The Skullers – Can We Do That Again – Single Review

The Skullers is a US rock ‘n’ roll trio.

The Skullers

The Skullers

Their first recorded track Can We Do That Again was released earlier in the month and is available on bandcamp.

A blend of blues, dance and solid rock enables The Skullers, in Can We Do That Again, to deliver a track that has both a beguiling raggedy edged gruffness to it and a thundering beat that has the listener refreshing themselves on how to skiffle whilst searching for a pair of blue brothel creepers.

Word arrives of an EP arriving sometime in September and will be a release, judging by this, that will warm up the autumn days for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Stand up, clear some space and only then hit play…


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Run Dufresne – Cluster Fucked – Single Review

Within the past few hours the rate-distortion-theorist project Run Dufresne surfaced with a new track.

Run Dufresne - Cluster Fucked

Run Dufresne

Cluster Fucked is an aural feast of exposition of the theorem as the waves of pulses are fed through ever more complex structures and resultingly distorting in to preponderances of sparking individuality, whilst simultaneously deprecating in to ever less tangible threads.

I do realise that the idea of considering the physics of sound compression is not necessarily why you read the website – however – even given the starting point of a compressed audio input in this version – it does make theoretical physics slightly easier to grapple with – even over breakfast, whilst nursing a hangover.

If the uncompressed files of Cluster Fucked ever surface, I do advise they will be worth hearing to fully gain the benefit of the track.

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Jet Black 3 – Remember My Name – Single Review

Jet Black 3 is an English rock band.

Jet Black 3

Jet Black 3

My apologies, once again, for the late arrival of this article. Back towards the end of February I was notified of the release of the single Remember My Name and there it lay, an unopened email gathering dust.

The track has a slight psychedelic tinge, enhanced by long delayed and echoed vocal, which Jet Black 3 encase in a driving percussion that veritably bounces off the walls and back into itself, while guitar zings with classic rock riffs that have the audience reaching for their own air version.

social media page

Remember My Name [Explicit] is available on Amazon.*

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All The Rest – Black Plague – Single Review

All The Rest is an alt-rock quartet from the USA.

All The Rest

All The Rest

The track Black Plague was released on the 7th. The mix of dirty blues guitar and preppy pop vocal give All The Rest a space of their own in a crowded-market.

There is an inherent danger that the boy-band vocalisation and synthetically-produced harmonising over the, to me delightful, roughly chopped fraying growling menace of guitars and drum-kit teeters on the verge of turning away both potential audiences. The fact that I am suggesting you spend time in their company indicates that I think in Black Plague it works successfully; though time will tell how purposefully with additional context.

I look forward to hearing what the future discovers for the quartet and I wish them every success.


Black Plague – All the Rest is available on iTunes.*

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Hitherside – Unsanctify Me – Single Review

Unsanctify Me is the 17th single revealed by the Belgium based rock quartet Hitherside.

Hitherside - Unsanctify Me


Regularly present on the live circuit Hitherside are still able to find time to head back to the studio to reveal new songs and deliver tracks of driving heavy-metal influenced rock to which they add their own flourishes, perhaps, due in part to their different backgrounds and influences with members coming from Belgium, The Netherlands and the USA, that, enables them to always offer something new for the audience.

Unsanctify Me, which appeared earlier in the week, is a furnace of guitar and instrumentation which breaks to strong melodies and pace changes over which the distinctive vocal gives the composition an expressive finishing coat.

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