La ciudad bajo la niebla – Detener el tiempo – Audio

The Argentinian alt-rock band La ciudad bajo la niebla first featured in 2012.

La ciudad bajo la niebla - Detener el tiempo

La ciudad bajo la niebla

Their latest EP – En el Tiempo de los Ciegos B – finds them in a more trippy-folksy mood than material of their featured previously.

The second of the four songs Detener el tiempo providing a good reference point for the rest of the release.

En el Tiempo de los Ciegos B – EP – La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla is available on iTunes.*

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Blitzkrieg – Reign of Fire – Video

The English metal band Blitzkrieg continues to release new material.



Despite having been around since the last century Blitzkreig are always able to offer music of relevance and freshness.

The latest being Reign of Fire which is available via Target.

Word also arrives of a new LP set for release mid 2018.


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Pillowsnake – All Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks – Audio

Pillowsnake is an angst project from the USA.



Lo-fidelity is conjoined to blurry soundscape and the listeners will polarise in to two distinct mind processes: One, the vast majority I would think, to run away in panicked horror as fast as possible; I trust you are of the other thought and will take time to tarry with a musician who extrapolates the core of the narrative of a world which has regressed in to one in which every action is likely to be met with someone else who professes they have taken affront, akin to a baby bawling that they need immediate attention, resultingly the music is a conundrum of conflicting process.

I do implore you to take time to take a listen to the extensive back catalogue over the past year.

Serving as an introduction to Pillowsnake the closing song on the recent six track LP Inoutinoutinoutinout (available on bandcampAll Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks.

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LOCKS – Skin – Audio

The England based Gothic-blues quartet LOCKS are recording new material for their  forthcoming début LP.

LOCKS - Skin


Although only having feature once, over a year ago, immediately on hitting play in the first song to be revealed from the LP, which appeared on the 13th – Skin – the listener is reminded of their signature sound of a trotting double-bass around which the compositions cast their spell.

If anything LOCKS have become even more morose in Skin with bells appearing as though chiming across a cemetery at a funeral. Whilst the mesmerising vocal is given space and presence the engaging twist to the song being the fiddle afforded greater prominence and gradually building its influence through the just over four minutes duration adding a distinctive celtic reference to the track, which given the duality of Irish and English members of the band is to be welcomed and unsurprising.

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Sammy Maximin – Ex-Friends (Gone) – Audio

Sammy Maximin is an electronica creator from the USA.

Sammy Maximin

Sammy Maximin

Spreading winds broadly the range of styles encompassed are wide, taking in hip-hop, synthwave, soul, electro-rock and much more along the way, yet wherever the spotlight is shining the creativity is undimmed and thereby never leaving the listener feeling shortchanged rather discovering their day lifted.

The most recent EP The Wedding Process encapsulates the breadth of influences with each of the five tracks refracting of a very different facet. My pick of the release being the electro-rock influenced middle number – Ex-Friends (Gone).

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The Wedding Process – EP – Sammy Maximin is available on iTunes.*

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