Greenhouse – Vincent Van Slow – Single Review

The Canadian shoegaze quartet Greenhouse released the single Vincent Van Slow on the 4th.

Greenhouse (Canada)


Not to be confused with the US electronica duo of the same name introduced in 2013, Greenhouse deliver music that fills the room with slowly rotating interweaving guitar that minds of a fine shower which, although each droplet is light of touch, is contained within a concentration that is as quick to drench the clothes as a tropical storm, resultingly, despite though perhaps simultaneously due entirely to its fragility, generates a long-stay memory imprint.

In the slow tempo Vincent Van Slow (available on bandcamp) unhurriedly unfurled individual notes and chords drift away in to silence yet are carried by the shimmering reverb and echo as though in a continuum of sound, which wraps itself around the listener in delicate silky threads.

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Element & Broadbent – Had A Great Day – Audio

The Canadian hip-hop project Element & Broadbent released the LP Safe Spaces yesterday.

Element & Broadbent

Element & Broadbent

Material which always casts a quizzical eye at the world around, Safe Spaces is a six track album (available on bandcamp) which casts a wary eye at a world in which selfishness and self-entitlement is a new normality.

The tempo and structuring of songs gives them an infectious beat in which the listener finds themselves involuntary swaying the dougie.

The antepenultimate song is Had A Great Day.

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DF – She’s Great And All… – Video

The Canadian ambient-experimentalist duo DF released the EP abcdf yesterday.



The minimalist instrumentation of tenor sax with loops created through a Boss RC-300 gives the material a distinctive space of its own. The breadth of the five songs on the EP (which is available on bandcamp) each individually set to a slender architecture, when taken as a whole offer a journey of diversity, attests that to create music of intrigue it isn’t necessary to carry too much gear.

Whilst the music stands on its own legs, DF, are an audio-visual duo with Dustin Finer creating the sounds and Daniel Freder the visuals, so to extract maximum value from their creativity best taken alongside their various videos.

By way of an introduction, the middle track She’s Great And All… .

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Big ‡ Brave – Lull – Audio

The Canadian dark-rock trio Big ‡ Brave released the three track single Ardor earlier in the month.

Big ‡ Brave - photo by Pascha Marrow

Big ‡ Brave – photo by Pascha Marrow

A roughly forty minutes release (available on bandcamp) in ArdorBig ‡ Brave create sonics which shake the foundations and rattle the window-frames as the combinations of clumping percussion and crushed guitar unfurl around the ears with the hypnotic vocal, that steps in and out of the foreground, giving the music a menacing beauty.

The extended tracks have an experimental drone feel to them as the unremitting darkness of instrumentation is delivered within a narrow register of notes.

The middle piece, which also adds bowed strings, being Lull.


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Phono Pony – Vacant – Audio

The Canadian garage rock duo Phono Pony release the four track EP Death By Blowfish on the 3rd of October.

Phono Pony - photo credit - Alex Charlebois

Phono Pony – photo credit – Alex Charlebois

The first track to surface from the EP (which is available on bandcamp) – Vacant – threads flattened strings through the speakers with a bubbling percussion giving the track an uplifting tempo whilst the superlative vocal takes centre-stage.


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