New Arcades – From The Dark – Single Review

The English electro-indie outfit New Arcades revealed a new track within the past few hours.

New Arcades - From The Dark

New Arcades – From The Dark

I often discover music that is perfectly suited to a moment – though perhaps there is some inevitability in that as I am almost always writing music reviews – however – a weekend with a new dance-track – what more does life require?

New Arcades over the years have always kept their music light to the touch, yet with sufficient gravitas to capture attention and From The Dark, set for official release on the 3rd of February, with its feathering beat and drifting vocal is no exception. They never aim to start a revolution, it is, evolution of a party mood which is more their speciality as they tempt the conversations to stop and the dancing to begin.

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Fragile Creatures – Monsters – Single Review

The English alt-rock quintet Fragile Creatures surfaced with a new track within the past couple of hours.

Fragile Creatures - Monster

Fragile Creatures

Monsters has a tauter grip on the reigns than their previous material in a song which launches itself across the room like a steel ball in a bagatelle table.

The listener becomes captivated in the opening unbending dampened guitar strings as a slowly surfacing analogue synth provides a warmth and depth as though interwoven with the guitar. As the track develops the more slackly strung second guitar combines with the electronics giving the piece an intriguing process of evolution whilst a drum-kit with skins held fast enough to break one of the wrist or stick if hammered harder maintains the sharpness of delivery and bass stays as a weighing anchor – easy to miss – though intrinsic to the tad under three and a sixth minutes song.

On the basis of the development of composition arrangement over the past nine months – I look forward with eagerness to what comes next.

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Lost Colours – One Space Left – Audio

Lost Colours is a new English psychetronica project.

Lost Colours - Photo credit - Tom Martin

Lost Colours – Photo credit – Tom Martin

Having spent the past year tucked away in a studio working on their ideas, which thus far consists of seventy tracks and over four and a half hours worth of music, in advance of an eponymous EP due out in April and an LP later in the year, along with an eight piece live band tour – the duo of James Howard and Martin Allinson have revealed their first original song – One Space Left.

An expansive track, which, akin to the natural physics of pressure equalisation fills the room with billowing clouds of sitar, electronics and instrumentation in an unhurried just under four and a third minutes composition which takes the listener on a carpet-ride of hypnotic texture and weave leaving the audience staring through kaleidoscopic eyes long after the sounds have drifted past the ears.

On the basis of On Space Left – I will not politely queue, as is the wont of us in the UK, rather reach forward for the grab-rail to ensure that one space left is claimed to join in with the luscious start of the journey of Lost Colours – an outfit I look forward to hearing much more from in short order.


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Allegory – Sonder – Single Review

The English alt-rock trio Allegory revealed their latest single within the past couple of hours.

Allegory - Sonder


Each time I return to Allegory they have something new in a completely different envelope though traceable by the distinctive vocal of Ellie.

Sonder finds the trio in an orchestration with new instruments and techniques which has a Far Eastern tradition to it in combinations of chord progressions which slip in out of syncopation with each other leaving the listener with the sense that they are listening to two different songs simultaneously.

Regular readers will know that music which seems to have more than one source code is likely to capture my attention and I do implore you to spend the next just under three and a half minutes allowing your mind to flower with the composition.

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Famous Jewish Sports Legends – The Life And Death Of Nomadic Bill – Single Review

Introduced as El Topo last year the English lofi- rock’n’roll quartet have undergone a name change to Famous Jewish Sports Legends.

Famous Jewish Sports Legends

Famous Jewish Sports Legends

Within the past few hours the first track under their new name surfaced – The Life And Death Of Nomadic Bill. A rumbling spaceship rock’n’roll number which finds the listener reaching for their scarlet-red brothel creepers to join in with the chugging percussion and bass as a trippy synth blurs in the background and retro-guitar weaves around the room from which voice flows in and out of earshot.

Leave some space in which to dance before hitting play and join in with just over three and a half minutes of The Life And Death Of Nomadic Bill.

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