Kylmyys – N I G H T V I S I O N – Video

The US ambient-wave duo Kylmyys release the LP Dusk on the 30th.

Kylmyys - Dusk - artwork

Kylmyys – Dusk – artwork

The approximately thirty two minutes, eight track, album is a soundtrack to listen to while watching the stars at night laying on a remote hilltop as the music expands to fill the void, leaving the audience contemplative of the vastness of the universe.

The fifth song – N I G H T V I S I O N – has been made available in advance of the LP.


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Ali Chisholm – Removal Vans For Gaddafi – Audio

Ali Chisholm is a Scottish ambient-wave creator.

Ali Chisholm

Ali Chisholm

Performing under the moniker MK-Ultra and regularly revealing new material – sometimes alone other times in collaboration – the latest track (as I type on the 15th though may well not be when this is published on the 19th) is working with Leon Milk, who those of longer stay will recognise from an introduction back in 2012 of The Milk Bar.

Removal Vans For Gaddafi is a scathing commentary of global affairs revolved around by a dreamy soundtrack.

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ADAM TK – V2 – Audio

ADAM TK is a Kingdom Of Morocco based ambient-wave creator.



Recently relocated from Sweden ADAM TK revealed the latest track V2 within the past twenty hours – the second in a series of the ten concepts in the V series.

Reflective of the open spaces and vastness of the night-sky V2 was formulated in the darkness of a mountain village delivering a soundscape in which the listener envisages a still-frame narrative of stars passing overhead.

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