Hawk – Take It Away – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet Hawk, release the EP She Knows on the 17th of March.



From the forthcoming release is Take It Away.

The ethereal voice of Julie Hawk accompanied by the condensed and pressurised bass by Chris Handsley, from which it emerges, is the signature sound of Hawk. Glittering guitar combinations by Julie and Matthew Harris with a tautly leashed percussion provided by Sam Campbell serve the contrasting palette that affords the intrigue of the compositions.

The context of the music is on the darker elements of life, not seeking to wallow in them, rather to offer a challenge to what are becoming social mores, with Take It Away arguing against a growing societal acceptance that women should be afraid to go out at night and if they do, it is their own fault if they are abused.

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Fragile Creatures – Monsters – Single Review

The English alt-rock quintet Fragile Creatures surfaced with a new track within the past couple of hours.

Fragile Creatures - Monster

Fragile Creatures

Monsters has a tauter grip on the reigns than their previous material in a song which launches itself across the room like a steel ball in a bagatelle table.

The listener becomes captivated in the opening unbending dampened guitar strings as a slowly surfacing analogue synth provides a warmth and depth as though interwoven with the guitar. As the track develops the more slackly strung second guitar combines with the electronics giving the piece an intriguing process of evolution whilst a drum-kit with skins held fast enough to break one of the wrist or stick if hammered harder maintains the sharpness of delivery and bass stays as a weighing anchor – easy to miss – though intrinsic to the tad under three and a sixth minutes song.

On the basis of the development of composition arrangement over the past nine months – I look forward with eagerness to what comes next.

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Shoot Down The Moon – Back Track Stepping Stone – Audio

The US alt-rock band Shoot Down The Moon release the LP Forever Sedated on the 14th.

Shoot Down The Moon

Shoot Down The Moon

Within the past few hours the thirteen track album (available on bandcamp) has surfaced in advance of official release.

In an LP lasting almost an hour; Shoot Down The Moon, in, Forever Sedated, take the listener on a journey ranging through songs with a distinct folk derivation to psychedelic twists of sound.

The ninth track is Back Track Stepping Stone.

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OJ Mengel – Coach – Audio

The Australian alt-rock quartet OJ Mengel are working towards the release of the EP Inauguration.

OJ Mengel

OJ Mengel

From the forthcoming release – Coach is indicative of the unfussy infectious sounds of OJ Mengel, leaving the listener grinning from ear to ear.

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