Art Block – Don’t Call My Name – Audio

First introduced in 2014 the English alt-rock creator Art Block is due to release the slightly delayed EP Bordeline on the 4th.

Art Block - Don't Call My Name

Art Block

The penultimate of the four tracks Don’t Call My Name glides through the room with an elegance and poise that captures the attention. One feels oneself involuntary reaching for Ball-Gown or Dinner-Jacket to accompany the four / three waltz which is firmly led by Art Block and you are left to feel safe in his embrace.

Borderline (available on bandcamp) lives and breathes by instrumentation which lays in subdued back drop as the duet of vocal by Chelsea Turnbull and Art sashay the audience with their pitch-perfect and emotionally connective tissue carrying the listener far further than the compositions.

It is the ability of Art block to take the audience far beyond the speakers into an emotional reciprocity that marks the out-put as being far more than the sum of the parts.

Art is another musician who finds I am not the easiest music journalist to deal with and I thank him, not just for his persistence but far more, for his ability to take me on a journey which I hope will not end before I am gone.

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Plaudits – Reasons – Audio

The English synth-rock quartet Plaudits are due to release their début EP Hinterland on the 1st of April.

Plaudits - Hinterland - CD

Plaudits – Hinterland – CD

A finer example of a band who put up with my bad temper could not be found than Plaudits who put up with numerous rants and still persevered, even going so far as to send me a promotional Hinterland CD. My thanks to Steven GreenChris ReidRich Green and Evie Robertson for putting up with it and far more than that – for being on the verge of releasing an EP more than worth adding to the collection.

There is a sense of luxury that slips into the room, making the carpet feel more like a thick rug in which to roll, as Reasons (the second of the five tracks) unfolds. A more punctuated number than the rest of the release with a hammering percussion that darts like a mosquito looking for prey as guitar and bass punch into the ears. The synths pitch and pummel as though in a sparring match whilst vocal maintains the tempo. Yet despite the sense of urgency in the just under three and a half minute track, the listener doesn’t emerge feeling as though they have been in a street-fight, rather feeling as though a gold-threaded robe has been placed on the shoulders.

This is a band to get to know in the early stages of their development and I look forward to discovering more of the music of Plaudits over the coming years.


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Broken Witt Rebels – Low – Video

The English blues-rock band Broken Witt Rebels will be releasing the EP Georgia Pine on the 25th of April.

Broken Witt Rebels - Georgia Pine - artwork

Broken Witt Rebels – Georgia Pine – artwork

The middle of the five tracks – Low is a precise definition of their music with dirty guitars and growling vocals spilling into the room. The only thing the listener needs to do is reach for a bottle of whisky.

From the 2nd of April until early May Broken Witt Rebels are on tour in England and one gig in Scotland.

The Water Rats London, UK

Sunflower Lounge Birmingham, UK

The Rocking Chair Sheffield, UK

Esquires Bedford Bedford, UK

Òran Mór Glasgow, UK

Manchester Academy 2 Manchester, UK

O2 Institute2 Birmingham Digbeth, UK

O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire London, UK

Georgia Pine is available on Amazon.*

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Electric Beans – Comptine Punk – Audio

Electric Beans is a French new-wave quartet.

Electric Beans - Sans Modération - artwork

Electric Beans – Sans Modération – artwork

Marking a mid-way point in development Sans Modération is a bakers dozen track album of live recordings lasting just under an hour and a quarter. With material from their first studio LP and five from the next album which is already in the wings, along with one new track on neither, it is well worth tying up the 14 hole DMs to dance alongside. Sadly, although I am able to take a listen,  I am unable to share any more than one song with you – the penultimate – Comptine Punk.

Whilst the music is more than worth taking time to gather in your friends to enjoy in riotous party, I do get the sense that Electric Beans are working too hard at trying to being interesting, rather than being who they are in reality and there is a danger they will be so subsumed in ‘ideas of PR’ they will forget why they actually write the music.

Time will tell and I sincerely hope I am proven to be wrong.


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