Wonderscore – Dirty – Single Review

The English funk-hop quartet, Wonderscore, released their début single Dirty on the 16th.



Reflecting of a world in which opportunity for personal expression and development is curtailed by the heavy hanging curtains of proscribed acceptable behaviour patterns.

Wonderscore, rather than being stalled, seek to discover a different route by which to escape the drudgery, in a track that bounces from brick wall to brick wall and rather than becoming more flattened takes more optimistic tenor as the instrumentation and synthesis echo between multitudinous vocal, prior to descending in to a ridicule of the irrelevance of the parameters within which they are coerced to exist.

Too new off the ground to have a website or social media page, which is often the reality of Emerging Indie Bands articles – I leave you with the introductory track by WonderscoreDirty.

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Rosen – High Tech Low Life – Single Review

The English glitch-hop quintet Rosen revealed their latest track within the past couple of hours.



Scything through the vicissitude of the late ’10s where to ignore those with whom one is in physical connection to eschew them for the far greater importance of pixelated and binary code of internet connection is deemed as normality and far more ‘interactive’.

Merely by title alone – High Tech Low LifeRosen are able to elucidate their anger, which they are able to transpose to a satirical, rather than vehement, commentary with a pulsing bass flooding through the room as the snarling vocal snaps at the heels whilst the guitar rasps through the ears meanwhile the drum-kit jars the jaw, rounded by the synth which protests that codecs are really the most appropriate.


High Tech Low Life – Single – Rosen is available on iTunes.*

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Haulm – They Came Along – Single Review

The US shimmerwave duo Haulm released the single They Came Along on the 11th.



The listener is doused in the sense of a warm summer-shower as the track threads through the room refracting rainbows of colour in to which the audience is drawn whilst the song affords a depth of texturing which is completely unanticipated.

I often receive notification by readers who let me know they are taken by, and enjoy, the breadth of music featured and it does take me by surprise too as my roots are firmly based in punk rock from 1975 to 1979 so to digress outside that orbit is always something logically I am unable to articulate, however, music is intrinsically about emotional connection and not ‘fact based pragmatism’ – hence I am asking you to spend time with that from which theoretically I should already have run out of town to escape, though haven’t, and neither should you as within the song lays a cohesion of sounds which lay a spiders web of tensile flexibility in which to lay mesmerised.

The synthetic folds of They Come Along slip through their iterations as though a silk fan folding and expanding by which the listener becomes transfixed in the hypnotic weaving translucency of the composition.

social media page

They Came Along – Single – HAULM is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

The Howlin’ Souls – Viva La Revolucion (again) – Single Review

The US rock’n’roll quartet released the single Viva La Revolucion (again) on the 13th.

The Howlin' Souls

The Howlin’ Souls

A song title often used by musicians and yet, other than the original Mexican Revolutionary song title in common, often not a cover rather a fresh take on current world politics and this is the case with The Howlin’ Souls and the track Viva La Revolucion (again) which is available on bandcamp.

More normally their music has a focus on extensive blues guitar – in the single emphasis is placed on the thumping drum kit which piles its way in to the ears with vocal subtly flowing in and out of limelight and while the riffs of the six stringer is, as expected, present it plays a more supporting role than usually the case.


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Black Bird Hum – Down – Single Review

The Australian rocksteady nonet Black Bird Hum are currently on tour in Australia until November.

Black Bird Hum

Black Bird Hum

With some fortune prior to departing they were able to find some studio time to reveal Down. There are two versions of the song around – one the radio version the other being the original which is longer by over half a minute. For reasons that are self-evident, for those who have been with the site for a while, a reggae track is never likely to be too long to my mind, alongside which this isn’t a radio station so needing to fit in to all sorts of boxes is never a consideration, resultingly I have been awaiting clearance on the full version which arrived yesterday.

A tad over four minutes song which is of the roots of the genre with its political sagacity that, whilst being remonstrable in message, never spills over to spoil the inclusiveness and warm nature of the music and perhaps why the subtle-politics and party-style typically found in the various flavours of reggae normally find favour in my ears.


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