Kreepy Krush – Not Too Late – Audio

The Belarusian new-wave quartet Kreepy Krush released the EP Wasted on the 13th.

Kreepy Krush

Kreepy Krush

An intriguing duality of furious temper and laid-back guitar flows around the room as Kreepy Krush deliver a release that the listener finds themselves unaware that they are subconsciously joining in with the infectious songs.

My selection from the four track EP is the closer – Not Too Late.

Wasted – EP – Kreepy Krush is available on iTunes.*

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From Apes To Angels – Gift Tag – Audio

On the 24th of July the English synth-wave duo From Apes To Angels will be releasing their début EP New Skin.

From Apes To Angels - New Skin - artwork

From Apes To Angels – New Skin – artwork

A four track release that is best heard under strobed lighting as the duo deliver a soundtrack that has a slightly retro-feel to it in which the listener can immerse themselves and wash away the mundanities of every day life to the layered texturing and dreamy vocal.

The second song Gift Tag is the sprightliest of the four whilst simultaneously the most steeped in the roots of the Blitz Club.

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Playing To Vapors – Twin Flame – Audio

The US angular-rock quintet Playing To Vapors released the LP Shred The Master Design on the 16th.

Playing To Vapors

Playing To Vapors

Akin to a spider weaving its web Playing To Vapors build complex silks of music threaded by fragile tapestry which derives its steadfastness via tensile strength. Not an album to approach when in a hurry to head else where, rather a tad over three quarters of an hour album to take in one sitting to dwell in the construction thereof.

One guitar bends and bows against another of intransigent linear progression, whilst bass calms the resulting conflict as percussion ties anchoring knots from which the vocal discovers harmonisation; All of which through the audience lays in approving silence.

My selection of the ten tracks is the second – Twin Flame.


Shred The Master Design – Playing to Vapors is available on iTunes.*

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Young Folk – Over Mountains – Audio

Young Folk is a lofi-indie quartet from the USA.

Young Folk

Young Folk

Recently releasing the LP A Little Time (available on bandcamp) – Young Folk take this opportunity to take the listener on a wide ranging journey from jazz fusion,through maths-rock, via rock ‘n’roll and on to southern country with much betwixt, whilst not losing the audience in the mix. Adding a trumpet in to the front-line allows the quartet to travel along their own path affording their output a space all of its own.

There is an earthy honesty to the unpretentious sounds that swivel across the room in the just over half an hour ten track album. My pick of which is the penultimate – Over Mountains.

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REIGHNBEAU – I Want Love – Audio

The US glitch-wave creator REIGHNBEAU featured, last, just over a year ago.



Earlier in the month the EP HIDE (available on bandcamp) was released.

Much like aural origami REIGHNBEAU folds up electronics and vocals in to seemingly unrelated spaces and it isn’t until completion that the final shape suddenly crystallises.

The second of the five tracks is I Want Love.

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