Andicus – Back Roads – Audio

The US americana-folk project Andicus will be releasing the EP Bullet Train on the 17th of February.



As with the début LP Win Win World from last year the four track EP Bullet Train also travels widely across the USA to source influences from roots music particular to regions and States.

My pick of the release being the bluegrass inspired Back Roads with its skipping beat and intonation which has the listener tapping the flank of their chair to giddy it along – it does help to sitting on a chair with wheels on hitting play to spin around the room while bouncing on the saddle.

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BABY BLUE – Fire And Ice – Audio

The Australian psychedelic-rock quartet BABY BLUE are finalising details for the release of the EP Do What You Like later this year.

BABY BLUE - photo credit - Jeff Andersen Jnr

BABY BLUE – photo credit – Jeff Andersen Jnr

The first song to surface from the EP – Fire And Ice – is itself set for release as a stand alone single on the 2nd of February and is available on bandcamp.

The garage inspired core of their sound, which has seen them become a strong force in the local live music scene, in Fire And Ice is infused with a sitar giving the track a sound steeped in ’60s psychedelia and leaving the listener still tripping long after the just over five minutes song has tucked itself in to bed.


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Peso Pesada – Kaiseki With Akihito – Audio

The Canadian ambient electronica project, Peso Pesada, released the single Kaiseki With Akihito yesterday.

Peso Pesado

Peso Pesado

Inspired by thoughts of the grace and elegant ceremony of the most formal Japanese Tea Party the 茶事 (chaji) – Kaiseki With Akihito proceeds through the room in a graceful measure of triptronica.

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Gregory Tan – Remind Me Who I Am – Audio

The atmospheric-classics music creator from Singapore, Gregory Tan, released the LP – Lights Of Tomorrow – today.

Gregory Tan

Gregory Tan

Schooled as a classical musician Gregory Tan regularly composes film scores for television, film and other media, he also occasionally composes music for his own independent release and Lights Of Tomorrow, a ten track roughly thirty six minutes album (available on bandcamp) being one of those releases.

The LP, which is best engaged with in its entirety in one sitting, builds through various lead and featured instrumentation during the thread of tracks creating an album of unexpected range, tempo in an ambient aural depiction of a wandering mind unable to sleep.

My pick of the release being the antepenultimate Remind Me Who I Am.


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Mellor – Arms Length – Single Review

The English indie-rock quartet Mellor release the single Arms Length on the 16th of February.

Mellor - photo by Neil Wheeler

Mellor – photo by Neil Wheeler

I what seems to be becoming a tradition of one feature about Mellor during the course of the calendar year, first in 2016, next in 2017 and now in 2018 as news arrives of a new release, will this change, I wonder?

Either way, always a delight to hear new music by Mellor and a pleasure to be able to feature Arms Length.

The sprightly sounds dance around the room on the back of tautly strung drum-skin, that rebounds as sharply as a pinball rubber, infecting the room with a sense of movement while guitars perform interweaving choreography as the bass tempts the listener on to the floor to join in with the track, while vocal, like a flamboyant, orchestra, conductor, sweeps flourishes of intonation to the composition  and resultingly, much like their musical personalities and stage performances leaves the audience smiling broadly with eyes twinkling in delight.

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