The Calm Fiasco – Just Don’t Care Anymore – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock quartet The Calm Fiasco release the EP The Fear on the 24th of March.

The Calm Fiasco - Just Don't Care Anymore

The Calm Fiasco

When initially introduced last year the The Fear did have a launch date of the 20th of April 2017 – the delay has enabled a further track to surface.

Just Don’t Care Anymore sweeps around the room in confident circles of bass / percussion combinations as guitar provides a slightly psychedelic tinge through which vocal rips in to the ears.

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Soaked – Backseat Heat – Audio

The US indie-rock quartet Soaked released their début LP Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today on the 17th.

Soaked - photo by Martin do Nascimento

Soaked – photo by Martin do Nascimento

Although they have been around a few years they have always spent time playing live and it was only this month they got round to releasing a collection of songs in the form of an album and Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today is worth adding to the collection.

Backseat Heat bursts out of the speakers grabbing hold of the listener by the wrists and twirling them around the dance-floor in a exuberant footstep.


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Σtella – Running Slow – Audio

The Greek indie-synth project Σtella released the LP Works For You on the 13th.

Σtella - Running Slow


The eleven track, approximately thirty six minutes, album (available on bandcamp) contains the slightly melancholic air which is synonymous with Σtella.

The ninth piece – Running Slow.

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Chelsea Rockwells – Halos – Audio

The Australian rock trio Chelsea Rockwells are soon to release their début EP Eleven – Vol 1.

Chelsea Rockwells

Chelsea Rockwells

From the forthcoming album, Halos – itself released a a single recently – sets out their stall with classic rock riffs that scorch through the room.


Halos – Chelsea Rockwells is available on iTunes.*

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Tangerines – Peckham Boys – Audio

The English new-wave quartet Tangerines will be releasing the LP Into The Flophouse on the 12th of May.

Tangerines - Into The Flop House - artwork

Tangerines – Into The Flop House – artwork

There is a crystallised beauty to the music that those who enjoy Ian Dury and The Blockheads will immediately latch on to and those who don’t will exit the room in short order. The easy flowing beats are surrounded by at first glance pyrrhic instrumentals that give the material either its enjoyment or derision as a swashbuckling vocal swathes through the room taking on board no prisoners.

It is, as ever, a pleasure to proffer as something to add to your playlist that you would ordinarily pass by as an abstract concept. As always, trust that I am not leading you on some path of desolation and allow the first of the ten tracks – Peckham Boys – to thread through its just over four minute journey and I posit you will be welcoming of the link to RIP Records from whence you can get hold of Into The Flophouse.

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