RAMZi – Brazili – Audio

The Germany based EDM project of Phoebe Guillemot –  RAMZi released the LP Pèze​-​Piton on the 6th.



A nine track album (available on bandcamp) of melting compositions which encase the listener in wraps of tightening bonds of drying wet leather from which they have no desire to escape, rather to enjoy the constriction which results in the forehead bulging veins whilst struggling for air.

The sixth track is Brazili.

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The Corrupting Sea – Keeping Time In Hibernation – Audio

The US futurist project The Corrupting Sea released the EP Looking To The Stars on the 6th.

The Corrupting Sea

The Corrupting Sea

As part of the five in five series though Silber Media, demanding of musicians to encompass five different ideas within a five minute time frame you would be correct to assume the challenge is an ongoing endeavour.

The Corrupting Sea picked up the gauntlet and in Looking To The Stars (available on bandcamp) has been able to encapsulate from a rocket launch to encircling a distant galaxy with in the parameters.

The middle track is fifty nine seconds of  Keeping Time In Hibernation.

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Tapestry – Dark Shade – Video

The Australian indie-dance quintet Tapestry are finalising the details for an EP set for release in early 2018.



An expansive vocal enables Tapestry to deliver a sound which soars through an impressive and extensive vocal range set against a mellowed back drop of breezy fretboards as the effervescent drum-kit sparks energy.

From the forthcoming EP Dark Shade.

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Jarface – Throw Me Away – Audio

The Australian stoner quartet Jarface released the LP Now They See on the 8th.



Best approached whilst rubbing your tympanic membrane with gravel prior to hitting play as during the ensuing a minute over three quarters of an hour of the ten track album (available on bandcamp) matters only get more stony.

The loosely strung drum skins puddle inside their own rims as the bass gnaws, like a rat, through the electric cables with the guitar sparking in and out of focus while the whisky soaked vocal draws on another cigarette prior to rasping through the speakers – how could I not recommend you add this immediately to your ‘must have playlist’.

The closer is Throw Me Away.

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Tin Can Telescope – Scorch Your Face – Single Review

The Danish garage-rock quartet Tin Can Telescope released the single Scorch Your Face today.

Tin Can Telescope - photo by - Magnus Hyltoft Thomsen

Tin Can Telescope – photo by – Magnus Hyltoft Thomsen

Scorch Your Face (available on bandcamp) is a thumping rock’n’roll number that has the audience delightedly dancing around the room as a thrubbing bass bounces against the spring percussion with guitar skipping through the ears and the vocal, which spins through the ears rounding out a song that sadly only lasts for two and two thirds minutes.

Having had the opportunity to listen to their back catalogue I can attest this is a band to bring out to play anytime life needs an injection of positive energy.

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