Gian Luca & The Oak – The Pale Lady From The Coast – Audio

Gian Luca & The Oak is an England based alt-folk project.

Gian Luca & The Oak

Gian Luca & The Oak

Drawing reference point from US southern-folk Gian Luca & The Oak delivers music which has an unexpected upbeat lilt to it as a wide plethora of instruments cheerfully trot around the room.

The début LP The Flowers Never Grown (available on bandcamp) is six tracks of easy to engage foot-stomping and by way of an introduction – the penultimate – The Pale Lady From The Coast.


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Re:Gretabull – Strangers – Single Review

The New Zealand alt-folk creator Re:Gretabull releases the single Strangers on the 5th of May.



For those who already know Greta Bull-Crossan from previous releases you will find a very different soundscape from previous material as Strangers compacts the open fret-work to deliver a more synth laden track.

For those who don’t know Re:Gretabull of pivotal point in the music is a singular voice which is able to wrest emotional context, without ever becoming saccharine, from the driest moment with a luscious softness to the vocal no matter where it is in pitch, enabling the compositions to unerringly extend across keys, both minor, major and octaves, leaving the listener in rapt attention.

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Lewis Dalgliesh – Billboards – Video

The English alt-folk project Lewis Dalgliesh releases the LP From An Easel on the 5th of May.

Lewis Dalgliesh - From An Easel - artwork

Lewis Dalgliesh – From An Easel – artwork

Inspired by experiences of travel and visual depictions Lewis Dalgliesh seeks to transpose those memories to aural form.

This version of Billboards, the seventh of the dozen tracks on the album, is a stripped back acoustic piece recorded as a live performance.


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La Chamaïcaine – Les Balayeurs De Nuit – Audio

La Chamaïcaine is a French alt-folk duo.

La Chamaïcaine - photo credit - Juliane Berry Photography

La Chamaïcaine – photo credit – Juliane Berry Photography

Sometimes singing in French, other-times in English, La Chamaïcaine are always able to deliver music which has a captivating raw chanson naïveté that draws in the listener as voices fold melodies through the ears whilst blunted acoustic strings buffer through the Mandibular foramen giving the music two distinctive source directions in to the brain, allowing the duo to deliver much of intrigue within the intentionally sparse soundscape which does mind the listener of the name of the band (in English translation – The Shaman).

The latest track to surface – Les Balayeurs De Nuit.


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Sea Offs – Unfound – Audio

The US alt-folk outfit Sea Offs released the LP What’s the Point? recently.

Sea Offs - photo credit - aidablank

Sea Offs – photo credit – aidablank

The eight track album (available on bandcamp) takes the listener on a quiet, just over half an hour,  journey that minds of walking through sunlight dappled woods in early spring as the duo (four play in live performance) deliver songs which step in and out of the shadows, leaving the audience in relaxed mood on its conclusion.

My selection from What’s The Point? is the penultimate – Unfound.

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