Evanoff – Crowd Control – Audio

The US electro-blues trio Evanoff will be releasing the EP Dark Before Dawn next month.

Evanoff - Crowd Control


The spacey, second of the four tracks on the release, Crowd Control works on a spacious canvass as the trio take the listener on a funky rhythm in a song that was inspired by travelling with Syrian Refugees newly arrived in to Europe and is reflective of the concept of the whole EP which aims to communicate on this transitional journey of simultaneously being haunted by recent experience whilst growing in optimism for the future.

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Love Drunk Hearts – What Makes A Man – Audio

The Australian alt-rock outfit Love Drunk Hearts released the single What Makes A Man on the 10th.

Love Drunk Hearts

Love Drunk Hearts

The quizzical nature of the lyric ponders through the room to the accompaniment of an intoxicating faded-blues riven duality of guitars whilst the sprightly percussion snaps the rims and skins as the subsumed bass line ties up all the knots in a track that opens up as many sub-questions as it posits by nomenclature.


What Makes a Man – Single – Love Drunk Hearts is available on iTunes.*

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Mylo Hebron – On My Way – Audio

Mylo Hebron is a trip-hop creator from Nigeria.

Mylo Hebron

Mylo Hebron

The latest track to surface, revealed yesterday, On My Way is a song which challenges abusive relationships with a perspective of mutual respect and delivers three and a half-minutes of contemplation that is able also, unexpectedly, to self-challenge the motivations of the narration thereby providing the track with an intriguing twist.

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N.K.R.T – Nuits Dark Ritual VII – Video

N.K.R.T is a dark-drone project from France.



This is not music to approach when pressed for time as typically individual pieces last in excess of quarter of an hour and the live performance of Nuits Dark Ritual VII is no exception with a run time of just over twenty two minutes.

The eerie chanting vocal is surrounded by clicking percussion on bones, stones and leather and a low humming electronica which fills the room in an ever more oppressive brooding presence with the second half of the track wrapped in an industrial reference and an overpowering feeling of panic prior to the composition decaying in to a distorted self-destruction.

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President of What? – Sad Awkward Little Virgin Boy – Audio

The Irish angst-rock duo President of What? released the single Sad Awkward Little Virgin Boy on the 7th.

President of What? - Sad Awkward Little Virgin Boy

President of What?

With a more emo centred sound than music of theirs previously featured in Sad Awkward Little Virgin Boy (available on bandcamp) the track is self-reflective look-back at personal anxieties for a young teenager.

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