Bay Kee – Shady Birds – Audio

The US alt-indie creator Christine Spilka who performs under the name Bay Kee is due to release the LP Wonder Wild on the 11th of January.

Bay Kee - Photo by Stephen Alexander

Bay Kee – Photo by Stephen Alexander

From the eight track album, Shady Birds is the third.

Combining a plethora of instruments including piano, acoustic guitar and synthetics Bay Kee is able to deliver music which is layered in texture and allows the listener to drift like an albatross on thermal currents. It is the striking vocal which effortlessly leaps through the ranges that marks out the material as particularly embracing as the ears transfix on the captivating pitches and nuances as they flow between the ethereally emotive and concrete impassivity.

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Wonder Wild is available on bandcamp.

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GOLDBLOOMS – going away – Audio

The England / Spain split alt-rock trio GOLDBLOOMS are releasing the EP – how it starts or how it’s going to end on the 29th of January.

GOLDBLOOMS photo by Jason Tebble

GOLDBLOOMS photo by Jason Tebble

The second of the five tracks – going away is a punchy just under two and a half minutes of solid music that reminds of late ’70s new-wave as twisted guitar furls itself around a meticulous bass and the drum kit battles away in aggravated flurries as the vocal plies a path between the warring elements.

With the shifts in tempo and elongation of the guitar I am minded of Tommy Gun by The Clash, so it is of little surprise I recommend spending some time in the company of GOLDBLOOMS and grabbing hold of the eclectic sounds on how it starts or how it’s going to end (which is available on bandcamp).

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The Lampshades – Gotta Do – Video

The US sludge-rock trio The Lampshades occasionally put out recorded material and on the 18th the two track single Gotta Do was released.

The Lampshades - Gotta Do - artwork

The Lampshades – Gotta Do – artwork

On the odd occasion in the four and a sixth minutes of the title track Gotta Do you will find instrumentation and vocal in tune with each other, but that is down to random chance rather than decision making.

The joy of The Lampshades is the ability for the trio to pick up the instruments and drum kits that sound as though they haven’t been tightened since manufacture and serve material that naturally flows into the veins akin to a tight gene matching organ donation.

With nary a regard for sentient compositional flow there is little better that the careening course of The Lampshades and the conclusion comes as a perfect wrap up of a track that is a trilogy of itself as Gotta Do disappears into a pile of shredded cardboard.

To add considerable value to 2015 – even at this late stage – you will find the bandcamp available Gotta Do – something you should not miss.

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La Burca – She goos to flowers – Single Review

The Brazilian new-wave duo La Burca released the three track single She goos to flowers on the 19th.

La Burca - She goos to Flowers

La Burca

Opening with Goos a lumbering guitar stomps into the room to be joined by an equally obstinate percussion as the instrumental, three minutes and seventeen seconds, of pulverising contemplation of those who die before they have had the opportunity to run their course.

Next is Flowers of Romance and those of longer stay will understand completely why, if only by title this would be my pick of the release, with fortune there is more to it than that as La Burca offer a track which implodes upon itself in snarling spirals of invective of a world self absorbed and believing in their ‘right’ to be hugged tightly.

Concluding She goos to flowers is the crashing sound of She Thrills as the duo deliver a track that reminds of the formation of an avalanche as the phrases slowly unfold before rapidly accelerating as they progress.

The three tracks on She goos to flowers are the introduction to the nine track LP – Kurious Eyes – due for release mid-2016.

Amanda and Lucas recorded Flowers of  Romance as a duo live and She Thrills and Goos, also recorded live, with guest musicians, giving the tracks their immediate connectivity with the benefit of depth of sound.

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Kommissar – Let Go Of Your Dreams – Audio

The English indie-rock trio Kommissar were introduced earlier this year.

Kommissar - Let Go Of Your Dreams


A couple of acoustic tracks were made available within the past twenty four hours.

It is always an intriguing challenge for musicians more used to writing for electric instruments to take a look at acoustic pieces and all credit to Kommissar for  the delivery of Let Go Of Your Dreams.

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