The Nightmare Police – Where Were You – Audio

The US indie trio The Nightmare Police release the EP Loosing The Light on the 9th of June.

The Nightmare Police - photo credit - Jessica Tyler Creative

The Nightmare Police – photo credit – Jessica Tyler Creative

A five track release (available on bandcamp) in which The Nightmare Police deliver both punchy indie-rock and emo infused contemplatives. Whilst ground that has been much trodden, nonetheless, the trio are able to offer a refreshing take providing the listener with roughly fourteen minutes of enjoyable songs that isn’t time wasted to get to know.

The closing track Where Were You is a fine display in which the trio are able to vary tempo and temper with clean and energised drum-kit surrounded by a hustling bass and guitar which is given space to deliver expressive rips and roars with vocal merging in to the overall composition.


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From Gemini – Better Days – Audio

Within the past dozen hours the Canadian swing-rock outfit From Gemini released their eponymous EP.

From Gemini

From Gemini

Tipple the speakers to upper volume to best enjoy the output as registers of upper notes and lower beams sling their hooks across the room in a luxurious soundscape of finely fingered twitching guitar notes which slip inside and out of meandering octave and delay pedals giving the music considerable direction of travel as the thumping percussion and bass threaten to break the sub-woofer through which the vocal fights for space for its own intervention – though far from sounding like an idea of disparate concepts – it all lays in narrative which has the listener entranced.

From the EP the second of the five tracks – Better Days.

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Paralon Security – Gravity Wave – Audio

The US trippy-rock band Paralon Security are due to release the LP Gravity Wave in July.

Paralon Security

Paralon Security

There are numerous tracks which have surfaced over the past couple of months, each bringing a new idea to the table and able to stand alone its own feet and marking an album full of individual diamonds. My preference of which – is not the newest to be revealed.

The title track Gravity Wave has a sultry hip thrusting intonation that is best heard in company with at least one partner as oiled loins intertwine to the psychedelic just under five minutes of undulating guitar and electronica. If there was ever a track that needed an extended version to satiate the induced lust – this is a prime example.

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Pretty Pistol – Come On – Audio

The English new-wave quartet Pretty Pistol released their début EP Bones recently.

Pretty Pistol - Photo credit Amanda Rose Photography

Pretty Pistol – Photo credit Amanda Rose Photography

Again apologies to you for the delay in getting to this, as it has been hanging around in my email inbox for a few weeks.

Pretty Pistol fire out of the speakers with a sound that immediately has the listener pogoing as the pressured pulsing drum pummels the ears around which a grungy bass and guitar pile on the punches, overarching it all is a superb vocal that is able to draw out the underlaying frustrations with its ranging invective.

A band I am sure I will be coming back to frequently and by way of introduction the last of the four tracks on the EP – Come On.


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Francobollo – Worried Times – Audio

The England based electro-rock quartet Francobollo are set to release the LP Long Live Life on the 14th of July.



Francobollo are unafraid to test themselves or the listener with their packed and ever different soundscapes, which may be progressive, psychedelic, angular or in the case of Worried Times from the forthcoming album, dance-floor. Though rest assured whatever they deliver is played with panache, style and ability with the knack of capturing and holding attention.


Long Live Life – Francobollo is available on iTunes.*

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