Freaks Of The Sea – Hypocrite – Single Review

Freaks Of The Sea is a sardonic-pop duo from the USA.

Freaks Of The Sea

Freaks Of The Sea

Within the past ten hours their latest track has surfaced, the sardonically named Hypocrite, which finds a lyrical barrage railing against the ‘pop’. A song that can’t but help raise a smile for the assuredness and deftness of foot in taking a step outside their own boundaries to use those ‘four chords’ and deliver a track that is as ‘capable’ as anything in the mainstream, whilst simultaneously tearing holes in itself for its own absurdity.

In due course I will return to Freaks Of The Sea when they resolve to their more natural territory of luxurious nu-soul.


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n i g h t s p o r t – Forget You Now – Single Review

n i g h t s p o r t is a new English dream-synth duo.

n i g h t s p o r t - Forget You Now - artwork

n i g h t s p o r t – Forget You Now – artwork

Their début track Forget You Now was made available on the 15th (on bandcamp).

On hitting play the listener becomes immersed in the mesmerising combinations of electronica, guitar and ethereal vocal that float gently through the room with the synapses slowing to match the calming waves which are delicately lifted part way through by a quietly paced steel-drum bridge prior to resuming the expansive layering of textures.

At present there is no website or social media page, though I am given to believe these are in the offing.

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Young Earth – Worth It – Single Review

The Irish indie quartet Young Earth have recently revealed the single Worth It.

Young Earth

Young Earth

Worth It trots around the room in bright bouncing fizzy beat. The clean cut of the cloth rather than sounding anodyne is flecked with intriguing twists and turns as Young Earth beckon the listener to join them on the dance-floor in a catchy number that demonstrates music doesn’t have to be complex to leave the audience full of the joys of spring and one to add to the party playlist.

The quartet have spent their time, not in trying to create a new space, rather to be very good at what they do and I wish them every continued success.

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The False And The Fair – Gone Tomorrow – Single Review

On the 17th the Irish dark-folk quartet The False And The Fair are set to release the single Gone Tomorrow.

The False And The Fair - Photo by Gareth Walsh

The False And The Fair – Photo by Gareth Walsh

Like the warm current on the Gulf Stream drifting off the West coast of Ireland – Gone Tomorrow – (available on bandcamp) invites the listener to dip their toes in to the cold ocean to find that despite the stormy waters there is comfort to be found in the forlorn context.

Brushed cymbals afford the composition a mesmeric quality as guitar twines across notes that require dexterous fingering through which a bass, that evokes of the frothy surf of breaking waves, burbles – all of which surround a tender vocal that the audience finds themselves reaching out to touch.

The beauty of Gone Tomorrow is to be found in its melancholic thread.

A rising bridge towards the latter section provides a startling interruption as the climactic intensity of the reality of the moment contemplated comes in to sharp focus prior to drifting back to the quietly paced introspection.

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Caretaker – Swallow – Single Review

Caretaker is a US electro-rock quintet who released the single Swallow – today.



There is a fiery furnace which soars across the room as Swallow (available on bandcamp) dips and dives around the room akin to a murmuration of Swifts as the sonics of Caretaker camouflage their direction of travel and just as the listener thinks they have a handle on what to expect to hear next – so the tightly compact unit swoops in unexpected direction.

A quintet of considerable ability and for those of us not in and around New York (USA) Caretaker makes a welcome entrance to our ears.

Those of sharper eye by image and by ear aurally will recognise Erin Pellat as the singer.


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