Kagoule – Monsieur Automaton – Audio

The English alt-rock trio Kagoule released the single Monsieur Automaton on the 5th.



Firmly ensconced in garage-grunge – Monsieur Automaton serves as a foretaste to the full-release they are finalising.

The track reels around the listener in combinations of bending guitar and their signature duality of echoed vocals with pulsing bass and busy drum-kit providing a sense of movement with the listener immediately hitting play once again.

The saving grace is that there is this as yet unnamed release waiting in the wings, of which I will let you know more when I am able.

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Monsieur Automaton – Single – Kagoule is available on iTunes*.

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quAlia – Reckless – Audio

The US alt-rock outfit quAlia release the LP Aside on the 29th.



Steeped heavily in jazz and roots americana quAlia deliver music which has both experimental and classic elements to it allowing quAlia to entice the listener with an ever changing soundscape ensuring that the bakers dozen track, almost three quarters of an hour, LP keeps the audience ever on their toes.

My pick of the release being the eighth song – Reckless – a whisky-soaked ragtime-blues number which finds the body shimmying alongside.

For the second time in the recent past this is a band sharing name with another previously featured – which in the normal turn of events occurs only very rarely – so not to be confused with the indie-dance outfit Qualia, who last appeared back in 2015, also from the USA.


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Deerhoof – I Will Spite Survive – Audio

It has been over three years since the US alt-rock outfit Deerhoof last featured.

Deerhoof - I Will Spite Survive - Audio


On the 8th of September Deerhoof release their latest LP Mountain Moves (available on bandcamp) although until then they have made the album available on early release with all proceeds going to the Emergent Fund.

Despite having been around for a couple of decades with many releases behind them and regular International tours the new album sounds as enthusiastic as a band approaching the studio for the first time. From the fifteen track LP the third – I Will Spite Survive.

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Jacob Quint – Drift Into Darkness – Audio

Jacob Quint is a US alt-rock creator.

Jacob Quint

Jacob Quint

Drawing influences from the ’60s onwards the tracks cover a range of ideas, though always of brooding coating. With regular reveals there is burgeoning  catalogue developing, though with no compromise in quality.

Revealed on the 30th of August, already Drift Into Darkness is not the newest track – though the one which I believe showcases the song writing ability to best effect.


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Pale Fires – Honeysuckle – Audio

Although the English alt-rock outfit Pale Fires closed up shop at the end of last year – they have recently revealed a previously unreleased track.

Pale Fires - Honeysuckle

Pale Fires

Still performing together as Guru! with additional members in the band – it is always good to close out a chapter where possible and as a reminder of what was – here is –Honeysuckle.

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