MonaLisa Twins – Waiting For The Waiter – Audio

The Austrian, England based, folk-beat duo MonaLisa Twins release the LP ORANGE on the 29th.

MonaLisa Twins

MonaLisa Twins

A dozen track album (available directly from their website) rooted firmly in ’60s psychedelic merseybeat MonaLisa Twins deliver a selection of songs that set flight intoxicating melodies which akin to sunlight refracting through hanging crystals dapple the room with kaleidoscopes of colours that relaxes the stresses of daily life as they drift through the mind.

The sixth track is Waiting For The Waiter which is a composition that features, with the guitars, blues-harmonica.

My apologies to one and all for the delay in getting to this as this email has been with me since early this month.


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Field Manual – Closer – Single Review

The England based rock outfit Field Manual released the single Closer today.

Field Manual

Field Manual

Following on closely from their début LP Someday Streets which came out in May – Closer – is of very different idea.

Whilst still of retrospective mindset the single switches sides of the Atlantic Ocean surfacing with a track that minds of Gerry Rafferty with the tenor saxophone taking a leading light weaved with Dire Straights inspired guitars in a song that has a luxurious flow of a, finely played and delivered, unhurried release which has the audience reaching out to touch the almost tangible flow of the notes as they thread through the room.

I am already intrigued to discover where these experienced, though only within the past year combined, group of musicians head next as they refresh classic rock.


Closer – Single – Field Manual is available on iTunes.*

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Band of the Month – July 2017 – Readers’ Choice

With thanks once again to you for taking time out of your day as without you this would be merely a monologue. The Readers’ Choice for Band Of The Month for July…

The Moon Apes - Band Of The Month July 2017

The Moon Apes

Based in England – The Moon Apes.

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Silent Fiasco – Blowing Smoke – Audio

Silent Fiasco is an English atmospheric-rock trio.

Silent Fiasco - photo by Federico Benvenuto

Silent Fiasco – photo by Federico Benvenuto

The trio recently released their début eponymous three track Single (available on bandcamp). On hitting play it is difficult to believe this is an outfit that has been together for less than a year as Silent Fiasco deliver music textured in multiple layers that fill the room with an almost tangible presence.

I look forward to following the development of Silent Fiasco over the years and if justice be served they will rapidly gain wide audience.

By way of an introduction the opener – Blowing Smoke.

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Swedish Death Candy – Oh My – Single Review

The England based quartet Swedish Death Candy is a psychedelic band.

Swedish Death Candy

Swedish Death Candy

Early this month I received notification and it has taken me until the third reminder to get to it, my apologies for the tardy delay to you most of all, though when you hit play for their latest reveal Oh My, you may more fully understand why and how it has taken me so long to write these few words.

The dreamy spirals of sound refract through kaleidoscopes of analogue synth and reverberating guitar whilst vocal delay leaves itself hanging in the ether only for the brusque percussion to corral the passages away, akin to sweeping up dry leaves, which subsequently drift in a thermal of their own making whilst the busy bass-line stomps upon lingering elements… is that a purple dragon I see on the ceiling?


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