Off Orbit – Little B – Audio

The US funky blues quartet Off Orbit revealed a new EP less than nine hours ago.

Off Orbit

Off Orbit

The four tracks under the title Plug And Play are a collection of live recordings.

Sunday morning as I type and these make for a set of songs that ideally suit the moment.

Although it has been almost exactly four years since they last featured – Off Orbit are instantly recognisable and from the eclectic mix on Plug And Play – my selection is the dub influenced Little B.

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Them Oh’s – Kisses On Delay – Audio

The US garage rock trio Them Oh’s were introduced last year.

Them Oh's - Kisses On Delay

Them Oh’s

The latest track to surface Kisses On Delay, gives Them Oh’s an even darker resolution than the previous material featured.

The composition revolves around the distinctive vocal, giving the roughly two and a quarter minutes of Kisses On Delay an hypnotic drone in which the listener becomes ever more drawn as the song unfurls, akin to being sucked towards a whirlpool.

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Miles Recommends – Darkness – Audio

The Australian folk-rock duo Miles Recommends releases the EP – Extended Play on the 5th of February.

Miles Recommends - Extended Play - artwork

Miles Recommends – Extended Play – artwork

Extended Play (available on bandcamp) is a collection of five songs which ponders of the realities of life in a world where following the crowd has become the accepted norm with no articulation as to how that benefits the individuals who make up the mass.

There is a melancholic air to the compositions that are marked by the vocal harmonies which allow Miles Recommends to deliver a different flavour in each piece. This breadth is further enhanced by the range of instruments at their disposal which are carefully selected and deployed to create the weave of the fabric in the songs.

The middle track is Darkness – a sombre number that has a captivating beauty.


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Jesse Dean – (Get You) Outta My Head – Audio

The US Southern Blues creator Jesse Dean released the LP Arkansas Amplifier on the 7th.

Jesse Dean

Jesse Dean

A just under fifty minutes – eleven track album in which the listener can take off their shoes and lay with toes happily soaking in the breeze of Arkansas Amplifier (available on bandcamp) as the lightly textured combinations of whirling guitar and percussion travel betwixt each other, whilst keys and bass gently roll the lawn as an easy to engage vocal lounges across the ears.

Jesse Dean delivers a sound which would be easy to dismiss as music for an elevator, yet, underpinning the material are the layers of the compositions which in totality offer far more than is the case of the individual elements and worth the time to get to know.

A little lighter of shading than material I normally ask you to tarry with, though, I think the funky-hip swivels of the fifth track (Get You) Outta My Head may tempt you in to the concept of Jesse Dean.


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Static Yaks – Fly Into The Dark – Audio

The angsty-electro-glitch project of Jake Kairis, from the USA, known as Static Yaks released the LP Goodbye Forever on the 6th.

Static Yaks

Static Yaks

The speaker cowlings are rent aside by the acerbic sarcasm which tumbles across the room as Static Yaks plunges through the room remonstrating of the rectitude of the tumbrils of the chained being transported the guillotine in the French Revolution – with similar exactitude.

Static Yaks rails against a system of the 1% served by the 99% in the manner of a usurper channelling division – quietly and unobtrusively yet vehemently.

Goodbye Forever (available on bandcamp) is an eleven track – roughly thirty seven minutes album which is an essential add to the collection. My pick being the sixth – Fly Into The Dark.

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