Fred Thomas – Mallwalkers – Audio

The latest track to surface from the LP Changer due out on the 27th by US indie-stress creator Fred Thomas is Mallwalkers.

Fred Thomas - Photo by Jimmi Francoeur

Fred Thomas – Photo by Jimmi Francoeur

The just over four minute track, which is the last on the album, drips with the scathing commentary of the world around that is the hallmark of the sound.

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The Fatty Acids – In Your House – Audio

The US arithmetical rock outfit The Fatty Acids are set to release the LP Dogs Of Entertainment on the 19th of February.

The Fatty Acids

The Fatty Acids

In advance of the full album a few tracks have surfaced and In Your House took my attention – which will be the penultimate on the ten track LP (available through Gloss Records) – a song of the principles of Archimedes and finding the listener also thinking they have a far better comprehension of buoyancy and displacement.

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Hawk – Take It Away – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet Hawk, release the EP She Knows on the 17th of March.



From the forthcoming release is Take It Away.

The ethereal voice of Julie Hawk accompanied by the condensed and pressurised bass by Chris Handsley, from which it emerges, is the signature sound of Hawk. Glittering guitar combinations by Julie and Matthew Harris with a tautly leashed percussion provided by Sam Campbell serve the contrasting palette that affords the intrigue of the compositions.

The context of the music is on the darker elements of life, not seeking to wallow in them, rather to offer a challenge to what are becoming social mores, with Take It Away arguing against a growing societal acceptance that women should be afraid to go out at night and if they do, it is their own fault if they are abused.

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Multicast Dynamics – Frequency Modulation – Audio

The ambient experimental-electronica project Multicast Dynamics based in Finland releases the LP Continental Ruins on the 27th.

Multicast Dynamics - Frequency Modulation

Multicast Dynamics

From the fourteen track album (available through Denovali Records) Frequency Modulation is the eighth.

Creating music from analogue synthesizers, effects units, looped recorded sounds – sequenced on a computer and finally mixed on an analogue desk – Multicast Dynamics always creates tracks of intrigue in which the listener can stretch their imagination.

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PSYBLINGS – Become A Pattern – Audio

The English psychedelic rock quintet PSYBLINGS found some Studio time to record a few tracks.

PSYBLINGS - Become A Pattern


Currently on a short tour in England – prior to heading off PSYBLINGS made available one of the new songs – Become A Pattern.

A just over three minutes track of curling wisps of guitars threading with the echoey vocal, which emerge from a drum kit that revolves around the steel with the bass keeping all the elements in line.

Word has not arrived yet as to whether the collection of recordings will be surfacing as an EP, LP or individual singles – as I have news I will keep you appraised.

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