Catholic Action – Propaganda – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock Catholic Action released the two track single Propaganda on the 5th.

Catholic Action

Catholic Action

A release with two distinctively different tracks, the B side – Sunday Driver, being a slowly-paced four and two thirds minutes southern-blues piece with the title track taking a faster tempo.

Propaganda – lasting less than two minutes is a track that skips through the room on breezy synth / guitar combinations with percussion pelting at a fair old tilt as the chanting vocal fades in and out of earshot.

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Propaganda – Catholic Action is available on iTunes.*

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Los Bélmez – Sucio Verano – Audio

It has been a little while since the alt-rock quartet Los Bélmez from the Balearic Islands last featured.

Los Bélmez - Sucio Verano

Los Bélmez

With a different sound to their more normal fare Sucio Verano was released on the 7th as part of the eighteen track compilation LP Estiu d’Infern (available on bandcamp) put out by the Mallorca based label Discos Polo celebrating both the best of the underground musicians across the islands as well as welcoming in summer.

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The Candelights – I Want You – Audio

The Mexican alt-rock quartet The Candelights are working towards the release of the LP …Say Please!.

The Candelights

The Candelights

A couple of tracks have surfaced from the forthcoming album both of which are marked by the heavy stepping bass-drum pedal which booms through room around which the guitars swivel in gazey-glitter while the bass guitar delivers the flow of the compositions with a retro-vocal giving the songs a timelessness. I Want You is dipped in ’70s brit-rock.

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Martin Rubashov – Muddy Mountain King – Audio

The Swedish alt-rock creator Martin Rubashov released the single Muddy Mountain King on the 22nd.

Martin Rubashov - Photo credit - Niklas Brodd

Martin Rubashov – Photo credit – Niklas Brodd

Deeply rooted in ’80s rock Martin Rubashov creates music of brooding countenance that has an intricacy of layering which wraps the listener in a protective cloak in which they can take respite while chill winds blow through the room.

In Muddy Mountain King –  Martin Rubashov – delivers a track that revolves around persistent percussion from which the guitar and vocal evolve in harmonic spirals in which the audience becomes mesmerised.

Muddy Mountain King – Single – Martin Rubashov is available on iTunes.*

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The Fleas – Solstice Sky – Single Review

The Fleas is an alt-rock quintet from England.

The Fleas

The Fleas

Taking a listen through their back catalogue, The Fleas normally deliver music of fairly pacey temper, with a sense of classic rock’n’roll winding through the threads of sound. Making their latest track Solstice Sky something of a surprise – one to enjoy too – as they wander away from their more normal fare with a leisurely measured jazz and ’60s brit-blues rooted number in which they allow themselves to explore some new ideas.

The listener finds themselves caught with reminders of Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen sitting astride The Troggs whilst reminiscing of warm evenings around a beach bonfire.


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