Eric Contractor – Working Dude – Single Review

Eric Contractor is a US electro-rock creator.

Eric Contractor - Photograph by Audrey Lorea.

Eric Contractor – Photograph by Audrey Lorea.

The most recent track to surface is Working Dude – a song which wraps muscular limbs around the listener with teasing vocal which straightens between tenor and the upper reaches of baritone, whilst also arching on towards the lower end of countertenor and for those who have connected with the site over the years – baritone – even if it only dips a toe part way down the scale it is likely to pique my interest and here is a case in point.

It is rare I spend so long rambling about the voice – with the instrumentation, percussion and where relevant, synthesis, more usually taking the foreground of features – so you will already be attuned that Eric Contractor has a voice that captivates.


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Spiders Eat Vinyl – The Clarity Of The Light – Single Review

Spiders Eat Vinyl is an English sybaritic-wave duo from England.

Spiders Eat Vinyl

Spiders Eat Vinyl

Very much reflective of the ’10s the duo are able to channel a soundtrack in which the listener becomes lost in their own delusions of grandeur whilst also, far more importantly, being able to prick those bubbles of self-adulation.

The most recent track – The Clarity Of The Light  – teams up with Elena Cau (L.Cat) also from England – to deliver something quite different from their normal fare with a folk-based flowing melody in which the audience becomes transfixed as piano, vocal and tightly strung guitar slope through the room in unhurried footstep.

Spiders Eat Vinylsocial media page

L.Catsocial media page

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Shambolics – Chasing A Disaster – Single Review

The Scottish rock’n’roll quartet, Shambolics, released the single Chasing A Disaster on the 5th.

Shambolics - Chasing A Disaster


Transporting the listener from the Eastern coast of Scotland to the South Western coast of the USA in Chasing A Disaster; Shambolics take the listener to a Californian retro-surf ride.

A bleeding guitar slips out of the speakers to the accompaniment of a ferris-wheel percussion as the pulsing bass rotates through the ears while a laid-back vocal shimmers, akin to a brightly sunlight cloud floating high in the sky, leaving the listener pondering of time on the beach on a warm summers day.

There is nothing to do other than skim out to sea, to catch the coasters.

Chasing a Disaster – Shambolics is available on iTunes.*

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Dom King – Ball – Single Review

The dystopian-hop creator Dom King, from the USA, surfaced with a new track on the 5th.

Dom King

Dom King

A thumping bass splices through the sub-woofer leaving it dancing on its own axis as the lyrical comments on societal structures and neuro-linguistic-programming press release which bears no relationship to the realities of life for the 99% where trading a living in ‘expected behaviour’ is merely eking out a life served for the benefit of the 1% whilst the daily grind curtails any sense of personal value, demanding of the listener to snap the chains of slavery and seek an alternative avenue for self-fulfilment rather than one of servitude.

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Bolinas – Angostura – Single Review

The US dreamwave band Bolinas released the single Angostura earlier in the month.



Without any of the bitterness of taste of the name of the botanicals – in Angostura (available on bandcamp) Bolinas take the listener on a silky smooth flow of synths, instrumentation and voice.

The listener is minded of the sumptuousness of a rich chocolate and cherry sponge overlaid with a thick double cream as the just over four and three quarters minutes song revolves through the ears gently massaging away knots in the neck muscles leaving the audience sweeping gently with the breeze of the folding electronica which settles in the room.

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