Pillgrinns – Catherine Wheel – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet released the EP Smile within the past twenty four hours.



A five track release (available on bandcamp) in which Pilgrinns disport both soft brush and sharpened pencil resulting in an EP containing a breadth of ideas and allows those who don’t know them to discover these are able and talented musicians with much to add to the weave of music.

By way of an introduction to a quartet I look forward to getting to know better over the years, from Smile, the middle number Catherine Wheel.

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Kovax – Waves – Audio

Kovax is an English alt-rock quartet.



Taking vague reference from maths-rock the music that Kovax produced has noticeably sharp angles to the out-out which merges with heavy-metal structures allowing the quartet to create some clear-water for themselves in a crowded market-place.

By way of an introduction from the four track EP, If There Was Ever Any Doubt, which came out earlier this month and is available on bandcamp – Waves.

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Comrade Catbox – Hijinx – Audio

Sign-posted towards the end of last year, the US psychedelic-grunge quartet Comrade Catbox released the EP Porcelain Pillows earlier in the month.

Comrade Catbox - Hijinx

Comrade Catbox

A five track EP (available on bandcamp) in which the listener can delightedly wallow as Comrade Catbox deliver music which as soon as it surfaces from the speakers immediately looses all sense of the normality of sound physics and instead forms in to a mass of gloop which oozes across the floor filling the room with sounds that minds of bog snorkelling.

My selection of which is the middle number – Hijinx – in which the audience is invited to splosh in pleasured accompaniment.

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Nathan Harrison – Hollowgrove – Audio

The English folk creator Nathan Harrison releases the EP Open Hearts And Fickle Minds tomorrow.

Nathan Harrison

Nathan Harrison

A four track EP which is particularly notable for the distinctive vocal.

Combinations of keys, electronica and acoustic guitar give the backdrop, to the impressive voice, allowing the songs to take more emotional context.

My selection from Open Hearts And Fickle Minds is the second – Hollowgrove.


Open Hearts and Fickle Minds is available on Amazon.*

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Mitchell Museum – Knifeback – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock trio Mitchell Museum release the LP Everett Trap on the 26th.

Mitchell Museum

Mitchell Museum

Making a welcome return after a six year gap.

Delivering complex structures through instrumentation and synth Mitchell Museum provide the listener with multi-layered compositions in which to loose sense of time – an album well worth grabbing hold of once it becomes available whilst hoping that it will be prior 2023 that they resurface.

My selection from the eleven track LP (available on bandcamp) is the antepenultimate Knifeback.

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