Ruth Bate – Falling In Love – Audio

Ruth Bate also of the Cabwash collective of bands has released a new track.

Ruth Bate

Ruth Bate

Made available late on Friday Ruth Bate continues to demonstrate how to use electronic processing to deliver music that evokes of puppetry with the three minutes of Falling In Love.

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Yes Sunshine – Ride – Audio

Yes Sunshine have a new single set for release on the 4th November – Ride.

Yes Sunshine

Yes Sunshine

Emanating from Coventry in England Yes Sunshine ironically cast a shadow with their visceral and current take on the world around. A rumble of percussion launches the music in to the room as guitars wave flags of protest behind and marching it all to the foreground is a strident and challenging vocal.

Yes Sunshine can be found across much of the UK in advance of the official release and well worth getting out to see with a blistering set of incandescence.

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Skinwalkers – Fateless – Audio

Skinwalkers the Australian rock band who donate considerable time and energy to helping with homelessness have a new release out – Fateless.

Skinwalkers - Fateless

Skinwalkers – Fateless

Skinwalkers were first introduced as a band back in May of this year, though I had already spoken to Matt Turner a month prior to that for the Indie Music Tips series. During the intervening period the band moved from their long-time studio and a band member had a bad bone break. Having now set up in a new space they are back in full flow.

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