goetia – artwork

Like a dense covering descending over the room the – Belial: The Deceiver – the penultimate of the ten tracks – showcases their muted, melodic, yet frenetic guitars surrounded by percussion firing at the skins as through a sports car revving its engine whilst the bass circles menacingly, from which the howled vocal spills in an out of focus.

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Ars Goetia – Infernal Angels is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.


Barlo is the avant-garde project of Marco Barluzzi from Belluno in Italy.



Revealing material every few years dating back to 2009 and most recently last month Barlo offers up music which stretches across the gamut of styles with the constancy of a sense of brooding cloud and fuzzy-synth, other than that his out-put is as almost as eclectic as the range of styles which feature on this site.

Barlo is able to create music in which ever style that is drawn from the lucky-dip that captivates for its spaciousness and expressiveness which confidently floats around the head as his flow of ideas pours forth.

His is a thought process that needs to be taken when you have plenty of time as although each track stands on its own, they are so disparate that to do so in isolation is to miss the whole point of the journey. Though of course having said that I will only be featuring one track, but taking the time to thread back through the three LPs containing forty seven tracks in total (all available on bandcamp) with each subsequent release becoming more expansive – is time well spent.

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Malenky Slovos

Gianluigi Sem (Vocals / Acoustic Guitar), Andrea Imberciadori (Guitar / Synth), Lorenzo Eva (Electro and Acoustic Trumpet), Simone Fioravanti (Bass) and Cristian Orlandini (Drums) from La Spezia in Italy form the oscillating-rock band Malenky Slovos.

Malenky Slovos - oscillating-rock from Italy

Malenky Slovos

A catalogue of around thirty songs behind them behind them – Malenky Slovos invite the listener to step into their cobweb festooned lair with the confidence of a seasoned hostess. This is a party to head towards wearing dark hues of purple and black as the enticing wraps of melodrama enclose the audience in drying leather ties.

Synths and trumpet slide inside one another giving the output a gothic expansiveness, whilst guitar forms a silhouette which is tempered to shape by a brooding bass as the percussion keeps the music rolling onwards and from the intensity of instrumentation surfaces an imperial vocal that marks Malenky Slovos as something special.

Whilst music has impressive atmospheric appeal, the constituent lyrics are of far more corporeal context as they eviscerate: Petty minded insularity; Challenge the extremism of tradition; Rip in to concepts of geo-political posturing, gender bias and the miasma of cultural rectitude, amongst other topics.

How could I not recommend taking a moment out of your day to listen to their thoughts?


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