Johnny Kills – End Game – Single Review

Unlike the previous article on the English garage-rock trio Johnny Kills which was a tad late… within the past three hours End Game surfaced.

Johnny Kills - End Game

Johnny Kills – End Game

Scything across the room like a number two razor-cut End Game slices all in its way as it burrs through the room in flurry of activity. The sounds compress and expand between busy scissoring and tempered trimming as smartly sheared percussion interacts with hyperventilating guitar as the fused bass maintains a steady current through which the strangulated vocal shimmers in and out of sight.

Suitably aligned at just under three minutes in duration it is not in any way possible that I wouldn’t recommend you taking a moment out of your day to take a listen.

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One Cure For Man – Washed Away – Audio

The English classic-rock project of James Parkinson – One Cure For Man – released the LP Colours In The Fire on the 4th.

One Cure For Man - Photo by Kevin Hylands

One Cure For Man – Photo by Kevin Hylands

A not inappropriately named album, Colours In The Fire (available on bandcamp), introduces additional instrumentation and players as required to deliver a just under three quarters of an hour, eleven track, LP imbued with a range of texturing that flows elegantly through the room captivating the listeners attention.

James is a musician unafraid to work alongside others to maximise the sounds and for those who have caught One Cure For Man live may well have assumed this was four piece band as Howard Page (Bass), Ben Parkinson (Drums) and John Baulcombe (Guitar and Keyboards) additionally appear on stage.

The penultimate track is Washed Away.


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Beachtape – Through & Through – Audio

The English haze-rock quartet Beachtape release their début EP Hold Music on the 8th.



A five track release (available on bandcamp) drifts through the room like a summer breeze as the lofidelity distortion of the guitar melts into percussion laden with the steel of the drum kit while the bass steers the rudder as the muzzy vocal layers the topping.

The opening track is Through & Through.

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Austerity – The City Is Dead – Audio

The English new-wave trio Austerity release the single The City Is Dead on the 18th.



Fulminating against the vice-like grip of The Establishment – Austerity reveal music which fulminates of the ills in society grinding the 99% to dust. The City Is Dead roars across the room like a wrecking ball destroying all before it and laying behind a wasteland.

Those who read the site regularly will not be surprised to discover I look forward to hearing much more by Austerity in short order.

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The Ringards – Stay Where You Stand – Single Review

The Ringards is an English newwave outfit.

The Ringards

The Ringards

I do hear of those who think music being played loudly is never a good idea – I do have to say, I completely disagree, often volume is a prerequisite.

Newly minted in the past few months The Ringards only have two tracks around, both less than a week old, for those who haven’t seem them playing live in their few appearances – though word arrives there will be more surfacing in short order.

Stay Where You Stand has a speaker moving bass that finds the desk and sub-woofer parting company ergo how would that not be possible for me to suggest spending time in their company. A simple architecture of chords spikes across the room with a thumping bass-drum beating through the ears enticing the audience to pogo as a scathing vocal laments of life and one is minded of the ’70s heathrow flight-path rock of The Members.

The Ringards I anticipate featuring frequently over the coming years, though whether they will necessarily remain ever in this style, time will tell as the two tunes around, both of top-notch quality, are of different countenance.

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