John MOuse – Bunkbeds And Broken – Audio

The Welsh alt-rock project John MOuse will be releasing the LP Replica Figures on the 19th of February next year.

John MOuse

John MOuse

An eleven track album of dry wit which casts a scornful eye at the minutiae of the world around. The album works particularly well with its light touch production values that enable the acerbic humour to play to its best advantage with the songs having a sense that pulling on the the right thread the whole lost would tumble in to chaos – being in common with the precarious nature of societal constructs.

The fifth song is Bunkbeds And Broken.

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Morning Fuzz – Fellow Creep – Single Review

The US alt-rock quartet Morning Fuzz released the single Fellow Creep earlier today.

Morning Fuzz - Fellow Creep

Morning Fuzz

Morning Fuzz last featured about eighteen months ago, that failure is totally mine, as despite regularly contacting me with new material, I managed to miss them all, so it is with some pleasure I caught their latest email within a few minutes of it arriving to be able to feature their brand new song – Fellow Creep – (which is available on bandcamp).

With quite a different sound to previous material that has been featured – with the track, which minds of ’60s rock, being marked by the open spaces which the quartet use to good effect with a gazy reverberating guitar giving the composition an elegant texturing.

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The Ringards – Alice In Nutshell – Single Review

The English alt-rock band The Ringards revealed a new track last week.

The Ringards - Alice In A Nutshell

The Ringards

This is the third time that The Ringards have featured and on each occasion they have offered something slightly different in influence, attesting to a group of musicians with differing approaches, yet able to melt those ideas in songs in which the listener becomes engaged.

Alice In A Nutshell has a ’60s brit-blues formulation mixed with 00’s garage to create a song which has a warm analogue texturing , clever melodic twists, tempo changes and a flattened dynamic range giving the composition plenty in which to invest the ears and I look forward to discovering more of their music through 2018.

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Rick Wolfman – The Whole World Is Gonna Die – Audio

The US alt-rock project Rick Wolfman releases the LP The Whole World Is Gonna Die on the 6th of January 2018.

Rick Wolfman

Rick Wolfman

A six track album of disparate soundtrack which melds americana and folk with classic rock rounded out by the distinctive vocal which has an entrancing sorrowful timbre.

Whilst the LP title may cause you to contemplate – well this is going to be all panic stricken hyperbole – do allow me to dissuade you, please don’t be fooled by the name of the album, as although the songs do reflect of societies which spin around irrelevant axis it is neither overtly political nor in anyway sinking in to a pit of despair – rather – pondering of the inherently self-destructive and shining a candle of light through a long dark tunnel.

My pick of the release being the title track, The Whole World Is Gonna Die, the antepenultimate song.

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Kev Howell – Distance – Video

The Scottish alt-rock creator Kev Howell revealed a live stripped back acoustic version of the song Distance a few days ago.

Kev Howell

Kev Howell

More usually found playing fully plugged-in ‘6os and ’70s influenced textured-rock, this acoustic version of the first track of the nine on the début LP Haunting Ambition demonstrates the tender roots from which the fuller sound is created.

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