Pamphlet – heavy pleasure – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet Pamphlet released the LP Schezwan Sally today.

Pamphlet - heavy pleasure


A well constructed six track album (available on bandcamp) that offers two distinct sides to the band – one a coiled new-wave sound the other a dark menacing beast casting shadow through the room and they are able to successfully deliver songs with feet in either camp as both contain their signature of deep rumbling bass.

My selection from the LP is the closer heavy pleasure which is their more brooding side.

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Spoon Canoe – hmu – Audio

Spoon Canoe is a US alt-rock band.

Spoon Canoe

Spoon Canoe

I am very late to get to this, apologies.

Towards the end of last month Spoon Canoe released the LP Greetings Farewell (available on bandcamp) – a ten track album that is highlighted by the distinctive vocal style that will either immediately endear or repel – I am – needless to say enamoured.

Combinations of jazz influences wrap inside rock riffs giving the music a maths-rock tincture – my selection from the album is the sixth – hmu.

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Tablefox – Beautiful Morning – Audio

The New Zealand alt-rock trio Tablefox released the EP Glass Houses on the 25th of May.

Tablefox - Beautiful Morning

Tablefox – Beautiful Morning

A band featured since 2015 who are always able to send an envelope containing familiar, yet different, soundscape each time they proffer new material.

The five tracks on Glass Houses (available on bandcamp) being an example, whereby one track reaches back to last year and a title track that stretches to new chapters as an instrumental number. My selection from the release being the closer – Beautiful Morning.

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Ace Elementary – Do The Mutant – Single Review

Ace Elementary is a Scottish alt-rock quartet.

Ace Elementary

Ace Elementary

Relatively newly out of the blocks, given the handful of available tracks to hear Ace Elementary are a quartet to get to know before having to queue to get to see, as they are already establishing a solid live performance schedule.

Do The Mutant (available on bandcamp) is one of a couple of tracks that came out recently, which is a fair representation of their sound combining a buzzy garage guitar with the second six stringer levelling out the sound with melodic inter-play as the cleanly hit skins bounce around the room and a throbbing bass rolls through the bone structure all rolled out by delayed and echoey vocal.

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Sinfiction – Kamikaze – Single Review

It has been a couple of years since the English alt-rock quartet Sinfiction last featured.

Sinfiction - Kamikaze


Their latest track Kamikaze finds them with music of sharper tempo and more punchy temper than music of their previously featured.

Clicking percussion is unexpectedly combined with expansive and soaring guitar riffs through which rising and falling vocal threads like the sun slightly obscured by hazy clouds, giving the track an impressive layering of textures as the bass steps in and out of the spotlight with synths calmly tying the elements all together.

Kamikaze is a song that runs to just over five minutes and it is a duration that is not in the least excessive as Sinfiction fill all three hundred and eleven seconds with intrigue.

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