Problematic Jam – Hide Into The Woods – Audio

The French alt-rock trio Problematic Jam were introduced towards the end of 2015.

Problematic Jam - Hide into the Woods

Problematic Jam

From the long-awaited LP Stereonucleose which is out next month, Hide Into The Woods, is of more dour countenance than much of their music previously featured with puddled percussion giving the track a menacing presence as it stomps through the room.

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Silver Liz – Him – Audio

The US shoegaze duo Silver Liz are set top release their début LP imminently.

Silver Liz

Silver Liz

On the 15th the first track from the album – Him – was released as a stand alone single which is available on bandcamp.

Washes of pulsing guitar breeze through the room in ever evolving chord and tempo changes giving Him a sense of organic movement which hypnotically enmeshes the listener in a silken web, through which the spectral voice shimmers in shadowy light.

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Phono Pony – Vacant – Audio

The Canadian garage rock duo Phono Pony release the four track EP Death By Blowfish on the 3rd of October.

Phono Pony - photo credit - Alex Charlebois

Phono Pony – photo credit – Alex Charlebois

The first track to surface from the EP (which is available on bandcamp) – Vacant – threads flattened strings through the speakers with a bubbling percussion giving the track an uplifting tempo whilst the superlative vocal takes centre-stage.


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Albert Bagman – Give Up The Ghost – Audio

On the 27th of October the US minimalist-rock creator Albert Bagman releases the LP Straw.

Albert Bagman - Give Up The Ghost

Albert Bagman

A ten track album full of varied ideas and texturing as once again Albert Bagman delves deep in to the well of creativity to deliver just over half an hour of loosely nailed guitar and electronica flighted with distorted vocal which holds the listener in rapt attention to ensure not missing any of the eddies and ripples of sound whilst Straw threads through eerie, melancholia and the experimental.

Always a pleasure to return to a musician who has featured regularly since introduction back in 2015.

The second track on the album is Give Up The Ghost – a song of open architecture.

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Steve Schuster – Florentin – Audio

Steve Schuster is a US retro-rocker.

Steve Schuster

Steve Schuster

Earlier this month the LP Sweet Gems was released. A dozen track album takes the listener back to the ’60s with its easy gait and analogue patina which melts in to the room as though a hot-knife in butter.

The third track  – Florentin – has a distinctive merseybeat reference point as it trots through the room in a multi-coloured tie-dyed kaftan.


Sweet Gems – Steve Schuster is available on iTunes.*

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