Jordan Kent – Try – Audio

The US based alt-indie project Jordan Kent releases the LP The Heart Project on the 17th.

Jordan Kent

Jordan Kent

Predominately hip-hop infused guitar led music, Jordan Kent also expresses thoughts with different texturing and the antepenultimate of the dozen tracks Try is one of those.

Written in the early hours Try is a track of sad atmosphere combining acoustic guitar and keys to deliver a melancholic soundtrack which despite the dour countenance is a song of inclusion and contemplative optimism.


The Heart Project – Jordan Kent is available on iTunes.*

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HAUS – Dont’ Care Enough – Audio

The English alt-indie quintet HAUS released the EP Say What You Say today.

HAUS - Dont' Care Enough


A five track plus one remix release that showcases their blend of styles with the songs reflecting on the societal breakdowns of the ’10s along with pondering on more philosophical thoughts about life in general. Whilst the subject matter is intended as thought provoking the soundtrack is not of dour countenance as their material always is of a message of positivity.

The hip-hop infused Don’t Care Enough is the third track.

Say What You Say EP is available on Amazon.*

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The Shoeys – Plastic Boys – Audio

The Australian alt-indie trio The Shoeys are revealing new material with ever greater frequency.

The Shoeys

The Shoeys

The latest track to surface – Plastic Boys – has a slowly weaving guitar that forms the fulcrum of the song around which, like Newtonian mechanics, the other elements circumnavigate, giving the track the sense that everything is revolving at different speeds to which the brain gradually accustomises and everything aligns into a sense of retrospective psychedelia.

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Softspoken – Close To Me – Audio

Softspoken – the US alt-indie quintet released the EP Pathways on the 17th.

Softspoken - Close To Me


The closing track of the five – Close To Me – is the most melody driven track on the release and potentially sets a slightly different navigation for future material as Softspoken display a more expressive and atmospheric soundscape than their music previously featured.

Pathways – EP – Softspoken is available on iTunes.*

More by Softspoken.

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Frequency Cowboy – Move Closer – Video

It has been a couple of years since the English alt-indie project Frequency Cowboy last featured.

Frequency Cowboy - Move Closer

Frequency Cowboy

A less electronics riven and more morose sounds greets the ears with Move Closer in a track that keeps the listener engaged for its measured pacing and quietness.

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