Allegory – Syncopation – Audio

The English art-rock trio Allegory are finalising details of the EP Sound Canvass.

Allegory - Syncopation


Continuing with their evolution of sound the first track to appear from the EP – Syncopation – which was released today as a stand-alone single available on bandcamp – finds Allegory in an art-rock moment.

The free-form track coils inside itself with the  jazzy keyboard and percussion being tightly wrapped inside the, expanding and contracting, expressionist vocal.

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Allegory – Sonder – Single Review

The English alt-rock trio Allegory revealed their latest single within the past couple of hours.

Allegory - Sonder


Each time I return to Allegory they have something new in a completely different envelope though traceable by the distinctive vocal of Ellie.

Sonder finds the trio in an orchestration with new instruments and techniques which has a Far Eastern tradition to it in combinations of chord progressions which slip in out of syncopation with each other leaving the listener with the sense that they are listening to two different songs simultaneously.

Regular readers will know that music which seems to have more than one source code is likely to capture my attention and I do implore you to spend the next just under three and a half minutes allowing your mind to flower with the composition.

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Allegory – Kimono Club – Single Review

The English alt-rock band Allegory will be releasing the single Kimono Club on the 14th of October.

Allegory - Kimono Club


Made available less than six hours ago – in advance of the release, Kimono Club, adds yet another dimension to their sound.

A funk based hip swivelling bass sets the parameters of the track from which guitar extends a guiding arm whilst percussion skittles around the rims and skins as the distinctive vocal bursts in to the room in a just under four minute track that undulates tempo and mood through the composition while a synth slithers in and out of earshot.

Always a delight to return to due in part to the unpredictability of what may emerge from the speakers – Allegory never lower their bar, always pushing themselves further and delivering material that retains attention.

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Allegory – Shriek – Single Review

The English alt-rock trio Allegory release the single Shriek on the 20th.

Allegory - Shriek


With a lighter palette and buzzier pace than music previously featured Shriek does as it suggests – hurls itself into the room in a bluster. The track is one of those Marmite moments, as it will either gnaw the eardrums or swirl around them.

There is something almost Björk like about Shriek, though not as a pale comparator, rather a fusion of the more typical emotional melodies by the trio and a more sparring vocal. The juxtaposition of the quiet even spaces of the acoustics with the voice which chases up and down scales, pace and volume, gives the track its interest.

The fact that I am asking you to spend time with this new release confirms that I do like Marmite and I welcome this difference of presentation by Allegory and look forward to hearing more from them later in the year.

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Allegory is the alt-rock band of Daniel Ansell (Guitar / Bass), Ellie Day (Vocals) and Rhys Bennett (Drums) from Portsmouth in England.

Allegory - alt-rock from England

Allegory – alt-rock from England

Formed in mid 2014 Allegory have been able to put out a couple of EPs with word of more Studio work currently being undertaken. Still measuring their direction of travel there is a stark difference between their first EP Through Time And Space, released in August 2014 and the follow-up of September last year – Innermost Odyssey, so it will be interesting to hear when they next step. That said there is a commonality of thread as the trio create music which has a low hum of continual bass that features significantly and inevitably that is what captures my attention.

The brooding nature of the sounds are highlighted by the purple velvet vocal that caresses the ears with whispered menaces of partnership collisions and the drums strike out rings of concentric circles whilst guitar adds a slightly psychedelic hue as influences from Pondicherry wind their way around the room.

My only perturbation is, how, with the same person playing bass and guitar this works in live performance, as both form corner stones to the out-put of Allegory. So I would not be surpised to see some changes in who does what and how many do those things in due course.


Innermost Odyssey – EP – Allegory is available on iTunes.*

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