Davidson – Whatever Lies Before You – Single Review

The Swedish heavy-metal solo project Davidson fairly regularly surfaces with new material.



The latest song to be revealed is Whatever Lies Before You. A thumper of a composition that hurtles out of the speaker festooned in pin-badges and fraying denim that finds the listener joining in with the extended bridge.

There is a delightful dampening that gives Whatever Lies Before You a softlight focus and earthy feel. The more it runs through the just under four and three quarter minutes play time the longer the audience wants it to last – whilst completely forgetting this is a band of one – not a full line-up of four.

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Betty Pulls A Fast One – Swing Like Summer – Single Review

The English melancholic-wave duo Betty Pulls A Fast One recently revealed their latest track.

Betty Pulls A Fast One - Swing Like Summer

Betty Pulls A Fast One – Swing Like Summer

Frequently featured since the middle of last year Betty Pulls A Fast One always return to the table with a new idea.

In Swing Like Summer – one is minded of the sadness of Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday from 1939. Although there is approaching an eighty year time gap – though Billie Holiday was more explicit in lyric in Swing Like Summer that same sentiment of societal deconstruction is evident in the pianoforte led ballad that lays wrapped in the ears long after the notes have faded in to silence.

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Bright Dog Red – Bullet Proof Shoes – Single Review

Bright Dog Red is a US freewave collective.

Bright Dog Red

Bright Dog Red

You may instinctively have thought that a single review meant that the track lasted for around three minutes or so – however those who have been with the site for a while do know it is possible to hit play, cook supper, eat the meal and still have time to relax with a cup of coffee before the song has finished – this is one of those occasions.

Just over half an hour of extemporised psychedelic jazz-hop trickles through the room in Bullet Proof Shoes (available on bandcamp) in a track that has a dark air about it reflective of the parlous state of social cohesion which exists throughout the globe, evoked visually by the release artwork of the unlaced footwear which stands as powerful an image as if they were depicted tied over hanging cables.


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Bear With Us – Freedom Fighter – Single Review

The Swedish electro-rock band Bear With Us are planning on a series of singles over the coming few months.

Bear With Us

Bear With Us

The first to be revealed, Freedom Fighter, is highlighted by the piano that is given prominence in the just under four minutes track surrounded by tightly compacted bass and drum while the guitar fades in and out of earshot with interventions of wah-wah flamboyance as the confident vocal ties up any loose ends allowing Bear With Us to deliver a song wrapped in complexities of interplay that have an unexpected dance-step in which the audience is invited to join-in with the composition.


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Queen Zee & The Sasstones – Sissy Fists – Single Review

Queen Zee & The Sasstones is an English new-wave quartet.

Queen Zee and the Sasstones

Queen Zee and the Sasstones

Fast establishing themselves on the live circuit their recent début single Sissy Fists can do nothing other than to cement their audience and grow a wider fan-base.

The speakers sound as though they are being filled with crashing rocks as Sissy Fists hurtles in to the room in a fury of strung out guitar and throbbing bass, as an equally ill-tempered drum-kit harrying the audience, with a superlative vocal spitting in the ears. An industrial drum rolling bridge gives the track, which lasts for less than two and a half minutes, room for a razor-wire finale.


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