Novustory – Magic Beans – Audio

Novustory is an English soft-rock trio.

Novustory - 10 Months Of Mayhem - CD

Novustory – 10 Months Of Mayhem – CD

Last month they released the five track EP 10 Months Of Mayhem which sows approximately twenty two minutes of well measured dry rock around the room. Not seeking to set the world alight Novustory provide the audience with well tempered combinations of ideas which keep the listener attuned but not  wrestling with in the moshpit.

A perfect set of tracks to take your mind off the commute to work as, whilst the material distracts from the daily drudge, it doesn’t set the listener in to rebellion the moment they walk through the workplace doors.

From 10 Months of MayhemMagic Beans is second.

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TEN FÉ – Twist Your Arm – Audio

The English groove-rock duo TEN FÉ release the LP Hit The Light on the 3rd of February.

TEN FÉ - Twist Your Arm


The latest track from the album – Twist Your Arm – surfaced less than eight hours ago.

Readers of longer stay will notice that with each introduction of music by TEN FÉ comes a different genre definition. Which is reflective of the nature of the eleven track release where each piece offers something quite distinctive, with Twist Your Arm minding of the days of the ’70s when discothèque and rock music were frequently found under the same strobe-lights.

It is with some delight to discover that Hit The Light will be available as a Vinyl release too…

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45 – Longshot – Audio

The English Americana trio 45 released the EP Total Curtain Failure last month.



The roughly thirteen minute four track is signatured by bending guitar strings and extended vocal twists and turns as the trio inject UK phlegmatic indifference into classic US rock, resulting in a release which counter-intuitively is able to broach the Atlantic Ocean in a joyous marrying of ideas – revealing something to add to the ‘moments of reflective’ playlist.

The second track on the EP (available on bandcamp) is Longshot.

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‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) – A Thousand Eyes – Audio

The England originating Israel / Switzerland based alt-rock duo ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) released the LP A Mile Until Dawn on the 18th.

'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) - A Mile Until Dawn - artwork

‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) – A Mile Until Dawn – artwork

The dozen track just under seventy minute album takes the listener on an aural landscape of intrigue and discovery.

As regular readers know I am a punk rock vocalist from the ’70s and to me a song that lasts more than three minutes seems like an idea I couldn’t sustain, yet, within A Mile Until Dawn lay two tracks heading towards seven minutes long, with eight of them longer than five minutes  – and the duo are able to have me thinking – ‘well they could have run for longer without me gritting my teeth’ as ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) invest in each piece many ideas, yet none of them extravagant or extraneous and there is nothing that could have shaved from any of the compositions that would have done other than to detract from their value.

My selection from the album is the third – A Thousand Eyes.


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The Magic Es – Running Scared – Single Review

The English alt-rock band The Magic Es will be releasing the single Running Scared early in 2017.

The Magic Es - Running Scared

The Magic Es

In advance of the recorded track they have made available a live version of the song, which once again finds the listener checking that there isn’t an excavator drilling in to the building foundations. Turn up the volume and hit play to enjoy free-running rock as it should be displayed.

I am sure I am not the only one of us who is thinking – why bother with a studio recording as it is unlikely to top this gritty performance other than to fluff-up the earthy realism that makes this the song that it is for the way it currently stands? But I also realise there are folk who like their music to come with neatly ironed creases – we shall discover in  due whether this is the recording that will surface as the official release or if a Studio version will be the replacement.

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