Everafter – Over You Tonight – Video

The English rock trio Everafter revealed the track Over You Tonight on the 11th.

Everafter - Over You Tonight


Continuing with their tendency to create a slightly new sound with each track – Over You Tonight – takes the listener to ’70s brit-rock with a heavy drum-kit rumbling through the song and sharply struck guitar switching spotlight with a slowly pedalled bass-line as the gravelled vocal gives the composition its essential earthy ragged edges.

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JSP – King Of My Throne – Audio

JSP is an English alt-rock quartet.



Formed at the tail end of last year, with their first gig in April this, they released their début EP – Faraway – this month.

Although not having played as a unit for long JSP is made up of a group of experienced musicians, which is self-evident in the four songs on the EP as, there is a confidence and ability that attests of a band who know what they are about whilst being equipped with the songwriting skills and musical prowess to be able to deliver their vision.

The audience is immediately struck by the influences of both ’70s heavy-rock and Factory Records releases of the ’80s with the music flowing through the room as though carried on drifting smoke whilst JSP build layers of interweaving texturing to the unhurried compositions in to which the listener finds their pulse slows to match the pacing.

The last of the four tracks is King Of My Throne.

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Faraway – – EP – JSP is available on iTunes.*

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Blitzkrieg – Reign of Fire – Video

The English metal band Blitzkrieg continues to release new material.



Despite having been around since the last century Blitzkreig are always able to offer music of relevance and freshness.

The latest being Reign of Fire which is available via Target.

Word also arrives of a new LP set for release mid 2018.


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Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine – Death By A 1000 Cuts – Video

Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine is a roots-rock trio from England.

Dan O'Farrell & The Difference Engine

Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine

For some little while now there has been an exchange of emails between ourselves, which sadly, have never aligned until this point in time.

Regular readers, will anticipate that on being presented with a double-bass it is something I am likely to be delighted to share; even dating back to the last decade on the old URL.

Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine are able to do far more than merely add double-bass as they delve far beyond the saplings of ’50s rock’n’roll to conjoin their music with the tap and lateral roots of Southern Soul from the ’20s to deliver music that puts a fresh paintbrush to music of almost a century ago whilst equally able to sweep up the intervening decades with music which resonates of the ’10s and its fractured societal constructs.

A live performance earlier in the year surfaced a few days ago of the, as yet, unreleased Death By A 1000 Cuts which even more delightedly adds a fourth player on lapsteel in a song that reflects of the salami slicing of the 99% for the after-dinner cabaret entertainment of the 1%.

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VITO – Get It And Go – Single Review

The English alt-rock quartet VITO released the single Get It And Go yesterday.

VITO - photo credit - Jay Dawson

VITO – photo credit – Jay Dawson

A busy year for VITO has seen them play extensively across England and a tour in South Korea as well as two singles prior to the new release Get It And Go. There is no reason to expect that 2018 won’t see them to build on a successful year with Get It And Go attesting as to why they are gaining traction.

High impact rock’n’roll surges in to the room as VITO freshen the paint on what is a retro-sound which enables them to deliver a zing which brightens the listeners day.

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Get It and Go – Single – Vito is available on iTunes.*

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