Lost Horizons – I Saw The Days Go By – Audio

The England based dream-rock duo Lost Horizons release their début LP Ojalá tomorrow.

Lost Horizons

Lost Horizons

A fifteen track album of fragile compositions, which like a spiders spinning silk, encases the listener in delicate threads, that transfix.

With numerous guest players joining individual tracks this is an album that offers a variety of texturing and is best played when there is time to fully appreciate the quietly flowing layers of the songs.

I Saw The Days Go By,  featuring Marissa Nadler on vocals, is the ninth track.

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Late TV – Citizen – Video

Late TV is an England based jazz-funk sextet.

Late TV

Late TV

The latest single to be released Citizen is a decent introduction to an outfit who deliver a sound that is able to unify audiences with different musical tastes including those who may initially contemplate jazz as ‘not their thing’.

The swaggering jazz is tempered by funky hip-dips delivered in an easy to engage tempo and as the track develops so the listeners discover themselves becoming more fully engaged.

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Citizen is available on Amazon.*

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*Purchases made through the Amazon link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Northwest – Same Old Sky – Video

The England based melancholic-wave duo Northwest are finalising details of an LP due for release in January 2018.

Northwest - Same Old Sky - artwork

Northwest – Same Old Sky – artwork

A duo first featured in 2015 who on each appearance proffer a new dimension of travel.

Same Old Sky, the latest track to surface from the forthcoming album, available as a stand alone single on bandcamp, is a piano lead composition, which additionally, introduces Elvira Hernández on cello and Alberto Madrid on double bass, along with, disparate orchestral instrumentation, including an opening organ, is: A song that drifts billowing clouds imperiously in multi-layered suffused translucency; whilst the gossamery vocal weaves threaded silk through the room.

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HateviruS – ArchiteKt oF HatE – Video

The Romania / England based metal trio HateviruS are finalising details of the release of their début LP Hateful Mind.



Sprung from a narrative of disappointment about the unnecessary divisions and expressions of hate prevalent across much of the world HateviruS deliver a fury of dark metal appealing for a fight-back against messages of exclusion and intolerance.

The latest track to be revealed from the album –  ArchiteKt oF HatE, available on bandcamp as a stand-alone single, contemplates that it is easy to be sucked in to the wall of hate and gain a sense of tribal identity by joining in with sneering derision and resultingly loosing ones own moral compass.

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MonaLisa Twins – Waiting For The Waiter – Audio

The Austrian, England based, folk-beat duo MonaLisa Twins release the LP ORANGE on the 29th.

MonaLisa Twins

MonaLisa Twins

A dozen track album (available directly from their website) rooted firmly in ’60s psychedelic merseybeat MonaLisa Twins deliver a selection of songs that set flight intoxicating melodies which akin to sunlight refracting through hanging crystals dapple the room with kaleidoscopes of colours that relaxes the stresses of daily life as they drift through the mind.

The sixth track is Waiting For The Waiter which is a composition that features, with the guitars, blues-harmonica.

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