Adwaith – Lipstick Coch – Audio

The Welsh alt-rock trio Adwaith are due to release an LP imminently.



In advance of the album a AA side single is due for release on the 25th of August.

Singing in both Welsh and English Adwaith transpose experiences of daily life facing both overt and and casual sexism with powerful rebuttal through their quietly laid compositions, which don’t seek to drive division, rather recognition of cohesion, laid to melodic laid-back tracks which weave their way in to the audience like an intravenous injection.

By way of an introduction Lipstick Coch.

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Grazed – The Protagonist – Audio

The English alt-rock trio are due to imminently release the EP Train To Hunts Cross.



A couple of tracks have surfaced from the forthcoming release, both of glittering guitar striding broadly across the room and bass line blurring the sound while a drum-kit bounces joyfully through the room with a vocal that floats in and out of spotlight.

When contemplating the genre-descriptor the juxtapositions of progressive rock and low-fidelity came to mind – though when you hit play on The Protagonist you will completely understand how my thoughts were not completely misaligned.

Grazed is a band who I look forward to coming back to in due course as taking the opportunity to listen to their back catalogue which is four songs in total, discovers a trio of musicians with some intriguing ideas.

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Maps And Plans – A Ghost Between Us – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock quartet Maps And Plans released the EP Hold Steady on the 17th.

Maps And Plans

Maps And Plans

Thumping out of the speakers like a prize-fighter launching an assault Maps And Plans make more than a slight nod to influences to mod in music that is tightly held together with a bursting energy that shakes the foundations, though they are equally adept at slowing down the pace to expose a softer underbelly

From the four track EP (available on bandcamp) the second A Ghost Between Us.

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Vital Breath – The Trust – Video

The French alt-rock quartet Vital Breath release the LP Angels Of Light on the 15th of September.

Vital Breath - Photo by K's photography

Vital Breath – Photo by K’s photography

From the forthcoming album The Trust blends their influences of metal and progressive rock in to a weaving ride in which the listener is left to allow their mind to run free with flowing guitars balanced by the persistence of the taut drum-kit.


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FEVA – Ain’t Nobody – Audio

FEVA is a relatively new English alt-rock band.



Performing their first gig in January in the intervening months they have made available, for wider consumption, four tracks in addition to securing regular live performance.

The latest song – Ain’t Nobody is one of their barest though, unsurprisingly, well received in live performance, with a second verse added specifically for the recorded version. Given the tight guitar, punchy bass / percussion combinations and spirited vocal which sets a good time dance tempo – it is not a great surprise that I do particularly enjoy this one and recommend you get to know FEVA.

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