Wildwood Kin – Taking A Hold – Video

The English alt-folk trio Wildwood Kin release the LP Turning Tides on the 18th.

Wildwood Kin - Turning Tides - artwork

Wildwood Kin – Turning Tides – artwork

The vocal harmonies and primal percussion gives the eighth of the eleven tracks on the album – Taking A Hold a sound that injects itself in to the bloodstream taking the listener to thoughts of dancing around a bonfire.

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Tristâme – Silent Treatment – Audio

The US alt-folk creator Tristâme was introduced last year.

Tristâme - Silent Treatment


In the latest track to surface Silent Treatment the marking influence is of the middle-east, through which South-American folk threads, giving the track a distinctive soundtrack in which the listener is invited to drift in quiet repose through its approaching four and a quarter minutes duration.

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Orange Soul – The Haze – Audio

Orange Soul is an English alt-folk duo.

Orange Soul

Orange Soul

With a diversity of sound in the few tracks they have revealed, the latest, released yesterday, The Haze, to me, is their strongest as they deliver a composition with a diversity of sonic elements encasing tender harmonised vocal, giving the just over five minute song a feel of an organic depth of texturing that the listener desires to tarry within in quiet contemplation.

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Ratnang Singh – Falling From The Skies – Audio

Ratnang Singh is an Indian alt-folk creator.

Ratnang Singh

Ratnang Singh

Armed with a desire to create music and an impressive voice Ratnang Singh, who is heavily influenced by US southern folk, delivers songs which are doleful in countenance while possessing an intrinsic beauty in which the listener finds themselves spellbound.

The latest track to surface – Falling From The Skies echoes through the room in harmonic dreamy spires from which the audience can find solace.

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Chirpy – Heavy Hearted – Audio

The Irish alt-folk creator Chirpy released the LP Real Life on the 27th.



The first thing to capture attention is the stunning vocal that has an hypnotic timbre and a spell from which the listener has no desire to break. Underpinning the layered harmonics of voice is an equally intoxicating range of instrumentation, which includes, harp and guitar amongst others.

Whilst instinctively you may think that folk really isn’t your thing, I assure you once hitting play you will become transfixed and desirous of sinking in to the richness of the roughly nineteen minutes of the six compositions – my selection of which is the third – Heavy Hearted.

Word also arrives of a more extensive eponymous release due in November which I am already looking forward to hearing.


Real Life – EP – Chirpy is available on iTunes.*

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