Starseed – The Breath Of Life – Audio

The US ambient-electro creator Starseed released the LP Paradisio on the 26th of April.



Paradisio is a six track, roughly twenty six minutes, album (available on bandcamp) which combines experimental glitches with softly flowing structured synth melodies, leaving the listener both relaxed and refreshed with the songs cleansing and opening the mind.

The third track is The Breath Of Life.


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.annelie – Stuck – Video

.annelie is a Swedish ambient-electro creator.

.annelie - Photo credit - Rickard Olausson Photography

.annelie – Photo credit – Rickard Olausson Photography

The latest track to surface, Stuck, which came out on the 25th, is a welcome follow-up to the LP Earfolder that was released in 2015.


Stuck – Single – Annelie is available on iTunes.*

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