Nothing Casual – 394 – Audio

Northern Casual is an alt-rock trio from the USA.

Nothing Casual

Nothing Casual

Having previously performed as White Shade, the trio decided to have a rethink about their music and along with a slightly different sound they have been less rigid on structure – taking the opportunity to enjoy creating music and performing with the, appropriately titled, three track single Blank Slate, which was released earlier in the month, being their new sound, which has as root-stock combination of emo and the angularity of maths-rock in its genes.

The middle track is 394.

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herMajesty – I Saw The Dog – Audio

The US alt-rockers herMajesty release the two track single I Saw The Dog on vinyl on the 2nd of November and digitally on the 8th.

herMajesty - I Saw The Dog - vinyl test pressing

herMajesty – I Saw The Dog – vinyl test pressing

A couple of years since last featured it is appropriate to refresh the mind.

I Saw The Dog is a timeless track which takes in a disparate set of influences which have a richness of analogue warmth to them that allows each element to shine in its own channel affording the song an intricate weave of texturing which is almost tangible as it floats through the room. The evocative guitars snake around the supple vocal whilst a quietly drifting synthesis creates hazy extensions through which the drum-kit, that maximises the available skins, develops a hypnotic focus off its own and the pulsing bass rounds out the composition as it provides the anchoring and solidity to the erstwhile ethereal soundtrack.

Whilst the digital version is able to capture some of the warmth, I would posit the physical release will do more justice.

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45 – Tomorrow – Audio

The English alt-rock trio 45 release the EP The Tick Tock Man tomorrow.

45 - Tomorrow


The four track EP (available on bandcamp) is a more nuanced set of songs than music of theirs previously featured.

The lead acoustic on the closing track – Tomorrow – introduces a song that layers rock’n’roll inside a southern-blues framework to which the vocal is ideally suited, which finds the listener stomping alongside and is my pick of the release.

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Sixteen Jackies – VHS #1 (A Body) – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Sixteen Jackies release the EP Movie Was Bad tomorrow.

Sixteen Jackies - photo by Carmella Maria

Sixteen Jackies – photo by Carmella Maria

The second of the four tracks on the EP – VHS #1 (A Body) – was revealed less than a dozen hours ago.

Having had the opportunity to listen to two of the tracks, with each being of different countenance, I can attest on this basis that Movie Was Bad is something to add to the collection.

With the option of either the opening song You Came a luscious layering of gazey guitar led by a beguiling vocal or VHS #1 (A Body) to feature there is little possibility I would choose anything other than a track that has a bass guitar strung so loosely you can almost see the wires poking out of the speakers with the synth taking supporting role as guitar and percussion add a dark presence with the sparse vocal menacing the ears.

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The Hemingways – More Than This – Single Review

The English alt-rock quintet The Hemingways released the single More Than This a few hours ago.

The Hemingways

The Hemingways

Couched in ’70s brit-blues More Than This takes the listener on a journey of dirty chords in which to sink like pulling on a favoured pair of jeans which have moulded themselves in to the right shape.

The raw throat and immensely confident vocal is surrounded by roughly hewn chunks of sawdust guitar which delights as the stomping drum-kit and bass bounce against the walls with the unexpected delight of a synth which, rather than being a calming influence, adds to the fire with its zigzag of keys – inevitably – for those who know the site – my advice has to be – play it loudly or don’t play it at all.

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