La Burca – She goos to flowers – Single Review

The Brazilian new-wave duo La Burca released the three track single She goos to flowers on the 19th.

La Burca - She goos to Flowers

La Burca

Opening with Goos a lumbering guitar stomps into the room to be joined by an equally obstinate percussion as the instrumental, three minutes and seventeen seconds, of pulverising contemplation of those who die before they have had the opportunity to run their course.

Next is Flowers of Romance and those of longer stay will understand completely why, if only by title this would be my pick of the release, with fortune there is more to it than that as La Burca offer a track which implodes upon itself in snarling spirals of invective of a world self absorbed and believing in their ‘right’ to be hugged tightly.

Concluding She goos to flowers is the crashing sound of She Thrills as the duo deliver a track that reminds of the formation of an avalanche as the phrases slowly unfold before rapidly accelerating as they progress.

The three tracks on She goos to flowers are the introduction to the nine track LP – Kurious Eyes – due for release mid-2016.

Amanda and Lucas recorded Flowers of  Romance as a duo live and She Thrills and Goos, also recorded live, with guest musicians, giving the tracks their immediate connectivity with the benefit of depth of sound.

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Curry Quiche – Rock N Roll Rotherham – LP Review

It is always a pleasure to come back to the English alt-rock band Curry Quiche who released the LP Rock N Roll Rotherham on the 15th.

Curry Quiche - Rock N Roll Rotherham - artwork

Curry Quiche – Rock N Roll Rotherham – artwork

Opening with Love On The Waltzers, the first of the six tracks, you just know you are in for a fun journey with Curry Quiche and the piece opens as though it is Ska on speed before wrapping inside itself like a wheezing pneumonia suffer prior to springing back to life – then expiring and you are wondering if you have just heard something dropping dead.

Springing back to life is Unnamed which finds the band in more tempered mood as Curry Quiche gets perhaps the nearest to a tender love song as they will ever stray.

Paint By Numbers delivers a track which introduces of vacuum cleaner struggling in bits of sand before clearing to a reminder of Toy Dolls and how could something that has me reaching for the Dig That Groove Baby LP not be my pick of the release.

Broken Mirror is a delightful blend of off-beat and scratch that burrows its way into the ears like a termite finding wood to chew as Curry Quiche mince meat and gristle to provide a surprisingly tasty topping.

The penultimate track is the psychedelically trippy Out In The Woods that sounds like a cartoon character of itself as Curry Quiche do precisely what they do so well – plagiarise preconceptions and what makes them a band of such enjoyment.

Sadly Rock N Roll Rotherham comes to its conclusion, if only this were a double album, here we find the munificence of You Know It all which is the close cousin of the opening number after it has taken a dose of barbiturates.

Rock N Roll Rotherham is available on Amazon.*

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thexperience – let you grow – Single Review

The English electric-soul duo thexperience were introduced a couple of months ago.

thexperience - let you grow


thexperience most recent track, which surfaced earlier this month, has only been delayed in publication due to my own ability to argue with myself, as regular readers will know, over whether my fingernails need trimming or not – as I may or may not be hearing a double click as I type. So my apologies to kommy, ewan and most importantly yourself for this delayed article which once again resulted in heated exchange between myself and an extremely calm thexperience.

let it grow discovers thexperience (no they are not fans of capital letters) offering an even more apparitional number as the music soars around the room in tumbling clouds, which are broken apart by a sublime bass loop that rattles the walls to rapidly reform into cumulonimbus formations.

thexperience are a duo to follow through 2016 as underpinning the easy access lays inspired creativity. I merely hope that they will allow me to start all my sentences and paragraphs with capital letters at some point in life.

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Small Life Form – It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm – Single Review

The US experimental-drone project Small Life Form released the single It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm on the 11th.

Small Life Form - It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm - artwork

Small Life Form – It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm – artwork

If you have been a regular reader over the years you will have noticed various entries through Silber Records and Small Life Form is another of those entries. As with RemoraSmall Life Form is one of Brian Mitchell the owner of Silber Medias’ personal musical projects.

Running for over twelve and a half minutes It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm is a track to turn out the lights, close the eyes and languish within. One is minded of watching a rusty spot rotting away the steel surrounding as the buzzing of a thousand wasps drills into the ears. The fusion of exposed wires invites the listener to create their own capricious sound effects through volume, bass and treble. If you have access to delay and echo through your sound system, play with those functions too.

It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm is perhaps the antithesis of the rising popularity of using mobile phones and MP3s to listen to music through reedy delivery, no matter which accompanying speakers are attached and I recommend purchasing the FLAC version from the bandcamp download where the clarity of delivery allows you optimal experience.


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Echotape – We’ve Been Dreaming – Single Review

The English alt-rock band Echotape release the single We’ve Been Dreaming on the 25th.

Echotape - We've Been Dreaming


The single is a more whimsical journey than much of their work as Echotape embed a folkiness to We’ve Been Dreaming, though they do retain their distinctive bounciness which finds itself with interweaving between multi-voice choir giving the track an intriguing sound.

Percussion jogs along cheerfully whilst around gently surface acoustic and electric guitars and the bass steps back from the space for much of the almost three and three quarter minute track and it is due to the easing in and out of the various elements in We’ve Been Dreaming that gives it its impressive composition in a piece where vocal forms the focus of attention.

There is enough for those who are already fans to recognise, whilst marking out slightly different territory that will captivate others as Echotape provide a tenderness in We’ve Been Dreaming that isn’t often exposed.

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