Sinfiction – Kamikaze – Single Review

It has been a couple of years since the English alt-rock quartet Sinfiction last featured.

Sinfiction - Kamikaze


Their latest track Kamikaze finds them with music of sharper tempo and more punchy temper than music of their previously featured.

Clicking percussion is unexpectedly combined with expansive and soaring guitar riffs through which rising and falling vocal threads like the sun slightly obscured by hazy clouds, giving the track an impressive layering of textures as the bass steps in and out of the spotlight with synths calmly tying the elements all together.

Kamikaze is a song that runs to just over five minutes and it is a duration that is not in the least excessive as Sinfiction fill all three hundred and eleven seconds with intrigue.

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Stoat – Try Not To Think About It – Audio

Stoat is an Irish alt-rock quartet.



With an extensive back-catalogue, after a break of a few years, they have recently started to reveal new material and a welcome return it is too. Rumours exist that they may well be releasing an LP later in the year, on which this would be the title track.

The wry lyrical humour is matched by a tap along soundtrack without ever veering in to the kitsch as they balance the light-hearted with the ability to put together songs that capture the attention of the audience.

By way of an introduction – Try Not To Think About It.

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King Black Acid & The Crystal Unicorn – Can I Call On You – Audio

The US alt-rock collective King Black Acid & The Crystal Unicorn release the LP Super Beautiful Magic on the 9th of June.

King Black Acid & The Crystal Unicorn - Super Beautiful Magic - artwork

King Black Acid & The Crystal Unicorn – Super Beautiful Magic – artwork

Take time out of the day to settle back with the just over an hour, bakers dozen album. Taking the listener on leisurely journey through intricately textured weaves of sound that, like a magical mystery tour, takes the audience through drifting iterations of RnB, synthwave, psychedelia, ’60s beat, roots reggea without ever loosing the flow or jarring them from their repose.

With a cornucopia of delight in which to relax the mind it doesn’t matter where I direct you – however as an indicator to Super Beautiful Magic – the ninth track is Can I Call On You.

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Fragile Creatures – The Meaning Of Life – Single Review

The English alt-rock quintet Fragile Creatures are planning on diving in to the studio for a second LP reveal later in the year.

Fragile Creatures - The Meaning Of Life

Fragile Creatures

Unafraid to test new ideas – word arrives that the new album will be digging in to a slightly different tool-box – The Meaning Of Life – being a sample. On each occasion they have featured Fragile Creatures have compacted their sound and taken coil to tauter spring.

Akin to bouncing on a gymnasium trampoline rather than a back garden model – The Meaning Of Life sharply recoils each lull, which previously squatted to heels prior to rebounding, firing the straight legged bounce to higher reach, resultingly, more expansive in display yet tighter in recoil.

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Pillgrinns – Catherine Wheel – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet Pillgrinns released the EP Smile within the past twenty four hours.



A five track release (available on bandcamp) in which Pilgrinns disport both soft brush and sharpened pencil resulting in an EP containing a breadth of ideas and allows those who don’t know them to discover these are able and talented musicians with much to add to the weave of music.

By way of an introduction to a quartet I look forward to getting to know better over the years, from Smile, the middle number Catherine Wheel.

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