Wonderscore – Dirty – Single Review

The English funk-hop quartet, Wonderscore, released their début single Dirty on the 16th.



Reflecting of a world in which opportunity for personal expression and development is curtailed by the heavy hanging curtains of proscribed acceptable behaviour patterns.

Wonderscore, rather than being stalled, seek to discover a different route by which to escape the drudgery, in a track that bounces from brick wall to brick wall and rather than becoming more flattened takes more optimistic tenor as the instrumentation and synthesis echo between multitudinous vocal, prior to descending in to a ridicule of the irrelevance of the parameters within which they are coerced to exist.

Too new off the ground to have a website or social media page, which is often the reality of Emerging Indie Bands articles – I leave you with the introductory track by WonderscoreDirty.

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Rosen – High Tech Low Life – Single Review

The English glitch-hop quintet Rosen revealed their latest track within the past couple of hours.



Scything through the vicissitude of the late ’10s where to ignore those with whom one is in physical connection to eschew them for the far greater importance of pixelated and binary code of internet connection is deemed as normality and far more ‘interactive’.

Merely by title alone – High Tech Low LifeRosen are able to elucidate their anger, which they are able to transpose to a satirical, rather than vehement, commentary with a pulsing bass flooding through the room as the snarling vocal snaps at the heels whilst the guitar rasps through the ears meanwhile the drum-kit jars the jaw, rounded by the synth which protests that codecs are really the most appropriate.


High Tech Low Life – Single – Rosen is available on iTunes.*

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45 – Tomorrow – Audio

The English alt-rock trio 45 release the EP The Tick Tock Man tomorrow.

45 - Tomorrow


The four track EP (available on bandcamp) is a more nuanced set of songs than music of theirs previously featured.

The lead acoustic on the closing track – Tomorrow – introduces a song that layers rock’n’roll inside a southern-blues framework to which the vocal is ideally suited, which finds the listener stomping alongside and is my pick of the release.

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Blue Nation – Good Times – Video

The English blues-rock trio Blue Nation are set to release the single Good Times on the 8th of December.

Blue Nation - photo Credit - JenniferStone.photography

Blue Nation – photo Credit – JenniferStone.photography

Good Times, a riff laden number, is the first track to surface from a forthcoming LP.

Blue Nation are able to balance heavy rumbles and shimmering highs delivering music in which the listener finds plenty to engage as the trio create, in Good Times, a song which although lasting only three and a quarter minutes is richly textured with varieties of emphasis keeping the audience fully absorbed in the unhurried eloquence.


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The Hemingways – More Than This – Single Review

The English alt-rock quintet The Hemingways released the single More Than This a few hours ago.

The Hemingways

The Hemingways

Couched in ’70s brit-blues More Than This takes the listener on a journey of dirty chords in which to sink like pulling on a favoured pair of jeans which have moulded themselves in to the right shape.

The raw throat and immensely confident vocal is surrounded by roughly hewn chunks of sawdust guitar which delights as the stomping drum-kit and bass bounce against the walls with the unexpected delight of a synth which, rather than being a calming influence, adds to the fire with its zigzag of keys – inevitably – for those who know the site – my advice has to be – play it loudly or don’t play it at all.

social media page

More Than This – Single – The Hemingways is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.