from Macaé in Brazil is the alt-rock quartet of Luiz Bento (Vocals/Guitar), David Dinucci (Guitar), Lucas Caetano (Drums) and Wallace Santos (Bass). - alt-rock from Brazil

The immutable pressures of life resonate through the angst riven music that is Creating sounds which have a palpable feeling of impeding gloom and panic the quartet transfer those anxieties to the listener in what are highly effective tracks.

Guitars flail around the room leaving flashing fuzzy streaks in their wake, whilst percussion and bass set an industrial framework and the vocal cries its story. Music which speaks of personal straights can’t but evoke a response from the audience and it is the ability of the players in to capture those thoughts and deliver them coherently, although challenging of the listener, that I particularly enjoy.

This is not music to take to a beach party, but certainly one for quieter more reflective moments, where their creations have a mesmeric attention grabbing force.

A recent LP their début appropriately named Pó de Vidro, which is a six track creation covering the cuts and abrasions of life is well worth getting hold of and is available on bandcamp.

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The Hertz Complex

The Hertz Complex is an alt-rock band based in London (England), comprising Chris Keelan (Bass), Neil O’Keeffe (Vocals / Guitar), Paul Keane (Lead Guitar / Vocals) and Benjamin Balan (Drums).

The Hertz Complex - alt-rock from England

The Hertz Complex

Combining musicians from Eire and Canada ending up in Deptford in South London may sound like an unlikely tale, but therein sits The Hertz Complex. Juxtapositions of clarity and haziness flow through the material which reverberates through the room and for some bizarre reason I am craving liquorice as the warming, though slightly bitter-sweet sounds spin around my head.

The Hertz Complex have the ability to compose songs which immediately inject themselves into the veins as the lower registers rattle the blood cells whilst a dreamy flow of guitar and vocal drift the brain away in a world of its own. The quartet deliver sounds which drift slowly through the mind in a dream sequence as the lo-fi fuzz is combined with a slow progression of notes, that allows the mind to dwell on each component and enjoy it to its full.

An inauspicious – forwarded email – was my introduction and as with all forwarded emails I was somewhat ill-disposed on opening it, but I am delighted I did as the music contained within was a pure delight and the forthcoming début EP A New Habit which appears on the 14th July, that I have had the pleasure to hear, is a cracker.


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The Dirty Lies

The Dirty Lies is a dark-rock band originally from Scotland and now based in Leeds, England, comprising Hamish Wickham, Tom Howell, Fred Lyth and Zander Mavor.

The Dirty Lies - Dark Rock from England

The Dirty Lies

The darkly subdued sounds of The Dirty Lies float around the room in a contemplative mood as the quartet combine instrumentation and synthetics to deliver music laden with atmosphere.

The band, through the heavy soak of the out-put, give the tracks an almost tangible feel and you find yourself reaching out for chords as they stream past. The Dirty Lies have finely balanced the down-beat nature of the material with music that you want to live for, rather than die to and the more you hear, the more you want to go on hearing.

By pronouncing the lower register of notes with a hazed vocal, the six string guitar is a stunning contrast, flickering its way through the pieces as-though a moth dancing to a light, whilst, the percussion ticks like the metronome of life.  This is music to hear in a darkened room with no other distractions.

Their six track EP Release was made available on the 18th along with, quite appropriately for the music, a limited run of cassettes – through bandcamp.

Once heard not likely to be forgotten, The Dirty Lies is, a band who I would like to hear much more of and hope that the new EP will afford them the far wider audience they deserve.

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Spookyland is an alt-rock band from Sydney in Australia comprising Marcus GordonLiam GordonNath Mansfield and Nic Malouf.

Spookyland - alt-rock from Australia


The iconic vocals sear into the brain as Spookyland rumbles around the room. The heuristic lyrics speak of travails of life and are easy for the audience to relate to, whilst adding a sense of rationale. It is the storytelling with which the listener finds resonance that gives Spookyland the powerful undercurrent of the presentation.

The plan for a new EP to come out later this year is something I am looking forward to and the recently released single The Silly Fucking Thing on Monday Records which will appear on the EP is a marker of the territory of Spookyland.

Rather than me adding more words, far better to let Spookyland provide their own….

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Oliver Wilde

Oliver Wilde from Bristol in England is the alt-fuzz quintet of Oliver WildeHugo BishopCaelia LunnissConnor Jones and Andrew Hutchin.

Oliver Wilde - alt-fuzz rock from England

Oliver Wilde

From a startlingly loud opener to the morning writing today with Our Last Enemy, to the subdued sounds of Oliver Wilde towards the end of the morning, there is so much new music emerging continually, it is a never ending opportunity to explore not just geographically, but sonically and in the imagination, which makes being a music reviewer one of the easiest things to do. This never ending stream of new compositions, equally makes it difficult for acts to gain traction, so it is the hope that new audiences will perhaps come back to some of these acts from time to time, that I bring you bands such as Oliver Wilde.

The somewhat melancholic sounds smear across the room in drifts of clouds filling the open spaces like ever expanding foam. Underpinning the acoustics are a spread of instruments and complex composition, which affords the resulting out-put such resonance and by keeping it subdued, a mystical presence.

Originally a solo performer the addition of a full band enables Oliver Wilde to both provide far greater depth in recording and equally a smoother transition to live performance.


Red Tide Opal In the Loose End Womb – Oliver Wilde is available on iTunes*

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