Фонија (Fonija) – Нема генерација (Silent Generation) – Video

The Macedonian alt-rock trio Фонија (Fonija)  – release their LP  …Без име (…untitled) on the 2nd of November.

Фонија (Fonija) - ...Без име (...untitled) - artwork

Фонија (Fonija) – …Без име (…untitled) – artwork

From the album (which is available on bandcamp), the second of the nine tracks – Нема генерација (Silent Generation).

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Based in San Antonio, Texas in the USA are Kate Terrell, Jeremiah Teutsch, Caralyn Snyder and Hills Snyder who form the agit-folk troupe Wolverton.

Wolverton - agit-folk from the USA


The underlying agitation is reflected in discordant instrumentation which bleeds across the room like blood splatter, Wolverton then impose constructs of interpretation which veer between abhorrence of the scene and awe at the beauty of the patterns and it is their ability to draw the two opposites into convergence, which gives the material its beauty.

The quartet are uncompromising in their style which inevitably draws, by the very genre, but much scorn of the like of their kin – Dylan, Baez, Guthrie et al, yet to ignore the message for its conveyance, is to miss prescience and to my mind a grave error.

Lyric ever lays baleful eye, whilst the vocal delivery transposes, akin the instrumentation, betwixt menace and glorification giving the compositions an ebb and flow of texture which keeps the ears attenuated.

Growing in experience and confidence over their four years of journey, Wolverton have the potential to mark themselves out territory, which will be long lingering.

A new EP – Things Left On Earth – is set for release on the 3rd of November.


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Lea Porcelain – A Year From Here – Audio

The German gloom-electronics duo Lea Porcelain are set to release their début eponymous EP on the 6th of November.

Lea Porcelain - A Year From Here

Lea Porcelain

From the four track release, which I hope to be able to provide you with further information of, nearer the time, the second A Year From Here.

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Saint Cole – Trojan Horse – Audio

The development of the English alt-electro duo Saint Cole has been followed on the site from hatchling earlier this year, to an entity with soaring wings.

Saint Cole - Trojan Horse

Saint Cole

Their latest track – Trojan Horse appeared within the past twenty four hours.

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Eleven Eleven – The Original – Audio

Eleven Eleven is an Australian rock band, I will come back to early next year.

Eleven Eleven

Eleven Eleven

Whilst writing new material they have a single set for release on the 16th of October – The Original – which was made available earlier today.

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