Black Severn – Dustwun – Audio

The English dark-blues duo Black Severn released the LP Wild Interior earlier in the month.

Black Severn - Dustwun

Black Severn

The seven track, approximately thirty five minutes, album (available on bandcamp) holds the listener in a vice-like grip through its duration as the combinations of guitar and percussion, like fencers, duel with each other giving the compositions a constant sense of thrusts and parries with the softly measured vocal providing an absorbing counter-weight.

The dour countenance of the soundtrack never looses intrigue as within the compositions, which run from under one minute to over eight, are in constant flux, with each offering something quite different, as Black Severn cast a wary eye on events, reflecting in their output the tumult of world affairs.

My apologies that this article is late, as I was originally alerted to Wild Interior, back in March. My selection on the LP is the penultimate track Dustwun.

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Atlas Wynd – Mona Lisa – Single Review

Atlas Wynd is a gaze-rock duo from England.

Atlas Wynd

Atlas Wynd

With just a couple of tracks around, that I have been able to hear, the most recent of which Mona Lisa was released as a single earlier this month digitally and the two tracks will be available as a 7″ AA side Vinyl on the 28th, I am already looking forward to hearing more.

The duo are able to belie the sparsity of players as the music is steeped in thick, soft, piles of texture. It is of little surprise they are keeping themselves busy on the live circuit as their ability to know one end of a song from the other enables them to encircle the listener in a melting flow of music that courses its way through the arteries, slowing the heart-beat and relaxing the mind with their dreamy delivery.


I’ve Had Enough/Mona Lisa [7″ VINYL] is available on Amazon.*

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Ceiling Demons – March Forward – Audio

The English dark-hop outfit Ceiling Demons are currently putting together an LP for release later in the year.

Ceiling Demons

Ceiling Demons

Ceiling Demons have no concern in bringing in unexpected instrumentation to add the appropriate atmosphere to their compositions and from the forthcoming album – March Forward (available on the NARC. eleventh birthday compilation LP via bandcamp) – brass gives the track its sombre tone in a eulogy of loss within which the catharsis finds, in the latter part of the track, bowed strings marking a change in sensibility with brightly sparkling keys also surfacing as the composition concludes with a sense of acceptance and optimistic renewal.

Having also had the opportunity to take a listen to their catalogue which dates back to 2012 – and it is worth time so doing – (available on bandcamp), as Ceiling Demons have grown in self-belief and ability, so their music has equally developed greater confidence and stature.

As more detail of the forthcoming LP surfaces, I will aim to keep you informed.

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Bella Loka – Go Down – Video

The English electro-indie duo Bella Loka release their début LP The Light, The Mud & The Dark on the 28th.

Bella Loka - The Light The Mud & The Dark - artwork

Bella Loka – The Light The Mud & The Dark – artwork

First introduced almost three years ago, Bella Loka, have a distinctive style and instantly recognisable vocal that immediately captures the listeners attention as the fourth of the eleven tracks on the LP – Go Down – exemplifies.

Abrupt switches in tempo along with the guitar powering through the speakers one moment, the next fading behind the synths, gives the song an extensive soundscape, whilst vocal delivers an expressive and expansive richness to Go Down.

In conjunction with the release of the The Light, The Mud & The Dark Tea Boothby (the singer) created an interactive multi-option video game, which has as the soundtrack clips from the LP, Colin: The Chicken & The Egg.

The Light, The Mud & The Dark is available on Amazon.*

Link to the introductory video for Colin: The Chicken & The Egg.

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Guy Furrow (Bass), Ethan Tate (Vocals), Thuarakan Anura (Keys) and Huw Thomas (Guitar) form the atmospheric-indie band Tate from London in England.



With only a couple of songs to hear, both of which offer quite different ideas, there is a certain intrigue as to where they will direct their path musically.

As regular readers would rightly anticipate I prefer the track which has the greater texture and complexity to it, hence introducing Tate with the composition Future. Whilst making their material widely available to the broadest audience they are also, in the just under four and a third minutes song, able to layer the room with contrasting ideas with piano slicing through the softer instrumentation and synthetics giving the audience plenty to come back to and re-explore.

Perhaps a little more mainstream than much of the music featured on the site, I do however suggest that spending time in their company will not be time you regret as for those of us who like a some fat and gristle to their music will discover these are capable music creators who add to the weave of experience, even if it is a little shiny for daily consumption.

Self-evidently I prefer the more textured nuances over the radio user friendly, however, in which ever direction they decide to set their sails I wish Tate every success as they navigate their own journey across the choppy waters of the music business.


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