Todd Kessler – Old Fashioned Way – Single Review

The US melancholic-folk creator Todd Kessler releases the single Old Fashioned Way tomorrow, within the past few minutes this has become available to share.

Todd Kessler

Todd Kessler

A brooding track that fills the room with a dour countenance yet which, like a funeral ceremony despite the tears, fills the listener with a feeling of invigoration by the very nature of its dark clouds as the audience take succour from the inward celebration of what has been and the revelations of what may be to come.

Once again a track which requires space to breathe through as full speaker set-up, though on this occasion not on full volume, allowing the heavy-hearted vocal and lugubrious guitar to evaporate as the sounds gently echo from the walls filling the mind with future purpose.


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Fick As Fieves – Insomnia – Single Review

The English newwave trio Fick As Fieves released the single Insomnia on the 21st.

Fick As Fieves - Insomnia - artwork

Fick As Fieves – Insomnia – artwork

Prior to hitting play, as those who are of longer stay will also recall, there is little point unless your 14 hole DMs are tied and there is room to dance to the latest reveal.

On this occasion, once again the sprung drum kit snaps through the room – though in Insomnia the bass and guitar are given front-line billing too resulting in a ska derived number and the listener finds themselves reverting from pogo to skanking footstep whilst the precise vocal trips, like a surgeons knife, through the phrases.

Since Fick As Fieves returned from their break the world has undoubtedly become a better place and all that is next required is an LP to press once and play in long-form and upon which those who do suffer from Insomnia will take great pleasure as the night passes in fervoured dance-step.

Insomnia is available on Amazon.*

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Yardlander – Kiss With Teeth – Single Review

Yardlander is a relatively new English brooding-rock quartet.



Having spent time honing on their craft on stage they recently revealed their first track for those not within reaching distance to hear as a recording – Kiss With Teeth.

On hitting play you may ponder the thought of ‘relatively new’ as thundering across the room spins a tune which many musicians of long teeth would be delighted to be able to produce as the quartet deftly weave betwixt one another, allowing each element to shine in turn, in a track which would not be lost on a windy and rainy day at Glastonbury.

Somewhat retrospective in nature, Yardlander, dampen rather than expand notes giving the song a resplendence of the 21st Century and is finely juxtaposed with the derivations of the sound, as whilst those of longer musical catalogues will naturally expand phrases, the quartet catching out the unwary, shorten them.


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Candice Gordon – Nobody – Audio

The Germany based rock project Candice Gordon released the single Nobody recently.

Candice Gordon

Candice Gordon

If you are reading this whilst using a mobile, even if connected with headphones – I suggest you throw that idea out of the window prior to hitting play.

As regular readers will be aware I so often posit – music heard through the tinny noise of a mobile telephone is never any means by which to listen to music and if that is your means of connecting with this site, probably best never bother to waste your time rather gravitate and satisfy yourself with the world of mainstream music algorithmically generated for the masses perfectly attuned to mobile telephony.

Find a full speaker system and turn up the both the bass and sub-woofers and you will feel the hairs on your arm blowing in the breeze as the dark clouds descend in to the room whilst your feet crush themselves in to the floor, merely, be careful you don’t end up with fractured calcaneus as you stomp around the room.


Nobody – Candice Gordon is available on iTunes.*

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Rival Island – Start Again – Single Review

The US indie-dream duo Rival Island released the single Start Again on the 12th.

Rival Island - Start Again - artwork

Rival Island – Start Again – artwork

The latest track to surface (available on bandcamp) continues the theme of their last feature with a hazy flow of blurry guitar that fills the room with feel-good factor as Rival Island invite the audience to slow-step with a partner across the dance-floor with a nod to the finest of ’50s rock’n’roll.

Those of sharper eye for detail may have noticed that the accompanying artwork for the single is entitled See You There – one can only cross fingers and toes in expectation that this sign-posts a new LP is on its way.

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