Muerto Rico – Worst Coast – EP Review

It has been just under a year since the Serbian angst-rock trio Muerto Rico were introduced. On the 8th they released the EP Worst Coast.

Muerto Rico - Worst Coast

Muerto Rico

The four track EP is best played in an abandoned graveyard as Muerto Rico, deliver what they do best in an oppressive night. Opening with the longest track – a second under five minutes – Stay Classy / Saint Juan which sends shivers up and down the spine as the skeletal construct is sawn through by jagged bones which penetrate the ears is a scene setter for Worst Coast.

Death By Fabio will find you merging with the moss on the stones as the trio bring forward rattling cymbals to which a pronounced bass provides pivoting polarisation, as the hoarsely screaming vocal mind of a tortured mind seeking comprehension of the plight in which is finds itself.

Next up is my pick of the release Kevin Babin, which also happens to be the shortest number at a smidgen over 135 seconds. Muerto Rico deliver an embodiment of anxiety, which in its brief duration threads from full throttle panic, to gradual acceptance, affording the trio the opportunity to seemingly extend time.

Closing out Worst Coast is Go Lioness in which a superb plectrum sliding along the strings is almost lost in the frenzy of mutilation.

Grab hold of Worst Coast which is available on bandcamp – find yourself a burial ground, crank up the volume and revel in the gothic spires which Muerto Rico will build in the mists.

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KROG – Apokalyps – Single Review

KROG is a symphonic-synth duo from Sweden.



Their latest single, Apokalpys is a fine place to discover KROG, with the blending of electronics and symphonics.

Within the five minutes of Apokalyps the audience is taken on a mesmerising journey of dark-blue velvet invocation, which transfixes the attention. A layer of synthesised mist continually plays in the background, to which a variety of instrumentation adds billows of texture which highlight the ethereal half-chanted vocal mix. Dampened keys and bells ring through the sweeping sounds allowing KROG to infuse the material with an array of imagery in which the listener can imagine their own tale.

Word arrives of an EP being conjured up for later in the year, judging by Apokalyps, a release I am already looking forward to hearing.


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White Ape – Game Of Soldiers / A Face At The Window – Single Review

White Ape, the English alt-rock band is set to release the double A side single Game Of Soldiers / A Face At The Window on the 18th.

White Ape - Game Of Soldiers - A Face At The Window - Single Review

White Ape

For those who have followed the posts about the quartet over the past year you will find familiar territory, along with a more confrontational stance, which raises the bar to a higher level in this release.

The vocal in Game Of Soldiers is given more space to scratch gravel into the ears, along with an angry guitar you keep expecting to burst into flames. This is a song I can’t help but enjoy as there is a fulminating pent-up frustration, akin to a crowd watching their favourite sports team taking a drubbing whilst being taunted by the opposing fans. Being a Millwall supporter, a mood with which, I can easily empathise.

A Face At The Window finds White Ape heading to a more gothic style, with a voice exploring surprisingly deep baritone notes, whilst simultaneously retaining their signature bouncing tempo and my pick of a release which is well worth adding to the collection.

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The Shorts – RINO – LP Review

The Australian alt-rock trio The Shorts released the LP – RINO on the 6th.

The Shorts - RINO - artwork

The Shorts – RINO – artwork

Opening the eight track album is Last Of The Gentlemen, which at just a shade over two and half minutes, sets the context of RINO, brief punchy numbers to rattle the rafters.

Next is the longest track on the LP, the three and a half minute You Don’t Get It, which with the off-beat slap bass couldn’t be anything other than my pick of the release.

Shelfstackers Inc finds The Shorts upping the tempo in a number that can’t help but find your feet joining in, along with air drum-kit.

Maintaining the same momentum Victoria Red manages to find the trio providing a song that has a completely different texture as bass and percussion once again work on the half-bar in a track well worth getting to know and with which to thrash around.

Spent opens the second half of RINO with blistering fusillade on the ears with distorted fuzz marking the main feature of the track. Whilst everything on the album should be played loudly, to not to try and find a few more decibels on this one would be a criminal waste of speaker wattage, not to forget painful timpani. Play it more than once is my advice.

Cheering Me On allows the percussion to hammer its way through the room, if you have loose teeth – perhaps best to get them sorted first, or expect to be picking them up off the floor.

The title track RINO explains the artwork accompanying the release and it is an absolute gem that will have you scanning the horizon for the posse which must be in pursuit.

Closing out the the LP is No Thanks, which will have you swaying in time and as it is a tempo shifting piece, do expect to play catch-up.

The Shorts are experts in ‘less in more’ as despite there being eight tracks, on RINO, it lasts less than twenty minutes and I find myself already wanting to hear their next LP, though will be happy to play this on repeat until such time.

RINO is available on bandcamp.

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Maybe The Welders – Girls and Guitars – Single Review

Maybe The Welders – the Garage rock quartet from the USA release the Single Girls And Guitars on the 7th July.

Maybe The Welders - Girls And Guitars

Maybe The Welders

As you read the preamble – play around with the speaker sound settings – turn up bass, hurl to maximum volume and give it another twist, stand up and create some floor space in which you can stamp your rhythm….. Whilst there are advantages to being a music reviewer, there are also disadvantages and in the back of my mind I knew, I knew I had blown my speakers this song when I was alerted to the release details and spent a good fifteen minutes checking the various websites to ensure I hadn’t already shared the track. Having first written about Maybe The Welders back in 2012 – they, as do many bands who I regularly feature through their development, often send me early demo material, even in concept stage and Girls And Guitars is a song I knew, because I knew the demo version.

Enough of the ‘knews’ you are thinking….

Girls And Guitars finds Maybe The Welders offering greater texture than previous releases, as the guitars are fused through gauze-strips and of more impression, the vocal, which now switches between two voices, are also blurred, giving the whole out-put, strangely enough, a far more powerful and confident stance. The percussion and bass, remain unchanged in their furious temper, which allows the band to deliver something new, with a sense of something already understood.

If this is the new direction of travel for Maybe The Welders, I get the feeling of good things ahead.

Girls And Guitars is available on bandcamp.

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