Social Room – Take – Single Review

The English mod sextet Social Room revealed a new track just a few days ago.

Social Room - Take

Social Room

Introduced just a few months ago as electro-indie, which I did enjoy – hence asking you to give it consideration. Time has given them a new perspective and I have to say one I far prefer as the music punches through the room in skiffle beat that has the listener wondering what precisely did happen to the old parka and moped whilst imagining a ride out to the South Coast of England.

Feel the breeze in your hair as the sharp dips and cutting highs scissor through the room in Take as you stomp delightedly in elongated footstep – immediately reaching for the rest of the two-tone collection.

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Betty Pulls A Fast One – Swing Like Summer – Single Review

The English melancholic-wave duo Betty Pulls A Fast One recently revealed their latest track.

Betty Pulls A Fast One - Swing Like Summer

Betty Pulls A Fast One – Swing Like Summer

Frequently featured since the middle of last year Betty Pulls A Fast One always return to the table with a new idea.

In Swing Like Summer – one is minded of the sadness of Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday from 1939. Although there is approaching an eighty year time gap – though Billie Holiday was more explicit in lyric in Swing Like Summer that same sentiment of societal deconstruction is evident in the pianoforte led ballad that lays wrapped in the ears long after the notes have faded in to silence.

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Pretty Pistol – Come On – Audio

The English new-wave quartet Pretty Pistol released their début EP Bones recently.

Pretty Pistol - Photo credit Amanda Rose Photography

Pretty Pistol – Photo credit Amanda Rose Photography

Again apologies to you for the delay in getting to this, as it has been hanging around in my email inbox for a few weeks.

Pretty Pistol fire out of the speakers with a sound that immediately has the listener pogoing as the pressured pulsing drum pummels the ears around which a grungy bass and guitar pile on the punches, overarching it all is a superb vocal that is able to draw out the underlaying frustrations with its ranging invective.

A band I am sure I will be coming back to frequently and by way of introduction the last of the four tracks on the EP – Come On.


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Fragile Creatures – The Meaning Of Life – Single Review

The English alt-rock quintet Fragile Creatures are planning on diving in to the studio for a second LP reveal later in the year.

Fragile Creatures - The Meaning Of Life

Fragile Creatures

Unafraid to test new ideas – word arrives that the new album will be digging in to a slightly different tool-box – The Meaning Of Life – being a sample. On each occasion they have featured Fragile Creatures have compacted their sound and taken coil to tauter spring.

Akin to bouncing on a gymnasium trampoline rather than a back garden model – The Meaning Of Life sharply recoils each lull, which previously squatted to heels prior to rebounding, firing the straight legged bounce to higher reach, resultingly, more expansive in display yet tighter in recoil.

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Pillgrinns – Catherine Wheel – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet released the EP Smile within the past twenty four hours.



A five track release (available on bandcamp) in which Pilgrinns disport both soft brush and sharpened pencil resulting in an EP containing a breadth of ideas and allows those who don’t know them to discover these are able and talented musicians with much to add to the weave of music.

By way of an introduction to a quartet I look forward to getting to know better over the years, from Smile, the middle number Catherine Wheel.

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