Katalina Kicks – We Don’t Care – Video

The English alt-rock trio Katalina Kicks release a new single on the 13th.

Katalina Kicks - photo credit @andrewcotterill

Katalina Kicks – photo credit @andrewcotterill

Over time the trio has changed players, each iteration necessarily developing a different dimension of travel, though always something you feel the need to listening to with limbs wrapped with partner. To attempt a more specific genre-definition with We Don’t Care I sense that – sexy-rock – is not too far wide of the mark as the breathy vocal teases the inner thigh whilst the winding instrumentation and electronica brushes the earlobe and caresses the neck while the percussion matches the pace of the racing and ever more desirous heart.

Given, additionally, that the lyrical content is of agitation with societal discontent – it will come as no surprise that I think this is a track that needs to be added immediately to the playlist.

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Swine Tax – Feels Like – Audio

Tomorrow the English alt-rock trio Swine Tax release the single Feels Like.

Swine Tax - Feels Like

Swine Tax

A sense of melancholia sweeps through the room as the emo tinged Feels Like (available on bandcamp) weaves its way in to earshot.

As the brain contents itself that it has settled to the pacing and movement – Swine Tax change key and tempo giving the song a mathematical-rock angularity, even thereafter tempo changes catch out the unwary and it is the combination of restful passages and spiky points which gives Feels Like its intrigue.

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Jekyll – Mania – Single Review

It was back in 2014 that the English alt-rock quartet Jekyll last featured.

Jekyll - Mania


Their latest single Mania was released on the 28th of September.

There is a scintillating tremble which shivers down the spine on hitting play as the ghostly architecture of the song appears through a dense cloud of fog as acoustic guitars marks the entrance of a track which presses through the room in an ever darker shadow as puddled bass and percussion tumble through the ears with electronic guitar blending in to soundtrack whilst overarching the composition is a vocal, which if it were the last sound ever heard in dying breath would make for a life well rounded.

I lamented, recently, of how too many people listen to music through tinny mobile phones and Mania is a prime example of why I raised such consternation – as without a full speaker set up and sub-woofer scattering the undertow there is no possibility of appreciating the layers of textures herein.

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Mania – Single – Jekyll is available on iTunes.*

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Problematic Jam – Hide Into The Woods – Audio

The French alt-rock trio Problematic Jam were introduced towards the end of 2015.

Problematic Jam - Hide into the Woods

Problematic Jam

From the long-awaited LP Stereonucleose which is out next month, Hide Into The Woods, is of more dour countenance than much of their music previously featured with puddled percussion giving the track a menacing presence as it stomps through the room.

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Proxy Love – Oh My Love (Look at the Mess We’ve Made) – Single Review

Proxy Love is an English alt-rock duo.

Proxy Love

Proxy Love

Let’s once again get confessions out of the way – there was a theory that I was going to publish this article on the 18th – and once again my idea of a diary and real life have come a tad unstuck – so apologies to everyone involved that despite over a weeks notice, I still managed to get it wrong…

… Due for release on the 22nd – Oh My Love (Look at the Mess We’ve Made) (available on bandcamp) –  is able to swarm around the room in sarcastic humour and bittersweet recollection of personal circumstance without the audience needing to understand the context which ponders of a recent band break-up to appreciate the composition as it rattles through the ears.

The audience is drawn to thoughts of ’70s platform boots and painted faces as the fantastical sweeping soundtrack of gazey guitar and pulsing bass / percussion rounded out by a half-spoken vocal tumbles out of the speakers.

Prior to hitting play – ensure you are dressed in suitable attire as though attending The Rocky Horror Picture Show – and join in with the dance-steps and rousing chorus.

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