Nemra – Born In 94 – Single Review

The Armenian electro-rock band Nemra revealed the single Born In 94 on the 3rd.



For a while now Nemra and I have been exchanging emails with timing never quite being matched, so it is with some delight, finally everything has aligned with Born In 94.

Immediately on hitting play the listener finds themselves joining in with the skipping beat that joyfully steps through the room. Keys and bass conjoin to deepen the score marks of the footsteps while the guitar is freed to give the song its texturing while the vocal pirouettes through the ears leaving the audience delighted to have spent time in their company.

As importantly Nemra are not a one trick pony as they are equally adept are delivering more compacted blues infused rock’n’roll and it comes as no surprise they are well received in their locale, it is however a sadness that their music is not better known internationally.

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L Sicario – Interstellar – Single Review

L Sciaro is an England based alt-rock quartet.

L Sciaro

L Sciaro

Having served an apprenticeship on the regular haunts of developing bands in their area L. Scario are heading towards venues anew, deservedly so given the evidence of their début single Interstellar, which surfaced towards the end of last month. Which, even disregarding the video clues in the accompanying video, draws deep musical reference from Talking Heads with the interweaving of the trio of one bass and two six string guitars ploughing through the room drawn by an unfaltering percussion with the enigmatic and strident vocals soaring over everything.

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Interstellar – Single – L Sicario is available on iTunes.*

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I’m Not A Band – Mirror – Single Review

The German electro-indie duo I’m Not A Band released the single Mirror on the 1st.

I'm Not A Band - photo credit - Normen Gadiel

I’m Not A Band – photo credit – Normen Gadiel

Making a welcome return to the site after a two year absence in Mirror, I’m Not A Band, are discovered in a richer tapestry of sound than when last featured, though of similar singular disposition enabling them to create a space of their own in a crowded market-sector and the listener who enjoys nature finds themselves enticed by the expressive keys as those who enjoy stemmed loops and are tempted by the gloss of electronic-overdub whilst alienating neither approaches to music as the natural spaces of absorbing vocals and keyboard are given the room to breath and work their spell as are the vocoder and gadgets.

Mirror – Single – I’m Not A Bandis available on iTunes.*

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CWM – Raised As Wolves – Single Review

CWM is a relatively new English dark-rock quartet.



Only a couple of songs are around, both of fairly dark outline though one, Icebreaker, is punchier than other, the more recent Raised As Wolves, which has a more nuanced texturing to it affording the quartet to shine as creative songwriters due to its multitudes of layers that float through the room as it casts an ethereal dreamy presence towards which the listener finds themselves vainly reaching out to embrace the curling echoes as they drift past.

It is difficult to comprehend CWM have only recently got together and on the basis of the two tracks, particularly, to my mind, the latter, will find many more people speaking at least one word of Welsh more than they knew in the past – though to be fair – having not asked about the intended pronunciation, perhaps each individual letter stands on its own.

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Queen Zee – Idle Crown – Single Review

The English new-wave band Queen Zee have become a regular feature on the site since their introduction early in the year.

Queen Zee -Idle Crown

Queen Zee

Their latest single, Idle Crown, which was released towards the end of last month is another stormer of a track.

The pressure waves of Idle Crown are presented through a bass which takes greater prominence than previous songs giving it a more brooding presence while the fuzzing guitars are still prominent, by laying further back in the mix, Queen Zee (in their recently abbreviated name form) are able to create a song which has inbuilt power and although slower than other compositions is no less as fired up as anticipated to be in their material and a welcome different dimension to their creativity.

Idle Crown – Queen Zee is available on iTunes.*

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