Problematic Jam – Bankism Über Alles – Audio

The LP Stereonucleose will be released by the French alt-rock trio Problematic Jam on the 27th of October.

Problematic Jam - Bankism Über Alles

Problematic Jam

From the forthcoming album Bankism Über Alles has a very different sound to music of theirs previously featured. The acoustic drone of the four and a half minutes track is more than appropriate for the nature of the song which reflects on the reality of the world of socio-capitalism with workers grinding away their lives in a monotony of ‘doing the right thing’.

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La Chamaïcaine – Les Balayeurs De Nuit – Audio

La Chamaïcaine is a French alt-folk duo.

La Chamaïcaine - photo credit - Juliane Berry Photography

La Chamaïcaine – photo credit – Juliane Berry Photography

Sometimes singing in French, other-times in English, La Chamaïcaine are always able to deliver music which has a captivating raw chanson naïveté that draws in the listener as voices fold melodies through the ears whilst blunted acoustic strings buffer through the Mandibular foramen giving the music two distinctive source directions in to the brain, allowing the duo to deliver much of intrigue within the intentionally sparse soundscape which does mind the listener of the name of the band (in English translation – The Shaman).

The latest track to surface – Les Balayeurs De Nuit.


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Hammering Spleen – Crisis Of Faith – Video

It has been the best part of four years since the French brooding-rock trio Hammering Spleen last featured.

Hammering Spleen

Hammering Spleen

With a similar feeling of dark intent as when last featured it is a pleasure to come back to Hammering Spleen with the track Crisis Of Faith from their forthcoming LP Symbol which is due for imminent release.

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SLOGAN – La Beauté du Geste – Audio

SLOGAN is a French sultry-electronics duo.



Towards the tail end of last month they revealed the four track EP – La Beauté du Geste my pick of which is the opener and title.

There a few tracks behind SLOGAN dating back roughly a year and each has a graceful and elegant titillation to them. When French musicians head to the chic for which they are globally synonymous they can often unintentionally and naturally exude erotica and such is the case with the duo who deliver songs of pulsing electronics which massage the listeners body in warming oils as the duo of whispering voices tease breathe over the earlobes leaving the audience writhing in tempted ecstasy.

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Notilus – Alien – Video

The French electro-free-form-jazz quintet Notilus will be releasing their début eponymous LP later in the year.

Notilus - photo credit - Simon Woolf

Notilus – photo credit – Simon Woolf

From the forthcoming album – Alien – is a roughly three and a half minutes journey of experimentation that demonstrates the combinations of electronics, reed and brass wind instrumentation and drum-kit that forms the structures for their intriguing compositions.

The LP is being released though Denovali (be aware music starts immediately) whose related musicians quite regularly feature.


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