Seething Akira – Backlash – Video

The English dub-step-rock band Seething Akira are scheduling the release of their début LP, Sleepy Skeletor, in June.

Seething Akira - photo by Rhona Murphy Photography

Seething Akira – photo by Rhona Murphy Photography

As always Seething Akira are able to take two distinct styles of music and merge them resulting in tracks that pile their way through the speakers filling the room with high-energy high-impact rock.

From the forthcoming release – Backlash – once again demonstrates their impressive songwriting and musicianship skills.

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Ákos Mándoki – Cryo Chamber Funk – Audio

The Hungarian nu-funkadelic creator Ákos Mándoki releases the EP Cathode Ray Cruiser on the 30th.

Ákos Mándoki - Cathode Ray Cruiser - artwork

Ákos Mándoki – Cathode Ray Cruiser – artwork

Unless your speakers are having a knee tremble all on their own with bass notes bruising the sub-woofers as you feel the pulses of sound physically brushing your hair then I merely suggest start again with settings more appropriately aligned. Without it you will not be thrusting your hip bone to crunch against your shoulder-blade and thereby you will be missing the whole experience of the contortions of Ákos Mándoki.

The complete four track, roughly sixteen minutes, EP is available on bandcamp and my pick of the release is the penultimate – Cryo Chamber Funk.

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She Killed In Ecstasy – Raw – Single Review

Inside the past twenty four hours the US electronics-angst project She Killed In Ecstasy revealed a new song.

She Killed In Ecstasy - Raw

She Killed In Ecstasy

Raw is, as it formulates on the tin, a disembowelling fulmination of a world which derides suffering and applauds the suicide jumper falling from a roof top whilst frantically pressing the ‘livestream button’ in a vainglorious attempt to seek approval for being so ‘cool and callous’, in an acid derision of all that is wrong with a populace who takes enjoyment, as The Romans did, with their Gladiator fights in amphitheaters – as the allegory of Nero fiddling fingers whilst Rome burnt which currently evokes the mindset of far too many, until such time as the crashing realisation that egotistical vanity is mere self-imploding egregiousness.

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The Poulsons – Flow – Audio

The English alt-rock band The Poulsons appeared with the LP Rompa Stompa earlier in the month.

The Poulsons - Rompa Stompa - artwork

The Poulsons – Rompa Stompa – artwork

The Poulsons is band who over the just over three years since first featuring are consistently inconsistent with new material yet are always immediately recognisable by their soundtrack resonating of their surroundings with a furious temper searing across the room reflective of the realities of day to day life, always bruised sound levels giving the music a forestalled shadow that befalls the ears and their signature ending to each and every track which abruptly and seemingly randomly cuts midway through a bar.

From the nine track album – my selection is Flow.

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Lovely Bad Things – Hiding To Nothing – Audio

The US garage-gaze band Lovely Bad Things live launched the EP Homebodied on the 18th at The Observatory in Santa Ana in the USA.

Lovely Bad Things - Hiding To Nothing

Lovely Bad Things

Hiding To Nothing is the first track, for those of us further afield, to hear as other than in live performance Homebodied won’t be around until the 31st.

An introspective piece which reflects on the tumultuous journey that has dogged them these past few years. Rather than being a track of negative connotation it is a piece of positivism that with perseverance and persistence, even when seemingly flogging a dead horse, there is a possibility that the barriers will finally come crashing down.

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