dome hall – Sugarray – Audio

dome hall is an alternative jazz quintet from England.

dome hall

dome hall

The addition of saxophone and keys to the line-up of instrumentation allow dome hall to take the listener on unexpected travels of sound as they combine rock underlays with folk influences to deliver music that seemingly expands as it emerges from the speakers as the tracks soar elegantly through the room.

The latest track to surface is Sugarray which is approaching five minutes of luscious gliding texturing.

Sugarray – dome hall is available on iTunes.*

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DarkTrain – London Falling – Audio

It has been approaching three years since the English synth-wave duo DarkTrain last featured.

DarkTrain - London Falling


Their latest track to surface London Falling reminds me precisely why I enjoy their compositions as the low-slung music drifts through the room as though borne on gently rolling clouds with the hazy spectral vocal gliding in to the ears from far away.

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Whitelands – Bus – Audio

Whitelands is a new English indie-rock project.



An email of introduction was sent to me back in June, which I have just caught up with and with some fortune I discover that a new song surfaced in the past few hours – Bus.

A track that hints of emo and arithmetical rock influences which has a rawness to it that inevitably means I suggest taking time in its company is time well spent.

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Nine Dart Finish – Charlie Bonkers – Video

It was back in 2014 that the English alt-rock trio Nine Dart Finish last featured.

Nine Dart Finish - Charlie Bonkers

Nine Dart Finish

On the 29th of September they will be releasing their newest single – Charlie Bonkers – which finds them having softened the sound from previous material featured and notable for the introduction of a Wurlitzer that gives the track a whimsical sea-side fairground feel – which is also reflected in the accompanying video.

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Dead Naked Hippies – I Can’t Wait – Audio

Dead Naked Hippies is an English newwave trio.

Dead Naked Hippies

Dead Naked Hippies

My apologies to one and all as I am a little late to this, it having been hanging around in my email inbox since the tail-end of last month.

There is a reference base to the music that can’t help mind of the late ’70s punk and newwave bands, with thoughts of Teenage Jesus & The Jerks and The Banshees amongst others, so how could I not be enamoured?

Of far more relevance than what may be reminded it is the fact that they deliver music that is most clearly of the ’10s with the sad backdrop of a society ripping itself to shreds over inanity and fervent desire for conformity.

The most recent track I Can’t Wait serves as a brief introduction to a band I look forward to coming back to later as word does have it there is a début EP in the offing.

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I Can’t Wait – Dead Naked Hippies is available on iTunes.*

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