Venture Lows – BRENDA – Audio

Venture Lows is an alt-indie trio from England.

Venture Lows - Photo by David Wallace

Venture Lows – Photo by David Wallace

Establishing themselves on the live circuit, occasionally music surfaces for those of us who haven’t seem them live to wrap out ears around, the latest being, BRENDA.

Lasting exactly two minutes – BRENDA scoots around the room like a clockwork toy as the trio deliver a song which will have you clapping along before the half-way mark as Venture Lows are a set of players who are able to start a party flowing and unsurprisingly have supported as the opening act for numerous tours and it can only be a matter of time before they are headlining their own.

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Dead Natives – Something Strange – Audio

The English alt-indie quartet released the three track single Something Strange on the 13th.

Dead Natives

Dead Natives

A pressurised stream of music is uncorked on hitting play as the roughly eleven minutes of Something Strange fizzes in to the room.

Underpinning the prescriptive britpop temper Dead Natives are able to do far more than merely follow the formula as they inject a more pugnacious construct to the music, which is most prevalent in the opening track – the title – and my pick of the release (available on bandcamp), which perhaps unsurprisingly is the briefest – lasting more than a minute less than either of the other two pieces.

My hope is that Dead Natives continue with the compression with less use of the elongation as, to my ears, their material is far stronger when tautened rather than flowered.

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Harlan – Forever Endeavor – Audio

Harlan is a new alt-indie project from the USA.



There is something quite wonderful in the just under three minute song – Forever Endeavor – that just demands one more play. Harlan offers nothing prosaic, fanciful or precious in the track – but – you just know Harlan is a musician from whom you want to hear much more.

I have a good feeling about 2017 with this as the starting point – yesterday was the New Year Ninety – making this the first new entrance for this year.

With only one track to hear – the only other thing to add is that an EP is due out later this month.

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| mellowtone |

| mellowtone | is an alt-indie quintet from Fribourg in Switzerland, comprising Martina Birbaum (Vocals), Mirco Ackermann (Guitar), Matthias Haymoz (Bass), Ives Schmidt (Keys) and Beat Huber (Drums).

| mellowtone | - alt-indie from Switzerland

| mellowtone |

There is a pressing darkness that sweeps into the room while | mellowtone | deliver their blend of triphop and indie rock in luxurious layers of guitar and keys. The pulsating bass gives the material its weighty cloaking that envelops the listener in palpable melancholia, whilst the percussion spreads its wings from offering shimmering cymbals to crushing compression, whilst the scintillating vocal raises the sound to new heights.

Formed a few years ago – with well supported and regular attendance across their home-country it is only a sadness that their abilities are not more widely recognised as | mellowtone | are able to provide the audience with music that leaves them wanting to hear more. With some fortune there are a couple of LPs available along with a smattering of singles – as this is a quintet best listened to in lengthy sessions.

From their latest LP Broken Rooms – the first of the bakers-dozen of tracks – Long Gone.


Broken Rooms – Mellowtone is available on iTunes.*

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Parks At Night

From Toronto in Canada Mikko Canini (Guitar), Erik Southey (Bass), Marcus Bernhard (Drums), Erin Colgan (Vocals) and Amelia Goodlet (Vocals) form the alt-indie band Parks At Night.

Parks At Night - alt-indie from Canada

Parks At Night – alt-indie from Canada

Tuck away the chairs and flick up the volume to join in with the bouncing sounds of Parks At Night. The sublime vocals immediately focus attention and the way the quintet are able to split the instrumental infinitives only makes me wonder why this is not a far better known outfit.

There is a pleasured grin and perspiring brow that wraps the listener on taking time with the quintet who utilise expressive guitar, whilst the bass harries the six stringer into order as the percussion chases along the tracks and the vocals – not to be forgotten once heard. Each part of the band an integral element, each given opportunity to shine at appropriate moments but none, hogging the spotlight.

A couple of LPs behind them, set over a year apart (both available on bandcamp), I only hope that it doesn’t take another year for a follow-up to Bright Red, which was released this month.

For those who have been with the site for a while, it will come as no surprise to find I have selected a track from their eponymous LP from February of last year as an introduction to the band – Gone.

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