Last Quokka – Night Run – Video

Last Quokka is a new-wave quartet from Australia.

Last Quokka

Last Quokka

Always politically charged and always fiery – Last Quokka deliver music that is both questioning and railing against suppression and oppression of perceived minorities – fed predominately by politicians and the media yet quietly lapped up and accepted as ‘this is the way to enlightenment’ by vast swathes of the populace.

Later in the year Last Quokka are set to release an album to follow-up on their eponymous début LP of last year (available on bandcamp).

Night Run is the first track to surface from the future release.

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Miles Recommends – Darkness – Audio

The Australian folk-rock duo Miles Recommends releases the EP – Extended Play on the 5th of February.

Miles Recommends - Extended Play - artwork

Miles Recommends – Extended Play – artwork

Extended Play (available on bandcamp) is a collection of five songs which ponders of the realities of life in a world where following the crowd has become the accepted norm with no articulation as to how that benefits the individuals who make up the mass.

There is a melancholic air to the compositions that are marked by the vocal harmonies which allow Miles Recommends to deliver a different flavour in each piece. This breadth is further enhanced by the range of instruments at their disposal which are carefully selected and deployed to create the weave of the fabric in the songs.

The middle track is Darkness – a sombre number that has a captivating beauty.


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OJ Mengel – Coach – Audio

The Australian alt-rock quartet OJ Mengel are working towards the release of the EP Inauguration.

OJ Mengel

OJ Mengel

From the forthcoming release – Coach is indicative of the unfussy infectious sounds of OJ Mengel, leaving the listener grinning from ear to ear.

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Hedge Fund – Hot & Lonely – Single Review

Always a pleasure to return to the Australian indie-rock quintet Hedge Fund.

Hedge Fund - Hot & Lonely

Hedge Fund

Their latest track Hot & Lonely surfaced less than a couple of hours ago – though not due for official release until the 18th.

True to their record over the past couple of years they have featured on the site, Hot & Lonely has a different sound to previous material in a song that contemplates the push and pull of being in love in a track that aurally threads through the highs and lows of relationships with a melancholic underpinning fed by forlorn bass with a haunting desolate vocal providing the isolated context to the just under three minute piece.

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Sea Legs – Mystery Hour – Audio

It has been over a year since the Australian indie-synth band Sea Legs last featured.

Sea Legs - Mystery Hour

Sea Legs

Within the past nine hours they have revealed their latest track. Although written a while ago Mystery Hour is a song they haven’t previously recorded.

The combinations of electronics and instrumentation allow Sea Legs to deliver an approaching four minute composition which is woven in layers of textures as though shifting sands on a beach with commensurate changes in tempo and shape.

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