Stellarion – Miss Eden – Single Review

Stellarion is a French Trance couple of siblings.



Apologies to one and all, this has been sitting around in my email in-box for a little while now.

Their latest release Miss Eden is a three and five sixths of a minutes long track of hypno-trance that revolves through the cortex in a transfixing melting loop which finds its way in to the nervous system and finds the listener moving shoulders and upper torso with the dreamscape and most certainly a track that could stand an extended 12″ version.

With a couple of top-notch tracks behind them Stellarion is a name I would anticipate you will be hearing much more of over the summer not only via the hippest venues and radio stations but also the wider spaces too.

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Salo Sion – Magazine Cartoons – Single Review

Salo Sion is a US experimental-electronica creator.

Salo Sion

Salo Sion

Within the past eighteen hours the latest track Magazine Cartoons was made available.

Cast aside all preconceptions of musical construct before hitting play as the three and a third minutes track doesn’t extend a folding embrace, rather, an elliptical contortion.

No sooner has the track started than there is six seconds of silence prior to the sounds returning in an ensuing fragmentation akin to spliced reel cinematographic playback with deleted segments and misaligned spooling perforations.

Magazine Cartoons, a track I recommend you get to know, will either have you quickly shutting it down or remaining engrossed – I sincerely hope it will be the latter.

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Bruno Major – Just The Same – Single Review

The English alt-folk creator Bruno Major revealed the latest track – Just The Same – within the past couple of hours.

Bruno Major - Just The Same

Bruno Major

The material that Bruno writes has a sense of honesty that is palpable through the speakers which gives it the strong emotional tie to the audience. The earthy connectivity between performer and audience is reflected by the rapidity songs are launched to the wider world as, in the case of Just The Same, which was only written earlier this month and hasn’t sat in a folder to be revised, reworked and revisited for a year or two prior to seeing the light of day and for that I give Bruno Major credit.

The roughly three and a half minutes track has an almost gospel feel in its underlying spirituality, which the fact that I felt this was something you should hear as soon as possible, causes me great surprise, as I am not exactly a ‘spiritual folk’ – however – that is the power of music, as from unlikely sources come tracks that need to be on the playlist.

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Terrestria – Collide – Single Review

Terrestria is a Scottish indie-rock quintet.

Terrestria - Photo by Graeme K Cunningham

Terrestria – Photo by Graeme K Cunningham

Today they released their début single Collide.

A just over four and a half minutes track that melts influences from indie-dance to soaring rock riffs, which they are able to turn around to an output which simultaneously has fleet-footed sparkle to it, driving pacing and spacious melodies, without the listener ever feeling lost in the sounds that swell around the room.

A well put together début – Collide builds its intensity through the composition, opening with jangling guitar and closing with roaring combinations, not an easy mix of ideas to bring together and to their credit Terrestia demonstrate that innate ability in a first offering which sets them a high bar to reach for future releases.

Currently actively pursuing gigs, the single can’t but help in that quest.

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BLESS. – Easy Lover – Single Review

The English alt-rock quintet BLESS. are, deservedly, developing a growing audience.



Coming out through official release later in the year is the single Easy Lover – and those for sharper eyes and ear who have been with the site for a few years will spot the similarity betwixt an article from 2010 about The Supernovas and you would not be wrong to draw reference as Bless. is drawn from the quartet plus keys provided by Kieran. Though I am given to believe that Dizzo is bowing out with health issues and I wish him all the best and my thanks to him for providing many years of pleasure to audiences across the globe.

With very different texture, afforded by the addition of keys, BLESS. deliver music which like a dark shadow appearing at the door, looms in to the room casting a darkening pall through the audience in which they rapidly quiet voices as the impressive parade of deeply resonating percussion / bass combinations are merged with the two guitars providing the depth of composition with the synths providing the entrancing colouration through which a duality of vocals drift in and out of harmonics delivering a track in Easy Lover that the listener only regrets that it lasts a mere three minutes and fifty seconds.


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