BELLA LOKA – Go Down – Video

BELLA LOKA is a duo from England, I will come back to explore more fully at a later date.



A new song Go Down, which features piano and is a different arrangement and feel to their more normal electronic dance warmth, serves as a good introduction to BELLA LOKA as it marks out their wider range of style and the root of the compositions – not usually in evidence.


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Stellarscope – Face First In The Dirt – Audio

The USA based Stellarscope – those who have been regular readers any time since 2010 will have tripped over at some point in the journey – are thinking about a new LP.

Stellarscope - Face First In The Dirt

Stellarscope – Face First In The Dirt

A new demo surfaced last week for Face First In The Dirt.

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A landmark article

Finally after just over five years of band reviews a duplicate band name – Hollow Mountain.

Hollow Mountain (USA)

Hollow Mountain (USA)

Originally reviewed were the Hollow Mountain duo based in England – back in 2012.

On this occasion it is to introduce the USA based Hollow Mountain who have a new eponymous EP coming out on the 31st October, with the appositely named track People Are Alike All Over. I will get back to a full review in short order.

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Gordon Duthie – Green Screen – Video

Gordon Duthie for Scotland is set to release his new ten track LP Thran on the 25th October.

Gordon Duthie - Thran - artwork

Gordon Duthie – Thran – artwork

The lead track on the album is Green Screen.

The release date of Thran is significant of an anniversary for Gordon and his family. It was in 1914 that the families Steam Drifter was launched as a fishing vessel Duthies – and on the 25th October 1940 that the renamed HMT Duthies – now a naval trawler after having been requestioned by the Navy during the Second World War was sunk, with no casualties, in Montrose.

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