The Poulsons – Flow – Audio

The English alt-rock band The Poulsons appeared with the LP Rompa Stompa earlier in the month.

The Poulsons - Rompa Stompa - artwork

The Poulsons – Rompa Stompa – artwork

The Poulsons is band who over the just over three years since first featuring are consistently inconsistent with new material yet are always immediately recognisable by their soundtrack resonating of their surroundings with a furious temper searing across the room reflective of the realities of day to day life, always bruised sound levels giving the music a forestalled shadow that befalls the ears and their signature ending to each and every track which abruptly and seemingly randomly cuts midway through a bar.

From the nine track album – my selection is Flow.

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Beach Royals – Fairweather – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet Beach Royals featured in the New Year Ninety.

Beach Royals - Fairweather

Beach Royals

Earlier in the month they released the EP Trap Door Music, which is available on bandcamp. Although two of the four songs have already featured; in the other two they are also able to add more colours to the palette as they have used this release opportunity to offer a range of their musical ideas.

In the second track on the EP, Fairweather, Beach Royals allow each element of the band to partake to fullest extend and thereby delivering a song which has a unity and cohesion that was missing in earlier takes and raises them to an outfit to whom instead of looking forward to hearing with a sense of intrigue to an outfit I look forward to with a keen sense of anticipation.

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Blind Beggar – Out Of My Head – Single Review

The Welsh alt-rock band Blind Beggar surfaced with a new track on the 15th.

Blind Beggar - Out Of My Head

Blind Beggar

Rumours abound that Blind Beggar will be releasing some full studio recorded material imminently though thus far Out Of My Head, the latest track, is also in demo form.

Out Of My Head features the bending of time through chords and bars that is their signature sound which they top off with a superlative vocal once again with their blend of psychedelia and ’60s British Blues, that flows through the just under four and a quarter minutes of the track and finds the listener after each run through needing to play the song – just one more time.

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Cosmics – Bad Habits – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Cosmics released their début LP Turn On earlier in the month.



A core of Rock ‘n’ Roll is dipped into psychedelia allowing Cosmics to deliver music that is best heard with on a smokey dance-floor allowing the listener to slowly gyrate whilst intoxicating themselves on the sweet scent which blows-back through the room.

Guitars sways betwixt glittery ’60s Paco Rabanne inspired plastic disc reflections of light and Mary Quant soft weave floating fabric whilst bass and percussion form the hemlines around which everything rests allowing the mesmeric vocal to drift through the ears in dreamy waves.

My selection from the ten track album (available on bandcamp) is the second Bad Habits.


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Katalina Kicks – Cut it Up – Video

The English alt-rock trio Katalina Kicks will release the LP Vices on the 12th of May.

Katalina Kicks - Cut it Up

Katalina Kicks

With a lighter mood than last featured, though that does need to be taken as a comparison rather than a genre descriptor the fourth of the ten tracks Cut It Up is a song that takes a slight inflexion from J-pop which Katalina Kicks wrap up with their pressing signature sound.

Vices – Katalina Kicks is available on iTunes.*

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