From Gemini – Better Days – Audio

Within the past dozen hours the Canadian swing-rock outfit From Gemini released their eponymous EP.

From Gemini

From Gemini

Tipple the speakers to upper volume to best enjoy the output as registers of upper notes and lower beams sling their hooks across the room in a luxurious soundscape of finely fingered twitching guitar notes which slip inside and out of meandering octave and delay pedals giving the music considerable direction of travel as the thumping percussion and bass threaten to break the sub-woofer through which the vocal fights for space for its own intervention – though far from sounding like an idea of disparate concepts – it all lays in narrative which has the listener entranced.

From the EP the second of the five tracks – Better Days.

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Bombargo – Pour Me Another – Audio

The Canadian funk-rock sextet Bombargo released the LP – We Are Bombargo – earlier in the month.



The deeply grooving sounds of Bombargo find the listener connecting their rib-cage to the hip bone such is the funky sway of the tracks. The sextet don’t use the numerous players to add volume, rather smooth the steps of the pulsating rhythms. This is music in which to take to the dance-floor wearing a white fedora and enjoy the mix.

Currently on an extensive Western Canada Tour – if you are in the vicinity, well worth getting out to see when they are in town. For those of us who aren’t in Western Canada – my selection from the album is the second of the ten tracks – Pour Me Another.


We Are Bombargo – Bombargo is available on iTunes.*

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Secondhand Habit – Give Me All You’ve Got – Video

The Canadian rock quartet Secondhand Habit release the EP From The Ashes on the 1st of June.

Secondhand Habit - From The Ashes - artwork

Secondhand Habit – From The Ashes – artwork

The moment you hit play you will be shifted back to vintage rock at its best whilst wondering why I didn’t let you know you need to have found that faded and frayed jeans jacket strewn with pin badges and loosened your neck muscles before hitting play.

Things could be written about the interplay between the two guitars, the bass line, pitching vocals and the wielded axes on drums – but that would be superfluous – merely ensure the volume is turned up and select your choice of air guitar.

From the five track EP, available on bandcamp, the second – Give Me All You’ve Got.

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Ghost Twin – Chymical Wedding – Audio

The Canadian darkwave duo Ghost Twin release the LP Plastic Heart on the 19th.

Ghost Twin

Ghost Twin

There is a palpable drop in temperature as the dark industrialisation sweeps through the room in their signature sound of ethereal vocal surrounded by oppressive guitar and electro-drums as a majestic synth adds extended brush strokes giving the impression of the soundtrack of Valkyrie transporting the fallen.

From the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) the sixth Chymical Wedding.


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DOOMSQUAD – Sun. March 1st 2015: Snow falls on Manzano – Video

The Canadian psychedelic-trance trio DOOMSQUAD released the EP Unconscious Transmissions From The Manzano Mountains on the 27th of April.

DOOMSQUAD - Unconscious Transmissions From The Manzano Mountains - artwork

DOOMSQUAD – Unconscious Transmissions From The Manzano Mountains – artwork

An almost forty minutes, four track, release (available on bandcamp) in which the listener is invited to unwind their body and mind in an EP which is partly retrospective to the LP Total Time that came out last year and as a healing process out of that context.

The four tracks are not cuts which didn’t make it to the album, rather the way they approached the writing of those songs writing these pieces specifically as part of preparing their consciousness in the right frame to be able to create the songs for Total Time.

Over half of the run-time is contained in the opening track, with my selection being the penultimate – Sun. March 1st 2015: Snow falls on Manzano.

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